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Pyan. To help it is impossible to leave?

Man did not move. It lay on the sidewalk. His face was turned in the sky and somehow strange almost smiled. And people hurried on the affairs, without suspecting that he dies, and rendering an unambiguous verdict: pyan!

The man did not move. It lay on the sidewalk. His face was turned in the sky and somehow strange almost smiled. By sight years fifty, accurately dressed, face skin - almost like at the child, gentle and pink.

Ya carefully touched it for a sleeve:

- The man, get up, - in reply nothing.

- the Man, get up! So not for long and to catch a cold! - I told more loudly.

Again anything. Sound. “It was gathered, cattle“, - I thought.

Twilight was quickly condensed, and was almost felt how temperature fell. If was -10 in the afternoon, then now there had to be about-15. Dirt near the sidewalk turned into the reared stone. You will lie down on such frost about half an hour - and farewell health. You will surely freeze something. And if to stay overnight so, then till the morning itself you will be turned to stone.

By someone passed. Even did not turn back. I looked back, in search of the one who could help me to hype up the old man. Perhaps to call an ambulance? Or militia? It will be necessary to pay for a call.

I looked again at the man who, appear, peacefully slept and even, in the sleep, smiled. Inside slowly the irritation caused by a sudden obstacle woke up.

I zaterebit the old man, already more feasibly again. Took on a roadside of snow and that forces began to pound to it cheeks. The man, from my such diligence, at first lowed something, then opened one eye, then tried to prevent me to bring hands him round.

I gave it easy slap in the face. The second. Third.

- Not on - and - yes - and - and, - the old man lowed.

- Get up, you will freeze! - I cried. - Temperature falls, still will lie down so half an hour - and will say goodbye to kidneys! Or perhaps and with life! - I shouted to it in an ear.

By again someone zatopat heavy feet. Strong man.

- Sorry, you will not help? - following I shouted. The man for a second turned back. His look was more eloquent than words. In it contempt was read. And hasty hurried further.

The old man closed eyes again and, appear, again returned to the nirvana. Strange, but, bending over it, I did not feel an alcohol smell. And the old man was not really similar to the debauchee. Though it is rather poor, but accurately dressed. White small beard. Directly Santa - Claus from a card.

I tried, was, independently to delay the old man from a roadside, but, having dragged him meter two, was forced to refuse the idea to one to cope with it. It was heavy. Kilograms on ninety, at least. Dressed in a dense sheepskin coat, boots, heavy on a thick sole.

“On which to me this gave up pyan? - it was involuntarily thought. - For a long time there would be houses, at supper and in front of the TV“. I looked at the old man again. In a lamp reflection I distinguished as pinkishness of cheeks was replaced by dead pallor. Lips did not stretch in a blissful smile any more. All type of the man, appear, said about what put - tobacco.

In the distance lit taxi headlights. I rushed on the road, forced a taxi to slow down sharply.

- You that, patient?! Your mother! - the first to me the big fellow driving threw.

- the Chief, here to the person is bad. Help! - I did not pay attention to roughness.

- Where to carry it?

- Yes I also do not know. I found it half an hour to that here.

- Well, you give! And I where will carry it?

- Well, I do not know. Perhaps in hospital?

- How many you will give?

- E - e... pancake and I and have no money.

- Well, then proshchevay.

- I will pay you tomorrow … There the person … - Listen to

where to carry - you do not know. There is no money for a taxi. I what, to mother Theresa it is similar?

- But it will fall short of morning. Perhaps at it … can, a heart attack, and you …

- Depart!

The big fellow angrily sparkled headlights and departed further. I remained with the old man. In the next minute I jumped up to it, jerked for a sheepskin coat up, began to beat cheeks:

- Get up! Get up, you be wrong! You will freeze! You will die! You have children? Grandsons! For the sake of them, rise, cattle!

The old man lowed something, slightly opened one eye, moved the right hand and again failed in drowsiness.

“And that you!“ - I mentally swore. “I made everything that I could. In any case, washing conscience it is pure“, - I following thought, looked at the old man, was developed and quickly walked in the direction of the house.

“Why I have to pyan bring together everyone? Anybody has to it business, and me what, is necessary most? Nobody wanted to help. And me that? Why the head has to hurt me?“

of the House should have made a dinner. I rushed to peel potatoes, to fry cutlets. And already in half an hour did not remember incident. Only when prepared for a dream, a face of the old man, the one and only time, suddenly, emerged before me as if even as with a smile. I felt ill at ease. “What for the devil?“ I looked for hours: 23:45. But in a second everything disappeared, and in ten minutes and I fell asleep.

The whole next day passed in cares. From one client the slander came. It was necessary to go behind documents to other end of the city. In a word, affairs and cares absorbed me. And here, already before going home, I changed the shoes and edge of an ear caught on radio that stood at me on a window sill, something from what threw me into cold sweat.

The announcer of “The report of incidents“ spoke: “Yesterday on Gagarin Street the corpse of the unknown man was found. By sight to the man of years fifty - fifty five. Gray hair, beard. Odette in a leather sheepskin coat of brown color, dark trousers, winter boots on a thick sole. The death occurred approximately in eleven - twelve o`clock in the evening, from a cerebral hemorrhage, and also, perhaps, from overcooling, because of long stay on the cold earth. We ask all who recognized the victim, to address by the following phone …“ .

“Gagarin Street … Cerebral hemorrhage … Overcooling … Eleven - twelve o`clock in the evening … that place and that time when the old man to me was so obviously remembered and so strange happily smiled. As if his departed soul to me glanced. Here as … I did not help it … did not help though could … could … or perhaps and well what did not help? … can, his happy face also thanked me for it? … and it is happy now? … My God, I killed the person … My God the Almighty, all Saints, great martyrs … I threw the old man there … I left him at the last moment … abandoned him … My God! My God! My God …

But I tried to help it! … I is sincere, selflessly tried to rescue it! … what did I make not so?! … what I am guilty of?! … what I can be reproached with?! … My God, My God, My God …“

- Egor, you what? - watched a smiling face of Sashki, my colleague at me. - You home go?

- And?

- You what? Ached, perhaps? Ridiculous what!

- I? I anything … anything … You it … you go … I later.

- Well, as you wish, - Sashka darted a strange farewell glance at me and closed behind himself a door.

“And I will sit. I will sit a little. Something to me is bad“, - I thought and looked out in a window. There twilight was condensed. The drifting snow played. And the frost grew stronger...