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Different sides of the same coin, or Why award to the school student?

V September, 2013 the new federal law “About education“ which cancelled school medals came into force. According to the new law “About Education“ the graduate - the excellent student upon termination of school will receive only the certificate of a special sample. Any medals! And what graduates think of this law?

“It is the certain sign giving a certain status to the person“ - the vice-chairman of the all-Russian labor union of education Tatyana Kupriyanova quite so estimated importance of delivery of medals. The tradition to award the best graduates arose in Russia in the 19th century. If earlier the graduate - the medallist at entering a higher education institution took the first examination on “perfectly“, then he was automatically enrolled. But with USE arrival excellent students lost the privileges. In this regard Ministers of Education and Science decided that medals to school students to anything!

In September, 2013 the new federal law “About education“ which cancelled school medals came into force. However within three months many 11 - graders and teachers were ignorant whether the well-deserved rewards will receive the best of the best? As soon as “secret“ was slightly opened, the Internet dappled with offers to make to school students of a medal with an emblem of school, a date of issue or in any other design. What could it mean?

According to the new law “About Education“ the graduate - the excellent student upon termination of school will receive only the certificate of a special sample. Any medals! And the certificate is decided to be issued only to round excellent students, and the others will be equated to ordinary mediocre pupils.

Many graduates were disappointed with such news. And they can be understood! Some children aspired to this award from 1 class and put big efforts for achievement of the treasured purpose. Such news and me did not leave indifferent as I was among these children. Arose only one question in my head: “What will be thought up further by our wisest Ministers of Education?!“

became interesting to me how others treat this innovation. For this purpose I interrogated the acquaintances - medallists and teachers. Opinions were shared!

Natalya Shashok, graduate of MBOU “Lyceum“ (TFMSh): “I seek for receiving a gold medal. I am negative to cancellation of medals. I consider that in most cases the medal is incentive for the best training and an award for the caused a stir pupils. To cancel school medals is as if to cancel Olympic because the child - the excellent student tries and studies the same as Olympic champions train“.

Natalya Kolesnikova, the 3rd course, ALTGTU of Polzunov: “I have a silver medal - one four. Cancellation of school medals for me is logical continuation of cancellation of privileges at receipt for medallists. The medal is a symbol spent for distinctive estimates of the childhood and youth. It is the whip for teachers forcing to give them reluctantly the overestimated marks. It is gingerbread for administration of school for the number of the caused a stir pupils“.

Lyudmila Belozerskikh, 3rd course, ALTGU: “I have silver. And relation to this medal special. I tried, fought, studied very much. It was the best incentive, a fine reference point, a pravilnymnapravleniye therefore when to me it is honourable awarded my prize, the pleasure was not a limit. I made! Achieved! My works are not vain. I am sorry that such value was cancelled, let it does not influence receipt, USE indicators. But it is a criterion of your relation to study and your school achievement“.

N. A. Alexa, the teacher of Russian and literature in branch of the Altai school for visually impaired (Rubtsovsk): “I consider that children who for 11 years diligently study on “perfectly“ or with 1 - 2 fours deserve an award for the laborious work. Pupils have to have an incentive for excellent study. It is a pity that will mark out only excellent students now, and children who apply for “silver“ will equate to ordinary “mediocre pupils“. Unless they do not deserve an award for the work?! It is necessary only to hope that at entering higher education institutions the certificate GPA will be considered. Let children will have at least such incentive for good progress“.

And apparently, many are negative to such “surprise“ of our authorities. Yes, medallists lost the privileges at receipt for a long time and pass the Unified State Examination on an equal basis with others. And at entering a higher education institution only points play the role for a long time. And as it is considered to be, it is the most objective assessment of knowledge. Besides this year considerable changes were made to procedure of carrying out state examination.

Really excellent students are children who so tried, aspired, prepared for these examinations, did not deserve though such small, but very long-awaited award?! Why they have no right to receive this distinction, at least for the sake of themselves, for the sake of the self-assessment? Why cannot be proud themselves at least one day for which so waited?!

And while future graduates got used to this innovation, the authorities decided to change a situation. According to the “hated“ law, school medals are cancelled at the federal level, but regions have the right to found own distinctions for graduates. Declared many regions desire to return medals.

In April the governor of Altai Krai Alexander Carlin signed the decree on rewarding with the regional gold and silver medals “For Special Achievements in the Doctrine“ of graduates of schools. The most pleasant news from all!

“Delivery of distinctions to the best graduates was and will remain tradition in Altai Krai, - the Governor of the region emphasized. - We in Altai Krai made the decision this tradition not to interrupt under no circumstances“. by

But together with return of medals entered conditions for applicants. From now on for receiving a gold medal the graduate has to have excellent estimates in all objects throughout training in the senior classes, and also pass the Unified State Examination on a certain ball: more than 60 points on mathematics and more than 70 on Russian. With silver medals it is decided to award those who did not manage to gain the necessary points.

But as if you did not seek for receiving the award and did not rejoice it, receipt is still influenced only by the got points. The medal plays the role only if two people have an identical number of points. Of course, the selection committee will offer to transfer of the owner of the certificate with honors and medals. However some higher education institutions consider personal achievements of the entrants which the certificate with honors and a medal is among. For it to you are ready to increase your lowest passing scores. But it is not all higher education institutions. At submission of documents it is worth reading attentively all rules and not to neglect!

And all - why the school student needs this “knickknack“ in a velvet box? Quite so some call a long-awaited medal. It is a subject of pride of the graduate and relatives? Yes, let so! Why not?! I consider that we deserved it! It is a reason for the statement of a self-assessment? Perhaps. Perhaps so we will feel that we are necessary to our state!