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What advantage of fools?

Whatever you may say as publicly do not coquet, but each of us loves, - in any case loves, just adores - rolling up poluobmorochno eyes to a ceiling, is doomed to complain about fools. Say, where do not spit, any blindly do not point a finger, around entirely fools. And in the tearful lamentations we so sparking, are so faithful to ourselves that cannot but believe us neither other, nor ourselves. And meanwhile, grumbling on the tomfoolery which is so often found to us, ourselves, clever men and wise men, we behave as the most last fools. Because, differ we in reason though how many - nibud from those whom we will constantly wear the last words we would uplift praise to the sky and by that to fools, having asked the last us to leave never on our course of life of wisdom. For one simple reason: any fool is always favorable to the clever man. It is only necessary to learn to use it correctly.

In - the first, both the king the suite does, and the clever man the fool does. Without fool - there will be no wise man. And so far as the wise man, for some thoughtless reason, puts the heavy wisdom above all on light, has to understand that his wisdom that will be higher, than the fool who is involuntarily helping it with it will be lower. So, the fool as is - neotjemlyamy, constant part of wisdom, and without it in any way.

In - the second, from fools - a sure gain. For example, at work. We got used to wear, like a sailor, the fools - chiefs. And absolutely in vain. As against any commanding simpleton, we, with modest experience and abilities, look from “absolutely nothing“ to “an ua in what year you ended Oxford?“.

The chief is clever, or the chief not such fool, is capable in no time, or within one year, to understand what “õó“ you actually are. For the clever head your ability of a fast set on the computer two fingers and sekretutsky language proficiency from which you still, after the termination ten years to that, courses of administrative assistants, continually inflate with pride most likely will not represent anything extraordinary. For the chief truly silly, on the contrary, already fact of your vossedaniye at the computer and ability to quickly pronounce words - spells “fax“, “and - a mail“, “a web - the website“, can make impression, it is similar to shaman dances and mystical “abracadabra“, instantly bringing you to the level of the person of the scientist. And clever for the chief, - let also the fool, but yet not the final fool, is skilled, capable, progressive, good, favourite. For what - it is necessary, with all shades positive.

The chief is far fairly clever, in your reports, estimates and other essential pieces of paper, continually, will find some mistakes, slips and inaccuracies. And the chief clever will find them constantly. (Think whether you are ready to long, and it is possible also eternal, to abasement from your head?) .

The chief silly (the young, criminal, lazy, bad, full idiot), will agree most likely with everything scribbled by you, exhausted and rewritten, pro forma correcting some flourish, and waving away from you - “go, go, do not muzz“. At such undemanding chief you, “average“ with high self-esteem, will have much more chances for successful growth - both in breadth, and up. (The main thing, with everything scribbled by you, exhausted and rewritten not to be overzealous, and not to be bad shot, and a leg trapped).

The chief is near, every time, podmakhivayushchy without reading your next piece of paper, will promote at the same time your self-discipline and self-education - as it is not strange. Because the chief clever, though eternally carping and knowing what “õó“ you actually is, at the same time will be for you a certain psychological savior, the proofreader and the comforter to whom, it is always possible to come running and bury in knees, in search of the help and support. A lifebuoy which will support and will rescue.

The chief is silly to help, will not be able to console. Because the idiot. And therefore, it is necessary to you - you want or not - to learn to be independent, disciplined and in an alert - that is to float without lifebuoy. Well, or at the worst, he will teach you to be cunning - that will also not damage to your survival in our human jungle.

Over time you learn to carry out the duties without any assistance. What more you will know and be able, the more independently you will be, relying only on yourself, but not to the aid cleverer colleagues and the same management, the nezamenimy you will be as the expert in the area. So, good worker.

With fools besides work, it is always easier to deal. It is easier to prove the - even if ““ same foolish. It is easier to catch something. It is easier to live. The person clever, on the contrary, to prove something, even clever, very not easy. It is heavier to live and work with it. Therefore if near you, clever, was the one whom we in popular speech call contemptuously “fool“, you do not hurry to curse destiny. Think, maybe, you should thank her for it.