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Be successful or die, unfortunate

“Well lives the one who lives quietly“

(Ancient wisdom) of

From a hot phone conversation of the director of one design bureau, most likely, with someone from the close acquaintances where I arrived on affairs. The successful businesswoman (if to judge by expensive suit, a sharp manner to talk and rule over the subordinates). Women “slightly for thirty“, with strong indications of a vigilant stress and a zatyukannost is called as life which at some it is proud as successful:

- How are you? And, sent all to pigs dog! Got, ghouls! Around one idiots! And from where they only undertake in such quantities, and?! Got drunk Corvalol, and now let all my enemies will die!

Tonight, as always, at the same restaurant. Bye.

From a private monologue of my client, the owner of small little shop selling the sanitary equipment. The Kolobkoobrazny man of my age, as if hastily in the morning squeezed in the rumpled worn polinyaly tennis shirt, threadbare jeans “semifresh“, with traces of all possible pleasures of successful life on badly slept person:

- Ml is absent - I, forces any more! The prices grow, taxes grow, marasmus grows stronger! What put that the new decree, the order, the resolution! And where they take these idiots in the government, and? But it is impossible to work, mlya!

From an emotional monologue with me mine well very big and important chief who took in head to sweep kruizno across all Europe and which had a hitch with registration of all of pieces of paper necessary for this purpose. It - on other end of a wire, I - here. But I almost personally see it as if he also did not leave anywhere: stomach forward, bulging eyes, face threateningly apopleksichno:

- Ivanov, mlya, you why not so filled this, and not then gave this, and?! And why I have to stand in it pi - pi - juicy turn how all idiots?! You than thought when you made out me?! I to you, I you …! …

Where I would not go whom I would not meet, than would not be engaged, I meet this most numerous population of a look “homo successful everywhere - homo unfortunate“. Whether on the top of a food pyramid where a grass the most juicy, the sun the warmest, water the most sweet, at quick and long-legged whether among middle class, with the acquired barrels and the shining napes on - to the last fashionable squeal in podzolochenny body cloths and laces, or even among the small, dwarfish and poneobrazny, pushed aside on boondocks these Champs Elysee of success and desired dolce vita, I will come across everywhere the same muzzles and a rylets which in a fullface of comme il faut it is dazzling the radiate on you success and pleasure of life, and in a profile universal boredom and fatigue from life such - they should turn away only to run on the urgent successful matters.

There are no doubts that many of us, successful and not really, provided and not absolutely, well-known and disgraceful, under ringing clatter of the bleeding hoofs when time of the races rushing with a sprint speed from modest starts and to brilliant finishes eventually in a varying degree comes, we begin to realize falsehood of objectives. Their illusiveness. Artificiality and emptiness. But also many of us, having comprehended this deception and having galloped a half of a distance, having even admitted to itself what to admit so difficult, is not able to descend from it any more if there is though the slightest chance of a victory. Because to descend from it - would mean to recognize the defeat and to start up downwind all that, gilded and ephemeral for the sake of what you did not fill up, did not eat up, lay and betrayed. And we are not able to lose. And the more so to understand that the loser sometimes also is the winner, and the winner - the loser, at all behind a shade of consciousness of some.

“Life - fight“. “Life - race“. “Life - suffering“. “Win - or die“. “To winners - everything, won - only a grief“. “The winner is always right“. We got used to these vital formulas removed and eaten away for us, and we take them on trust. And meanwhile, would be any fight, in any case, it would be so devastating if ourselves not so fiercely fought for the as it seems to us, success. Fight concerning a goal, causes in our competitors still big fight in the same relation where everyone as the zombie, is programmed to be the first and the best, thereby, forcing us to fight more fiercely than our opponents if we want though how many - nibud to win. Here also eternal life - fight for more big chunk, for success, popularity, popularity turns out. And any success is a deprivation of composure, rest, pleasure of life. Is on a gilded plate of truffle, but they do not getting hungry any more: indigestion and in general, muck utter.

Despite of enough juicy and tasty forages, on the sea of entertainments and an opportunity to realize the I in one thousand different ways, the majority of us such life obviously or implicitly discontentedly. On that is several reasons: having reached an objective to be successful, to earn more, to be the first, having come to the finish the first, we appear in captivity of own success which on taste is not such marmalade. We are in infinite vanity, pushing elbows and kicks by legs somehow to remain at that level of success which we somehow reached. Because, younger and strong, hot breathe to us in a nape and step on legs. And we did not get used to concede. And success for us - ueber alles.

The modern person is exhausted under weight all the time of the becoming complicated modern life. Fierce competition in all spheres, continuous multiplication of duties and obligations, all the becoming complicated slowness and bulkiness, apparently, of simple and clear business and vital processes does not allow to breathe freely, enjoy already reached, to be glad the life. (Recently I counted that for such simple procedure as purchase of ten handles and pencils for our department, it is necessary to secure everything with twelve different signatures and eight seals and stamps on nine different documents, and from three to seven days in order that to catch these handles and pencils. And purchase of the Chinese lathe required half a year of negotiations, three hundred sheets of the shoveled documents and a heart attack of the chief engineer). On one bowl of scales at the modern person the permanent stress which is very often caused absolutely senseless a body - and umodvizheniye, a total lack of time and eternally pursuing feeling, even in a dream, the fact that it is necessary even quicker, above, stronger. But not that will be gobbled up. On another - more big chunk, more abrupt wheelbarrow, rest not in the Crimea, and on the Bahamas. Some ephemeral honor. Or simply, that did not gobble up. And from a school bench tightly imprinted in a cliche brain, zazombirovanny on a market harmony, “Be more abruptly, be the first, be the best“. Mark in chiefs. In leaders. In activists.

How many of us - hostages of the empty ambitions? Vain Slavia? The in a false manner objectives? How many is afraid to admit it to himself? How many never admits? We do not perceive rushing by us as if others time of our life at all. We are not able to see and feel the moment in which we are now. At first mind we in the future, and then in the past. And almost never in the present.

How many, perhaps, only on a mortal gilded bed, among the authority which is saved up at the cost of the life, honor it is also movable - real estate, will understand that forces were spent for nothing, vainly, and the pleasure of life passed by? You remember, “The one who lives quietly well lives“? Whether but about us it?