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How it is possible to use metal wares in interior design?

Thinking over furniture of housing, it is interesting to try to combine severity with fancifulness, and hardness, even monumentalism - with grace. At the same time it is very important that the used objects were not only beautiful, but also practical - wearproof and strong. Metal wares meet these requirements. They can be shod or executed in technology of molding.

Some styles assume obligatory use of metal indoors. Among them find fault - flew with its prompt, accurate lines - they very expressively reflect idea of high technologies. However metal products are diverse therefore they can be picked up practically for any interior. Even intricate baroque allows presence of similar accessories - in this case objects with graceful patterns well will approach.

Graceful presentableness

is Very beautiful

shod furniture - it gives to an interior a special charm. For production steel is often used. Chairs, beds, regiments look presentably and at the same time gracefully. Distinguished patterns will make all furniture surprisingly poetical. Shod lamps and other accessories - for example, flower stands are harmoniously combined with such furniture.

Bronze - an alloy from copper and tin is known to all. It is fine material for production of candlesticks and hours - with them the furniture finds surprising romanticism. In a retro - style existence of such objects is very much welcomed. Sculptures will help to introduce to the house the atmosphere of old times. Not necessarily they have to be big and majestic - even absolutely small figurines look extremely attractively.

There is also other alloy - brass. In its basis - copper and zinc. From this structure refined chandeliers, lamps, frames for mirrors turn out. Ventilating grates can even be stylish decoration of an interior - their decorative versions quite often are made of brass. You should not forget and about door handles are those strokes which give to all furniture solidity.

Precious gloss

Luxury, chic, aristocraticness introduce to the room accessories from silver - vases, caskets, candlesticks, frames for pictures. Very nobly figurines of the most different subject look. Of course, their cost is high therefore quite good alternative in this case - products with a dusting from precious metal. “sometimes play a role“ silver in an interior stainless steel or objects with the chromeplated surface can.

Use of gold for decoration of the room - quite daring idea. It is a good way to give to furniture magnificence. It is, of course, not about pure metal, and about gilded accessories. They help to place accents and to draw attention to separate details. However it is necessary to use beautiful yellow metal with care. When gilding is present at excessive quantity, it looks as a sign of not too exacting taste.

Intellectuality and romanticism

Should be remembered also about an iron casting. Flowers, openwork regiments, sculptures with a refined black surface give to all situation an intellectuality shade. There are also very peculiar accessories - captures for curtains. Options in the form of butterflies and birds are interesting. Captures from cast iron look unusually and is even mysterious. Seemingly small detail, but it is capable to become a highlight of all furniture.

The abundance of metal in the house - enough several objects is not obligatory at all. Handiworks are especially expressive - they are made in the single copy. It is probable that on them first of all looks of all who come into the room will be turned. There is no wonder - with highly artistic products even the most modest interior finds originality and magnificence.