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Crisis on - Belarusian, or feature of mentality

In three months as soon as was not in a fever Lukashenkovsky Belarus: at first the farce - courts over participants of “Ploshchy“ (notorious events in Minsk when in the election day of the President Lukashenko in Lukashenko`s Presidents of supporters of opposition overzealously dispersed bludgeons), then act of terrorism in the Minsk subway, and then some bashful and on - Belarusian “positive“ devaluation of “hare“.

Due to the last in Belarus the foreign exchange black market where dollars and euro change on “hares“ at their actual cost, but not on that on which the authorities wish them to sell to Belarusians in exchangers revived, that is is almost twice higher than their state cost.

For the same reason almost many Belarusians, at which, as in any other people of the former USSR, genetic memory when the state repeatedly threw them is strong, assuring that it to them only for the benefit, rushed skorekhonko to buy up everything that can be bought on quickly depreciating “hare“: TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, buckwheat, salt and sugar. As the “pamyarkouny“ Belarusian not such and the fool and from the authorities does not wait for anything good, and long ago trusts sweet talks of companions in moustaches and the gray baggy sitting suits, he started buying up buckwheat, salt and sugar so zealously that in many shops deficiency was formed, and among buyers there is an agiotage. The prices of many goods spread up, trust to the authorities down. Many food acquired additional zero, sometimes increasing in the price twice.

All country became silent, expecting from the authorities still some dirty trick under the guise of national clemency, in a subconscious state monitoring slow, but right clamber of dollar with euro for price Everest. Everywhere only it is also heard that quietly indignant and indignant idle talks and a whispering about food prices, dollars and “hares“. Counters became empty, sellers in perplexity scratch the sweaty puzzled physiognomies what price to draw on price tags tomorrow. The buyer became drowsy shpatsirut from a counter to a counter, from shop in shop, lours a wolf as the mouse on grain, bites a lip, nervously rustles with “hare“. Also is afraid to be deceived again. Deceived even more, than already is.

However, the nervous behavior of the Belarusian consumer and citizen is quite clear. But I, at all justice and clearness of described, would like to pay attention of the reader to other aspect in behavior of Belarusians - give them god of patience and health. For example, being in the middle of depreciation of local currency at an exhibition in Minsk, I with quite tolerant understanding treated her official speeches gradually of the sweating organizers when from a piece of paper, from - under gloomy knitted eyebrows, a sepulchral voice the leading person of action read out in advance prepared “effective cooperation, usefulness of an economic situation, mutual benefit, growth and prosperity“, and with badly hidden ernichanye and sarcasm how already in more informal situation, on a banquet, having slightly struck, other organizational person already in shout was cried that “everything was gone, everything was gone, the chief“ then to get out from - for modest a banquet table, for which was overpaid, at least time in two, to get up for a wheel of the fancy Mercedes and to go to seek consolation in warm hands of the hostess on the suburb of Minsk, in own cozy lodge about two etazhika and five rooms (was - I know).

Certainly, financial losses of the organizers of an exhibition who got used to tear off for square meter of a bare concrete floor on exhibition boondocks two hundred euros from a nose and for banquet sausage and French fries with three hundred grams of bad vodka on hundred dollars from a mouth in the heat of crisis can seem grandiose. Still, were going to earn with a clear conscience of net profit on three hundred - five hundred green with an uchastnichka, and there were only hundred - two hundred. Instead of fifty thousand of a profit for anything, all a tyschenok ten. It is a high time to tear the hair driving fancy Merce or in warm handles of the wife at the two-storeyed dacha.

Reaction and in shops where the “average Belarusian“ who was tired to be silent, at last, gives vent to the feelings and emotions is very remarkable. It looks approximately as follows: mummy or the well-groomed grandfather, such Belarusian Santa - Claus comes into shop, for example, quite respectable look, and minutes ten studies all prices. Then, having looked around - whether there are no seksot and whether not a lot of the people, begin to comment aloud on the prices on a counter: “Herring rose in price almost twice, and so expensive milk, as will not become thirsty, hide, the daughter, these new price tags and return back old“ etc.

And the most grandiose indignation at the simple person arouse the cheapest goods which he or she even if the price of them will be raised ten times, will be able always to afford. Sugar, salt, matches, milk...

It would seem, you will think, salt cost one thousand, and now two. Or even three thousand. At even no most modest pension of six hundred thousand without salt there will be. But is not present, such rise in price causes panic moods in the population, and it frightened of an increase in prices for salt and sugar rushes on buying up of washing machines, refrigerators and matter under the Belarusian banners (spoke, very qualitative cloth, it is possible to ponashit trousers). Perhaps they are right?

At work, among young, vigorous and business, only and talk that about an increase in prices for salt and sugar. In total in an easy stupor, about themselves hate the power, aloud thoughtfully screw up the face, slightly restrained quickness in work.

The president, having returned from the Kazakhstan tour, it is unexpected for itself, suddenly and suddenly, found out that so far he was absent, without it messed up again and nakosyaporit - well for a minute not to depart from a wheel of board that these blockheads did not defile something! Now calms all on the TV, only already even grandmothers and grandfathers do not trust it.

In shops, in the country bulbashy, potatoes exclusively overseas: from Montenegro and Serbia. Garlic all Chinese, onions Polish, apples Spanish. But you will not carry out the people: it stocked up with sugar and salt, and now to it all at all!