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Equality on a workplace it is possible?

“The woman in the recent past was able to be the wife, mother and the hostess. The woman of the present the wife, mother and the hostess forgot to be. And therefore in time, free from it, it considered that men owe it for it additional privileges which at it are called equality“.

(The author is unknown).

From time to time, from year to year, our enterprise “voluntarily - is obligatory“ is forced to accept to itself on bails of the phlegmatic recruits, young men and girls who are called from ancient Greeks loudly “probationers“. Zhenikhayushchiyesya guys and zanevestivshiyesya the girl, in the specialty, and are more often not on her, under a strict escort of the strange mothers and fathers disturbed by prospect of sudden independence of their children or under basisty than pinches of high protezher to the chief on an ear about the proteges, by a hand or quite independently at all, appear in due time, sit down on the specified place, hatch out the put time then they instantly evaporate in the unknown direction.

All of them, modern newly made experts - whether it be in marketing or management, economy or accounts department, unites very and very modest desire this practice to pass, learn to something new and in general somehow especially to move. Some, in the afternoon motionless sitting on a rigid chair, yours is sincere compassion to their inertness and inevitable anabiosis, in the form of loud appeals “But you would not like to help?“ or “And well - give-... “, it is interpreted as a call of their independence and threatens to pass into fast discontent of their protezher.

Others whose modest mothers and fathers endure all practice more than the offsprings, call and are interested as there their twenty-year-old sons and daughters though rough enthusiasm and are not shown, nevertheless help without special grimaces, it is sluggish chew unfamiliar information and also aspire somewhat quicker back to themselves into place to zaklatsat the mobile phone or to bury in some book - the magazine.

There are also such rare copies that show genuine interest in around events, ask questions and show not only a fair share of inertness and indifference, but also intelligence and ingenuity, in the most different areas. Though the last, frankly speaking, nevertheless are rare, and even they, despite the rarity somehow involuntarily cause in you hated to you thought “And here we such were not“. And if among all listed categories guys somehow are presented to all of them, then girls appear only in the first and even less in the second category. And never in the third. Nobody, reminding future Mari Curie or even horoshistka and prilezhnitsa from my very high high school. But even among those and other boys and girls, in the same category, differences are evident.

Behavior of guys - probationers, all categories, it is possible to characterize the next frank way, without politically correct prikras: sometimes are constraining, sometimes are not sure and clamped, are less often impudent and are even witty, try to be independent, seek to learn something new, to learn something though often unfamiliar situation and the maturity which only came continually brake and constrain their rushes to independence and knowledge. The machismo which everywhere became shallow as experts assure of skirts, in them which - where nevertheless is present and proves in the form of still confused initiative. Having received a task, wait for support seldom, try to cope. In any case, cope with the computer, the fax and the copier without assistance, and in something can advise also you, to teach (that already pleases - for them).

The passive behavior of girls - probationers, is unknown from where the undertaken premature sluggishness, both a body, and mind, escapes the only understanding: same girls, weaker sex. (Installation “What weaker sex? At us equality is planned in all!“ for some reason works badly). They are, as a rule, silent, sleepy, lacking initiative. Are not even live and faceless. At the arisen questions in something, right there, without zazreniye and stesneniye, wait for ready answers. And, a cold glance of strange small pupils (probably, their melkota, or meanness, are directly connected with an obmelchaniye of male character) and a body immovability, as if demand them from people around in finished form. Why, for if you are not ready to provide those in full in spite of the fact that in the right to ask from them you, but not they from you, you feel almost guilty. Are not on friendly terms with office equipment, and are not going to be on friendly terms. Continually somewhere leave, check nails, teeth, eyes and other. Constantly someone is called on mobile.

What is still very remarkable, so is that if the probationer and the probationer who will not fail are near, because of ease of characters quickly to meet, become friends, or better still, will appear from one stream, one group, one institute (as it happened in my case), then it, on immemorial sexual advantage, without constraining itself questions of intersexual equality at all, gradually begins to look for at it the help, to wait for manifestation of its active male character in the relation and even to order. From more - less active single whom she was in five minutes prior to his emergence, forced to resolve somehow the arising issues independently, at its presence she quickly turns into the passive and sedate bride, without five minutes the matron knowing, probably, from a school bench as to dispose of it to them. And he, future henpecked and the cowed father of family, also already perfectly knows how to submit to these teams.

In such relations, so far sincere and barefaced, and it seems still quite natural quite recently as at two young people who are not taught to tell yet one, and to do another, without skillful raid of a sotsa - clever falseness and lie sexual inequality is considerably very remarkable. Even there, on a workplace, without being his wife, she naturally disposes of his knowledge, skills, the harm is such sun around - this poorly begin to rotate young Marsa, Saturna and Floodlights that already tomorrow, to declare loudspoken the equality, not in some others, namely in data, working conditions. And he accustomed to obey will hardly object it. Of course, yet will not be sated and at it the third eye will not open.

Interestingly, only I still notice striking distinctions in behavior modern men and women, and sometimes such as if nothing changed, except popular talkative rhetoric of feministvuyushchy ignoramuses, it is not enough what having with reality?