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What will show FIFA in promo - a roller to a WC - 2018 about Rostov?

Rostov-on-Don will become one of 13 Russian cities in which in 2018 there will take place matches of the FIFA World Cup. Recently in the Rostov region shootings of FIFA - TV materials for promo - a roller to a WC - came to the end 2018. Waiting for placement it on popular video - a hosting we will try to present the brightest episodes.

Four years ago in the blog of the mayor record that Rostov-on-Don will become one of 13 Russian cities in which in 2018 there will take place matches of the FIFA World Cup appeared. Such message caused the most different reactions: from enthusiasm to scepticism, but none of residents of Rostov did not leave indifferent. The other day in messages of news agencies short news about completion in the Rostov region of shootings of FIFA - TV materials for promo - a roller to a WC - appeared 2018. it on popular video - a hosting (it is planned by the end of fall) I will try to present to

waiting for placement the brightest episodes. Considering that the roller will last only 1,5 minutes, and also being guided by traditional values of inhabitants of Don, it will be for certain possible to see the following …

the Cossack color

Is the most recognizable brand of our region which is spread around from an easy hand of the author of “Quiet Don“ in souvenir products and stereotypes of perception. Sholokhov`s heroes in the form of monuments of big and small forms decorate the cities and villages of area, and almost each resident of Rostov is proud of ancestors - Cossacks in the family tree. The village Old Cherkassk (before the nice city of Cherkassk, the first capital of Army of Donskoy) - the most popular tourist object of area, the real museum under the open sky in 25 km from Rostov.

In news claim that shots of church service in Army Ascension Cathedral will enter a roller. It is located on a main square of the new capital of Donskoy of the Cossacks, the city of Novocherkassk, and is unique architectural object in many parameters. In my opinion, on attendance not only the former capital of the Cossacks, but also an old Army cathedral (Voskresensky) in Starocherkassk is in the lead (the first stone temple of Petrovsky times in style of the “Cossack“ baroque). It is even more unique from the point of view of history and culture. Merchant quarters and the remains of fortress Telling


about architecture, It should be noted style originality of structures of the Rostov-on-Don where merchant mansions 2 - y the half of the 19th century which are fancifully combining elements of classicism and neobaroque adjoin to samples of buildings in modernist style and constructivism. Short history of architecture of 2,5 centuries can be observed, having walked from Don on quarters of the old city to the central streets. It is a pity only that architecture, many of monuments, either are already destroyed, or are still covered by restoration panels. Very much I hope that the skilled operators FIFA - TV could find a successful route and were not limited to shooting of a monument to founders of fortress on which place there was a city.

the Don dainties

a roller is mentioned by

also well-known Don fish soup from four grades of fish whose process of preparation the film crew managed to record In news. What here to tell? It is necessary not only to see it (and it is desirable with details), but also to taste! Those to whom has the luck on a visit at local friends - the family or as a gift from Don to try our dried and smoked breams, can confirm that donets know how to cook. It is believed that even fast shooting of fish ranks (in which and to crayfish the worthy place is allocated) the well-known Rostov market could give an unforgettable idea of richness of Don. Semikarakorsky ceramics

I do not know

what “hand-made articles of the Don handicraftsmen“ (I quote news) entered in promo - a roller. It would be very desirable that products of art trade of Semikarakorsk were them. Ceramic production appeared there 150 years ago, developing on the basis of ancient traditions. Recognizable look and style: figures, ware and utensils which white background is manually painted with a multi-color ornament of gentle shades on flower and fruit subjects by pictures in basten style or the stylized Don landscapes - finally it was developed only at the beginning of 70 - x years of the last century. Now these products (actually qualitative glazed faience) are almost in each house because successfully combine utility and grace, originality and traditions.

by That stayed behind scenes

would be be desirable that in a roller found the place and shots of the ancient city of Tanais in the mouth of Don, the Greek center of trade with nomads of the Azov and Don steppes which excavation began in the middle of the 19th century and proceed still, revealing all new occupation layers and secrets of a civilization.

I consider that unique color Rostov and all region are given also Armenian culture which found also external expression in the image of the city, and in mentality of the population.

Of course, the main sight of a video about the city of a football WC - 2018 could and there has to be a stadium with a capacity more than 40 thousand places on the area nearly 40 hectares where there will take place competitions. But its construction is in the beginning (the bulk basis is formed and pile works are begun), it is necessary to admire pictures from the project, on which raznovysotny wings of a roof are in harmony with river bends …, of

the City of the sun

the Stadium has to become only part of sports and tourist infrastructure which the city of Rostov-on-Don prepares for the FIFA World Cup in 2018. Let all plans and promises of Administration for reconstruction and development will come true it is sports - training objects. Judging by rates, have to complete huge hotel complex in close proximity to stations and near the new highway conducting from the place where the new airport has to appear.

Hospitality and hospitality to residents of Rostov not to occupy. The main thing that the World Cup in Russia took place, and everything on whom its successful carrying out in each of the cities where there will take place competitions depends, could be in time all. Then the worthy meeting of guests will give also to residents of Rostov the chance to be proud once again of the achievements.

Territories which will not manage to build up and improve, promise to set with sunflower. Its fields are scattered across all Rostov region also now, and oil and other products of processing are both the significant income item of the region, and one of its brands. If to sow them waste grounds and vicinities of numerous industrial zones, Rostov will become the real city of the sun, bright and unforgettable for participants and fans of a WC - 2018.