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Belarus and crisis the good beginnings or an andropovshchina of

Interesting all - constantly inertly defiant two feelings, incompatible with adequate understanding, the country of good roads and the same people, Belarus. One - a tranquil pleasure from the fact that the streets are still walked by the real living people, but not modern androids with the battery instead of heart at whom, despite all tricks of the free market relations and all of a pobodayushchy golden calf, in eyes still glimmers the soul which is not stirred up by self-interest of the West. Another - silent permanent irritation from in what conditions all of the winning administrative nonsense, eternal and from that already almost normal lie and hypocrisy conditions, to these most living people it is necessary to survive. Silent, peaceful character kind and a few sad people who are afraid of own shadow and not able to stand for themselves even at themselves in the good yoke of the eternal stability reminding the involuntary stagnation which is urged on more and stronger and more rigidly by the Belarusbasha`s whip under the slogan “Forward in the Light Past!“ began to rub a neck.

Belarus No. 1: country Prishebeev` unter.

In Belarus the administrative facilities - a paradigm of sense of duty and dreamboat of the head of the top link, decades of rigid training by the principle only of a whip, are amazingly brought on one, main: on implicit execution of everything that to it lower from above. And lower from above much it … And everything that is lowered is taken literally and executed literally.

Did not manage to die down a terrible echo “Above to work in days for thirty, forty, fifty hours!!! “, ink genuine “Parkerov“ in notebooks with leather covers of the chief performers of the Supreme will sweating to underpants did not manage to dry, twelve did not manage to punch hours as all rushed to execute new truth. Rushed in perplexity to find out that this is impossible, for the reason …, for the reason …, for the shocking reason of existence in days only twenty four hours.

Did not manage to settle in a crazy performing brain quick-tempered “I will remind you Andropov times!!! The discipline is the main thing!!! Broke - to dismiss!!!“, as told already it was taken under a peak by persons without the slightest trace of elementary conscience and heavy intelligence on a face. How understood?! Around! To execute!

Messengers for the purpose of identification of signs of gross violation of labor discipline in hard days of the next crisis were sent to all ends. Zealous the performer accepted poses of police dogs, faithfully povilivy tails and trimming the sails to the wind. Thousands of reports on the carried-out work and elimination of defects where it was only necessary to enter the necessary surnames are already prepared. Also the dokapyvaniye to a column began ….

Zealous pupils of an uneasy unter of Prishebeev in the eagerness surpassed the teacher. The main forces of militia, tall gallant children in all right the sitting uniform, having postponed for time of murder, rape and a drug traffic, started catching those who instead of working “for thirty, forty and fifty hours“, in working hours loafed on shops and the markets, trying to get rid of quickly depreciating Belarusian ruble. Everything, without discharge notes and other explaining their absence at the machine, mean violators of labor discipline, under hands are white put in specially given militia “carriages“ and brought to police stations for clarification of the personality. Made the protocol, reported for work, dismissed.

At a number of the enterprises, in the heat of crisis when “hare“ cavorted from a revenge 3200 for dollar on a mark 6000 both the peace and silent Belarusian with the same hare quickness helplessly grew poor, the checking persons with funeral physiognomies at a number of the enterprises revealed a number of the worst violations, namely: long ago nekrashenny facades of buildings, smoking in not put place, in working hours idly unsteady working personnel.

At our enterprise checking there was a deputy governor who also as well as efficient Belarusian “Militsyya“, shelved less important issues as the same crisis and an impoverishment of the people, samolichno first of all went to reveal violations of labor discipline.

The security guard on a checkpoint, without having recognized in gloomy mister in baggy sitting suit, so high official, and without having shown vigilance, (or perhaps on the contrary, having recognized and having shown - goodness knows what was in his okhrannitsky head?), accompanied by suite, passed this illustrious grandee there where it was required to him, having taken him for the one who did not need to be detained in any way. What to do and it was not required. Gross violation of labor discipline, as they say, was revealed right there, right on the spot, at the very beginning of a way. (And what will be farther, and?!) .

With the director trembling with happiness which unexpectedly fell down the head discussion was led, put in the security guard reprimand, and sales department obliged to drive each client who arrived to a checkpoint for the handle now. And as: and suddenly on the territory of the enterprise for production of pants the spy will get? Or plunderer? Or still who?

The deputy governor delivered himself a fat tick about elimination of the worst violation enough and, together with other ustraneniye of gross violations, reported in the center. The center rubbed hands enough and carefully reported upward. Above still discontentedly posopel, wildly rotated eyes, bloodthirstily moved moustaches, but under harmonous accompaniment of vigorous reports on “identification and elimination“ began Pomala to cool down.

And at our enterprise now, on fifty times in the course of the day, besides the conclusion of contracts and implementation of shipments, crazy economists of sales department with the reddened physiognomies are engaged also in run on sprint distances: between affairs everyone are wound half an hour for clients with whom hundred work years, on a checkpoint and conduct them along strictly designated route, under looking after a vigilant eye of protection. And at the end of the working day they already not only are hurt by the head and hand over nerves, but also legs still hoot.

Excesses and distortions of this sort when instead of solving prime affairs, to make and sell, the first deputies and chiefs are engaged in frank nonsense, meet pretty often. The Belarusian saying “One works for us, three control“ is actual, more than ever.

Our deputy, in days of crisis, accompanied by the whole commission of ten people of the same top officials, for days on end “creatively“ wanders about nearby ravines and buyeraka of the enterprise, solving “what needs to be planted trees and shrubs and improved“ instead of being engaged in the real business while his subordinates force down to themselves legs in search of its and its precious signature, and ten clients patiently and not really hatch out put hour

Some other performers, in an unterprishebeevsky hot kryuchkotvorchestvo in execution of all paroxysms which are regularly happening in that main Minsk chamber No. 6 so zealously work, multiplying important - welded pieces of paper, and at the same time and grieve such patient Belarusian clients that it becomes is a pity also for itself, and the client. It - to god, force the fool to pray to god, he to himself will hurt the forehead.

At everything at the same time, without looking at unknown crisis and a general impoverishment, on the Belarusian TV lunoliky complacent physiognomies fatly broadcast about some growth and some progress. (No, well that I so lived!) . While one as, gradually, in a step shaking the Chinese bobbleheads the pokatoloby heads to each sound which is taking off from the main head, take under a peak everything told it, others is masterly, in the face of the angered Belarusian public, take out from the cylinder of a rabbit for a rabbit, under the name “the increased export“, “growth of internal consumption“, “improvement of the Belarusian economy“.

The right, lately what only reminded earlier a dreadful deja vu was strengthened in unhealthy reality of our existence long ago. Even if impatient gesture to cast away everything aside - all economy, methods of the performing power, working processes on productions and to leave only the sensible, judicious relation to the events, it will be found out that all of us are sick long ago, and all country turned into a mental hospital long ago. In a mental hospital in which schizophrenia is considered norm, and any logical attitude towards reality an illness. Also it is still necessary to survive.