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The middle-aged woman as a way to man`s

the Aging woman … The woman spent the sexual appeal - as at the last threshold of the female happiness … The middle-aged woman …

the middle-aged Woman, according to the same Balzac, was a woman “hardly for thirty“. While we know well, girls were married early, to twenty - twenty five years they got numerous posterity, and to years to thirty “already took place“, “began to wither“ and to be considered as matrons. In our time, the middle-aged woman, the woman is not younger than forty in any way, and even under all sound fifty - so took roots in our consciousness.

Anyway, in thirty, forty or fifty, for most of women of the globe - whether it be the released women of the USA and Europe, or not so emancipated women of Russia, gradual and inevitable loss of sexual appeal, oddly in her own eyes, that huge and still only power over the man, - female tragedy.

Of course, many women quite adequately bear today the withering. Having become mothers and grandmothers, they, whenever possible, try to be dissolved in the children and grandsons. Others promoted. The third in a feminine way stoically and philosophically accept this inevitable evil. Both the first, and the second and third long ago, very much, in every possible way assure all that they are happy also without the sexual power over the man. All trust, only not they are.

But here and now I would like to consider not the aging woman, with all her ups and downs, and such aging woman in life yet not of the old man. That surprising transformation of female mind and character which often happens both to the woman, and to those men on whom to her who is aging and withering, it is possible to project the as it seems to it, the last love.

I will begin with the fact that that almost all women whom I knew in the life were slightly younger than me and were ordinary ordinary consumers whose interests fluctuated in exclusively material planes. Materialists, normal such women who early learned loudly speak “Let!“, and only later, unwillingly, in a whisper “Take“. Or rather, happened, as they the first presented me, but this gift was always same. Gift which to many women is represented to the most expensive on light, the made such broad gesture after which dumbly it was meant what now to give, now I will always have to. That, not only women were guilty of it. Education, gender, ethical, social and even political installations - everything dictated to the man and the woman to what gender roles and povedeniye they have to follow.

We will take primary basis of all relations between the man and the woman, the base on which all other building of mutually love - a marriage bed is based. What speaks and that the modern young woman in a bed, to, in time and after the act of love thinks? What tells language of her body about, and after and language its passionately kissed to her beloved of lips only five minutes that? And she speaks and approximately following thinks: “I to you allowed to love myself. I made happy you. Presented unforgettable moments of pleasure. You are darling. You are good. I love you. But you have to me for it“. The young woman, every time who is sexually presenting the young man. In the people speak: “It gave“. But do not speak: “It gave“. What, really in a bed it “gives“ only, and it only “takes“?

One women demand gratitude in material expression - at the same time indignantly rejecting prostitutsionny ingredient of such gratitude. Others will never dare to give a hint at money, believing that if not to sound action, then they are absent as if. But their behavior indicates the opposite: they over the years the developed habit, readily expect payment in the form of various other indulgences and preferences - that is, are silent what others speak aloud about, but expect almost the same, as all others. The third also do not demand it. But also at them, in all behavior it is read: you have to, has to, has to. Has to - because you are a man. I am had to - because I am a woman.

Unlike young women, the woman of a balzakovsky time, whose sand of time with a relentless force streams down, in love, or not always, in the man who still “did not reach top of the mountain of life“ - already other, new woman. Nouveaue femme. This is the woman already not only and not just granting pleasure to the beloved on a love bed, the beauty, the body, all the I but also the woman who is lit up by new knowledge. The woman who is brightened up by the age, realizing as her beloved, in an equal generous measure, makes happy, presents it as the man. By the man`s force, the body and love ability, the attention. And this new woman as the schoolgirl, learns to accept this gift and learns to be for it grateful. (Oh, the woman, grateful for love, - unless is not dream of men of all times and the people?) . She learns to grow old. Or, say, to grow wiser. And here then, between the man and the woman, in their main relations, a certain parity when the sexual delight is already granted not by one, and both is planned: it - to it, and it - it. The woman learns to see.

In the relations of men, irrespective of age, with young beautiful women, such equality is observed seldom if it is observed in general. The woman who is brought up by all definitely as the sponge which absorbed in itself spirit of inconsistent time remains convinced of the exclusive sexual superiority, altruism even if this altruism is expressed in full illiteracy of intimate relations from its party, by the principle “I am a woman and by that I already am happiness“. She, despite everything - always presents and awards with sexual pleasure, it - is always reverential and grateful accepts this gift.

Absolutely other business woman elderly. Unfortunately, most of men frankly do not appreciate that richness of a female nature of that which “already reached top of the mountain of life and began descent to the valley of female oblivion“. Are not taught. Are deceived. Are deceived. And meanwhile, the love of already aging woman can turn into exclusive happiness for the man. Such women have a love - as the swan song. As last time and therefore everything is appreciated.

There is such expression “The last love“. Such women love as if last time as the love at the woman is tightly connected with her own sexual appeal. That is, any female love, even the most disinterested, always reflexes on itself. And on the female appearance, first of all. The woman, here - here ready to say goodbye to the sexual appeal, grabs the most important relations in the life - the relations with the man, as for the last straw. Also it is ready to love “to the full extent“, being entirely dissolved in it as it seems to it, the last feeling.

What by youth the woman threw away &ndash on the left and to the right; attention of men, courtings, vlyublennost and even love, was capricious and betrayed, because of a set and the width of the choice, now, already because of its female withering it seems to it especially expensive. It is not given flowers any more - unless officially for March 8. Almost do not turn around to look following. Almost do not look for meetings. And then the woman herself begins to look for meetings, attention, love. Some. And any swineherd on its way who paid attention to it can seem it a prince. Or, no, she is already skilled and wise, and, most likely, sees that any it is not the prince, but … is glad to be deceived. Let though so! Last time to feel taste of love on the dried-up lips … by

We, men, we are instinctively conducted on a young sound body young femin and every time we get to servitude of a priori of the unequal relations, often becoming slaves to youth and beauty. And that it is worse, being in a dungeon of such love, we often do not even suspect about the misfortune. And here one female reproach - the sentence most often said by women directly to the men is very indicative: “I gave you all the youth, all the beauty. And you, cattle, spoiled to me life“. What in translation from female language means approximately following: “I slept with you, allowed to love, in every possible way humoured as the woman - and you earn a little; look in what I go; you did not drive me hundred years anywhere“. The act of intimate love from the woman - always the highest act. The act of love of the man - only primitive physiology.

Tell much about the first love. - almost do not speak about the last. And meanwhile the last love of the woman, woman wise, skilled, saying goodbye to the boundless women`s power over the man, love exclusive. Exclusive on the altruistic heat. The aging woman is able to love the man. The aging woman is able to appreciate the man. And, in which eyelids, is able to be to it grateful for the moments of love presented to it.