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Crisis, or science it is surprising to appreciate habitual

Everything - how modern person is attached to the civilization benefits. Or more likely to those ideas of them, their far-fetched importance and need zhelezobetonno walled by an inert civilization in his square, modern brain. To all those trifles which he usually does not notice, taking for something self-evident, given him by some first-born right, considering by their integral part itself. Or at all will wear the last words, refusing to them the least importance.

For work and from work it goes by the car, with the upset person tired of human life, staying for hours in permanent and ubiquitous as a stress traffic jams, about climate - control under homogeneous bits and raves of saloon MP3 - the player. Each ten minutes calls on mobile to the colleagues and business partners, or they call him. Having raked a little with a blockage of affairs at work, in time to arise while he got stuck in a traffic jam or slept at home, it hurries with even more dissatisfied look in boring cafe where has usually dinner, or orders to itself(himself) a lunch by phone, and almost screwing up the face from the gastronomic pleasure which filled osky, absorbs all these sushi, stakes and hamburgers, washing down from Kok - Coca, mineral water, or, at best, Lipton tea in a bag.

After work it vanishes with friends in the bar, under beer and hundred grams one for the road. Or, maybe, as the exemplary family man, buys sexual paint or filling to finish houses long ago the begun repair. Buys to himself the German Bosch puncher to drill in the evenings and day off in a wall in German accurate holes. Or the old TV is lucky in repair, buys on tick to the wife a stiralka - the automatic machine or some blender. Or goes to car service that there, at last, looked what “knocks“ in its “Opel“.

For the weekend it goes to the dacha, to help the wife and the mother-in-law to plant potato. Or to mow with the trimmer a grass, prushchy on spring. Or on the country site that to build this giving. That then on it to plant potato with the mother-in-law or to mow with the trimmer a grass. Or goes with friends to fishing, to bowling, to a bath.

And in August, having implored almost on a lap at the administration for holiday, Shamersheykh or, at the worst, to Sochi flies with the wife and children and if carries, with the employee Yulechkaya from the next department, to Antalya. Is engaged there with all the heart and bodies in diving, surfing, a drinking, a faking from Yulechkaya. Or, if carries even more, with Natasha from St. Petersburg, or Marina from Saratov with whom got acquainted yesterday. And in two weeks, devastated physically and financially, with same, tired already from rest, the sunbathed person, comes back home. In a word, leads usual life of the modern person.

And all this, with immemorial senile grunting and a silent matyushk, under a sour mine of eternally badly slept person as if all this comfort is given it not in pleasure, and in punishment, goes on life of people, and thinks, as if it has more and more from it to take. Because the person has a dreamboat: to earn more. There is he and wearily thinks, as if still to add and increase greatly that was even more comfortably and more cheerfully because of another already and it is not thought.

But in one day, not fine for it, as the modern person lives not where - nibud in heartless and boring Western Europe, and on the most Central Russian Upland, he wakes up under a measured rumble of dissatisfied human voices and understands that in the country there was the next economic crisis. Or the prices spread up. Or the local currency spread down.

At first the person especially does not worry. At work rakes affairs, in the evenings habitually goes on beer, for the weekend is going to dig potatoes with the mother-in-law. Treats the next crisis with the stoicism developed in former life and on - philosophically. Jokes and scoffs.

But gradually all horror, a vsyakatastrofa of the events, get into his brain, tired of modern life, and the person understands that to it there was something terrible.

Damned food prices inevitably creep up. Counters with sellers behind them as in embrasures, become empty and on - bad hide. On gasoline stations long turns are built. At work reductions begin. And gradually, all earlier habitual and self-evident, gray and ordinary-looking as autumn Moscow morning, gets unexpected shades of a colourful tropical decline over the boundless gray-haired ocean under a measured rustle of neon waves.

The silent roar of the motor during a trip on a car for such energy cost does not irritate any more, and it is rather on the contrary, caresses hearing. And even standing in traffic jams almost srodnyat you with yours already means not of movement, and luxury. MP3 - the player strums some familiar melodies with which you even try to sing along sadly. You carry slowly out by finger-tips on brilliant buttons. You press one, another. You remember them to the touch.

In a lunch break you in which eyelids, you pay attention to the hamburger price. And from this knowledge, to beef between two halves of a soft roll with sesame splashes, you feel almost Buddhist gratitude. And with it, savouring each piece, with unusual appetite, you eat the hamburger, the salad, drink the tea in a bag.

In the evenings, having collected all will in a fist, and almost with tears in the eyes, you refuse to the friends expecting you behind a glass of beer. You refuse stoically, colourfully drawing in imagination the sweating bottles with cold beer and the foaming glasses, almost in reality feeling tart taste of frothy beverage so, spazmy cramps the lower jaw, and the mouth is up to the top filled with saliva.

Gas in the apartment which you never saved suddenly becomes the strategic energy carrier, and you even mentally imagine with what work it is got from the mother`s subsoil - lands, liquefy, drive on pipes.

You are gradually accustomed to close water, having hardly managed to open. The campaign with a family on shops forces you petty and to captiously study and compare the prices at first at one counter, then at another, and then not the wife any more, and you pull it further. There, where bone-in meat is enough unless for a smell for macaroni on - naval, and apples look so as if also they understood that there was a crisis, and from it instantly grew old.

In the bought sausage, you pedantically try to discover meat pieces, and every time rejoice, having found them there. Buckwheat after it, at first was gone in shops, and appeared then at the price twice higher former, gains some absolutely other, bright taste. And the home-made chicken made on Sunday brought by the mother-in-law at all mentally turns into a fat turkey on Thanksgiving Day, after a year of hungry life.

Before going to bed you accurately squeeze out toothpaste of the size of a pea on a toothbrush and mentally estimate, on how many days it still will be enough. For the first time you lecture children for the fact that in a toilet light in vain burns, with such severe look as if not light in a toilet, and all apartment burns.

In a word, all that did not cause in you the slightest response earlier, or if caused, then irritation and discontent, gains quality, absolutely new, unfamiliar for you, now. And in this new understanding you suddenly perplexed and with fear realize that everything that was imperceptible earlier and was understood by itself, now it becomes obvious is, sharply, irreplaceable. And you without it anywhere …