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Where grandmothers disappeared?

I Remember the picture in “Abc-book“ with the grandmother in a chair, with a ball and spokes. I remember how at a view of this picture it was joyfully thought of how it is cheerful and pleasant to be the grandmother on pension, to potter at the dacha with grandsons, to compose them fairy tales. A chair at a fireplace, spokes and something knitted in a basket, and nearby - heels of the kids occupied with the important children`s issues.

Much to my astonishment, soon it was found out that for other children the grandmother is an absolutely not silent tender needlewoman.

Vyacheslav Dobrynin had a song with such text:

At an entrance who sits the whole day usually? Who is always angry

at us and grumbles habitually?

Who abuses snow for snow,

the Rain abuses

I for a rain, of course, best of all everything on light knows?

Grandmothers, grandmothers, grandmothers are old women,

of the Grandmother, the grandmother, ears on the top.

of the Grandmother, the grandmother, we respect you. Only as you to understand

, we, alas, do not know.

Who to whom when came who what broke -

All is known well to grandmothers - old women,

Will shake the head strictly and severely,

I is afraid of them sometimes even the district police officer.

Tried to sing it and found out that pripodjezdny grandmothers disappeared as social institute. Somewhere they, perhaps, still meet, but not at us.

First the entrance had a shop, but residents of the house asked it to take down because in the evenings the restless youth and pass to an entrance gathers on it becomes unsafe. Took down. Grandmothers could sit about a playground, but there shops broke those restless. There was no place to sit. Also there was no man who would go outside with the hammer and a saw and as in former years, quickly would build a new shop for grandmothers.

A bit later the application about benches around the platform was written by young mothers, they - that also sit near kids, at children discuss their fathers in the tone, most undesirable to children`s ears. And grandmothers where? Where their wisdom which would not allow to express the disrespectful attitude towards men at sons and daughters?

Having become interested in disappearance of grandmothers, I began to ask people whether they remember that time when old women sat at entrances and all knew about all.

Recent inhabitants of five-storey buildings did not forget how some entrance of hours from ten in the morning had a couple of old girlfriends, and to hours by five in the evening on both sides from passes to each entrance could sit on five - seven people. But where they now? Why in huge houses where at each entrance the whole five-storey apartment block finds room, the active community of the befriended grandmothers is not formed? What changed?

On this question I received many answers when there was a small holiday in park. Old men and old women came to “Songs of our yard“ of Mark Rozovsky. The performance caused discussion of the yards former and present. I will retell in brief that happened to be heard.

People of old age in 60 - 70 - x strict ethical standards developed godakhsvo in a wartime. Treachery - from antistate speeches before change and divorce - was excluded. Laziness was unacceptable. They lived by accurate rules and willingly transferred the beliefs. All ideas were linked among themselves and deeply comprehended. The high culture or at least erudition was a basis for long substantial talk. The subculture of half-drunk free former convicts shown at Mark Rozovsky with their maidens - not norm of the yard, but its shame. It was brightly allocated against silent speeches, the kind relations, employment with something useful. In the yards late thoughtfully played chess, but who remembers it? What was contrastly allocated on the general background is engraved in the memory. We think that in the yards was entirely free pyan, and actually pyan only captured imagination the ugliness, striking difference from normal people.

In response to the statement that was drunk by all, one of veterans got the apartment list of all neighbors and noted whom he saw drunk only for New year, and whom and on usual weekdays. It turned out that “all drank“ is when half-percent of residents of the house at least once for quarter of the century were noticed with the become drowsy eyes. The Trinity of boozers was an eyesore, but same “almost always“, but not “all“. The same veteran began to note who than did in the spare time. Communication with children, repair and production something new, country construction, tourism, fishing or collecting of mushrooms, berries, reading newspapers and books, cinema and theater, correspondence with friends, board games and so on. Women or in kitchen, or do needlework, listening to the kids reading and retelling lessons. Before emergence of TVs life was much more diverse, and common interests generated rich communication. And then new generations began to get fat on sofas, staring in screens.

Now those to whom passive sitting in front of the TV replaced a set of necessary works become old men. They in itself are much less active, than ancestors. They had that time when beliefs destroyed, offering in exchange horrors of repressions and delights of the market. Many of them understood that they were cheated, and now try to reach on the Internet descendants. But the Internet is a network of which not to get out. Friends a set, and at the same time there are no friends. Communication days without a break - without full communication.

Where our grandmothers? Or in the same place, where also grandfathers, in the Network, or in habitual TVs. In the yard alone there is nothing to do, to squares and parks to go far therefore city old men sit in the rooms. Some found to themselves the place in clubs where sing, play, draw, embroider. The most safe have the country gardens and lodges where there are a lot of affairs, especially when there come grandsons.

Old people were carriers of wisdom and quiet patient teachers for kids. Now their wisdom to very few people is interesting, and children can be entrusted computers safely.

Before the aging people of years on forty provided purity, a cosiness, tasty food in big families, now small families do not need old men, there are household appliances, the cleaning companies and fast food restaurants.

It would seem, everything is bad. But is not present, not badly, only differently.

Old women do not sit at an entrance and do not discuss passing - it is very good. Old women publish in the Internet verses, prose, the master - classes on production of souvenirs and vkusnyashka, they argue in forums and agree with hundreds of persons interested about transfer of the multiplied plants or old photos. Activity moved from the native yard to universal community. Lonely old women publish the photos against the Eiffel Tower or the Wailing Wall in social networks, on the website “Mercies“ find to themselves good deeds, on the website “We call“ - where to go today free of charge.

Our grandmothers one and all competent therefore bring the responses a lot of joy (or other feelings) to artists and journalists. Today`s “sofa troops“ are not only school students, but also a great number of grandmothers with names of grandfathers. All of them are less ciphered, pretending to be teenagers, and familiar notes even more often occur in their argument: “The child, live about mine, you will speak then“.

Okolopodjezdny shops removed to the virtual world. Grandmothers remain are faithful to themselves and as they in old kind times, discuss everything that rushes by.