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The stork to us for the third time flied

my lassies - daughters grew up, time quickly flies. Dashenka already the teenager, she has almost adult problems: friendship, dances, care of appearance. Lizochka will go this year to school, will become the first grader! And we with the husband planned to invite in our family a stork on a visit for the third time!

was Solved vdoy, having only few times taken an interest at lyalek: but you would not like the brother or the sister? Having received in reply a joyful affirmative answer, became stronger in our positions. Three months were silent, to nobody-! Why? Not superstition, no! It is rather from - for stories of girlfriends who early rejoiced and alas... But is not present, about bad we will not be!

So, to my puzik is three months old! It is already possible to please at least the grandmother with the grandfather and lyalek too. It was succeeded even to bring together all of them in a small group and it is one-stage with pride to declare: we will have one more lyalka and already we are three months old! Joyful squeal of the younger daughter muffled shy surprises of the others, and here puzzled us senior with a question: “I everything understood, but that in three months???“ It was necessary to constrain laughter, on - to the adult I specify at it (notice, almost adult daughter!): “And how many pregnancy lasts?“ The answer from books: “Nine months“. “And so, three already passed“, - I stated. “How?!!! Already???“ I still did not understand what in this question was? Surprise or offense what was not told earlier? But in a second senior jumped with joy on an equal basis with younger therefore her question hung in mid-air. So our family learned about future replenishment.

More difficult the situation was with the message on this news at work as work at me important, the whole department submits to me. How to tell the chief, especially if he is a man? But I ran risks, decided to report to it on the fourth month of pregnancy. Having mentally adjusted on the fact that in case of bad conversation my favourite work as the handle should wave, I crept in the chief`s office. Here so, and so... I reddened as the girl, but when it jumped and joyfully exclaimed: “That`s great! And the husband - that knows?“ I burst out laughing, having understood that this situation is similar to a joke: how the husband - that can not know? But, probably, at my chief life experience will be richer than mine, in life everyone happens:-). Generally, agreed with it to try to combine business with pleasure, both not to give up work, and a lyalka to give birth. Only in our big collective we will be silent till a time until puziko somebody declassifies mine.

you Present to

, declassified me even on the seventh month! I laughed together with all that so long did not notice my puzik! Probably, it was necessary to establish a prize to the one who will notice the first! So not everywhere it is necessary to shout of the pregnancy, sometimes ridiculously to observe and whether it is visible that I am not I, and already we! And now I without puzik, but four-months Artyomka in a bed gugukat. Thanks to a stork for visit!