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Machismo a universal mind or the faithful attendant of death

If the woman, on the mental capacities limited to the nature, denial of severe reality and the violent imagination, has all rights to lay claim to the child innocent, then the man, thanks to the cruel will, aggression and aspiration to dominate over the nature, the world and the woman reminds the child angry. “ Infant terrible “ in all “beauty“ - and without indulgence on age. The evil genius on death to and all live.

Ingenious gift to invent, think out and improve thought up, to subordinate by means of this understanding world around, all live and lifeless, it was given to the man by the nature, God. And, perhaps, and attempt of its restriction in this understanding of and the world was a Satan Prekrasnoliky as if to trust the Scripture, in plans of God Vseblagy never was to allocate the person with the Supreme reason, and, on the contrary, and by means of this restriction of understanding to reach his happiness.

The person in general, and the man as an animal the most reasonable in particular, reminds the child playing toys with everything that surrounds him. And the frivolous relation to “game“ and to “toy“, seemingly, at it in blood. That is, obvious defect of mind which unambiguously indicates that almost unlimited mind and knowledge of the man be called absolute cannot in any way. He with “toy“ not only is amused, but also tries to glance in it to understand that he leads her to the movement, forces it to tick. Having played enough much, “toy“ breaks, as a rule, taken to pieces. It rips up a belly, eyes are squeezed out, the ridge breaks, and only then the man - the child receives a certain visibility of satisfaction and pleasure from the final act the of a cruel game. Its frivolous relation, curiosity and absence of fear, or responsibility not to break “toy“, all it grabs, for everything that falls of it into hands, dreadfully and catastrophically for the man in particular and for the person generally.

Ancient said that mankind history - history of wars. I would tell if to look attentively at that as as the person, throughout all the existence, treated himself, - without saying already about all that surrounds it, and, therefore, is, though his direct ego &ndash is not related and even native, but not person; what types of torture and tortures of live flesh thought up and applied how many cruel and destructive wars conducted how many the cities and the countries destroyed how many the brothers and sisters enslaved, mutilated and ruined how handled the nature, animals, the woods, water, air and all other, all what it should protect more than a pupil of the eye, for the sake of itself and the descendants what doubts can remain with any sane individual what the person is a damnation of all living and himself? Unless that the one who uses these benefits now. And it, in turn, specifies and on what the moral beginning, began humanistic in the man is badly expressed that is the next defect in such “faultless“ man`s nature. And sovereign man, - and not constantly narrow woman in the rights and acts who, perhaps, could compete in cruelty and the thoughtless relation to all live give her vent, - being an initiator and being at the head of this plague as nobody bears responsibility for all deeds.

The twentieth century was generous declared by a century of the industry, a century of industrial knowledge, and at the same time it turned out so that at the same time the twentieth century turned out the most bloody and destructive century for all history of mankind. World War I. World War II. Numerous wars and bloody conflicts in all ends and corners of the globe. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese, on the earth, were cut ruthlessly out by Japanese only because the last it became close on the islands, and near at hand there was more perfect weapon for extermination of the person. Hundreds of thousands, for hunger, medical experiments and excessive work, disappeared in fascist concentration camps only because were born not there and not at that time. Millions of our compatriots died, protecting the earth. Tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children alive burned down, melted at atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Tens of thousands died terrible death of its consequences. Million civilian population of the Democratic Republic Afghanistan died only for the time spent of soldiers there - internationalists. And so on.

It is not necessary to be the seer to understand, as the twenty first century, a century information, and also the century of knowledge and progress, will turn out not less bloody and destructive: types of annihilation of the person are infinitely improved, greed - still, the second nature of the person, and reason and good will - still, only beautiful words - wrappers in which the cunning person wraps the most disgusting acts uses for receiving a profit. And none other than are at the head of all this race of death the man. The man is reasonable.

Man and war - are synonymous. As are synonymous the man and death. While the feminine is creative, though almost powerlessly, randomly, passively, in comparison with the beginning man`s, active, the machismo is destructive, violently and angrily. Through the man, from his congenital aspiration to death, violent death also comes to this world. It is possible to be proud as much as necessary of the reason granted to the man, his knowledge and knowledge, his will and force, but all this is leveled by that irreversible constant of death to which the man unmistakably follows.

The woman is full of horror from one thought of death. She tries to avoid it even in thoughts. And in this passionate desire of denial of death all women are uniform also gomogenna. The woman`s life - flight from death. Start talking at its presence even about what inevitably will happen to all of us, and in the near future, in ten, twenty, fifty years - and you deeply offend it, avert from yourself, the truth, “freethinking“. Of course, first of all, it is caused by the fact that the nature of the woman the life giving. The life continuing. The woman - always continuation of life. The man - its reduction. The woman - a life zenith. The man - its nadir. The woman - death minus. The man - death plus.

The man looks for death. He constantly plays, juggles and is amused it. Experiments. Carries her. To all live. And in it, and not just in difference of primary sexual characteristics, or as men like to think, at a rate of a brain, difference of the man from the woman.

The feminine pacifying. Reconciling. Man`s - violent. Destroying. And in it if to proceed from the point of view religious, the feminine is much less guilty, than a machismo. And from the point of view of humanistic it has all advantages before a machismo. Unfortunately, the female creative beginning is initially deprived of will. And the machismo, though is allocated with will, is not the beginning creative. Fortunately or to misfortune, the world develops on such model when the female creative beginning, at last, acquires a vote and will become level with a machismo. However this alignment of positions does not mean that by that moment, the feminine, in the fight for a vote and the equal rights, will not get all violent attributes, as at a machismo. What, in my opinion, also occurs. And if the machismo, meanwhile, does not depart on the second positions, and will continue rivalry, from such equalizing of these two beginnings, troubles of this world will only double.