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How to create e-mail? Welcome

, today it is difficult to imagine the person who has at least no one electronic box. However quite often before the user there is very important question on which depends, how comfortably to it will look through the letters sent on the Internet: what post service to choose?

In the modern world spammers aim to fill bigger quantity of electronic mailboxes with the messages with offers to grow thin quickly, to grow rich fantastically or in a flash to find the soulmate. Also each user has requirements to the interface which causes convenience and a variety of functions.

Daily on the Internet hundreds of inquiries in search engines so popular around the world as Yandex, Google, Mail, Yahoo or Rambler become. But besides search of necessary information on the basis of these searchers it is also possible to get own electronic mailbox. Before deciding on concrete service which you choose for the e-mail, study their main “pluses“ and “minuses“.

Mail Mail. ru

This service is rather easy to use, reliable

, besides it has the convenient interface. In the list of its merits it is possible to write down the impressive basic size - about 10 gigabytes which can be increased by 2 gigabytes. There is one more bonus - an opportunity to use a hosting of Fayly@mail. Ru which gives the chance to send files up to 1 gigabyte in size.

However it has also “minuses“. The small term of life when ignoring: if you do not visit the mailbox more than 3 months, then it automatically is removed.

of Rambler - mail

Is no time

one of the most popular mail services recently significantly handed over the taken positions. The main reason of “a confluence with disgrace“ at users who ignore Rambler - mail is a number of new restrictions.

In - the first, the cut-down basic size of a mailbox - it makes only 20 megabytes (over time it is possible to increase it to 1 gigabyte, however is frequent in the modern world and it not enough). In - the second, the small admissible size of the sent and accepted e-mails - 25 megabytes. In - the third, the huge volume of spam which will become the faithful companion of your mailbox. And in - the fourth, at transfer of the letter it is necessary to enter control number. Among “pluses“ - the simple and available interface.

of Yahoo - mail

this server does not enjoy

At the Russian-speaking population special popularity and, it is possible, vain as the list “is plus“ at it rather impressive: the unlimited volume of a mailbox, worthy respect spam - filters which carefully monitor mailing of “garbage“ and stop it, the easy interface.

Only one, most likely, can cause negative emotions in the user - the distracting advertizing which cannot be turned off.

of Yandex. Mail

For a long time the functioning service began to gain steam only recently. Many mark out him as one of the most convenient and perspective post services. Besides users of Yandex. Mails have an opportunity to get acquainted with others “the services facilitating life“ - “Yandex. Video“, “Yandex. Photos“, “Yandex. Disk“.

Also in the list of “pluses“ of Yandekspochta - the unlimited size of the box and the impressive size of the sent letters (to 30 megabytes). A set time and at times and to preserve nerves, the functions helping to save: an opportunity to look through in a web - the browser the sent files, transfer of video letters if there is a web - a chamber, sending cards (including most them to create an opportunity).

Persons interested to be aware always of the latest events will be able to look through the news block and a banner in parallel. And those whom similar irritates only one pressing of a key will be able to disconnect them.

of Gmail, or mail from Google

Mail of Google Mail secured the place in the list of leaders in variety of mail services for a long time and strongly. On that is the good reasons - excellent security from breakings and spam - mailings, the available interface, convenient search of letters, an opportunity to look through documents at once in a web - the browser.

However is here and “minuses“ - too strict spam - the filter can ruthlessly send the important letter to the Spam folder. Therefore if the expected letter long does not come - check also it. we Decide by

on a mail service

After acquaintance with the main shortcomings and advantages of the main services which provide service of e-mail probably at you already there was some impression. Some more councils which will help you to be defined are given below.

If you use electronic mailing only from time to time and only at the household level, then can be registered on Mail. ru or Rambler, their opportunities have to be enough for you.

However if you daily receive tens of letters, send or accept messages with the attached files, then it is better to stop the choice on Yandex. To mail, Gmail or Yahoo.

At the same time important circumstance are personal preferences - be not afraid to refuse the registered electronic mailbox if you do not accept its interface or service does not provide the functions demanded to you.


to Register the mailbox in any of the above-offered services very simply. At first come on the e-mail server and click the Be Registered / Registration button. After that enter the first part of a name (other part of the name of a mailbox is exposed automatically - (doggie) + a search engine). Now think up to yourself the password from several symbols - its reliability will increase if both figures, and letters are used.

Thus, in several seconds you will become the owner of the electronic mailbox on the service chosen by you.