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What to do at lessons or on a language course if you understand nothing?

of Those who began to study and threw this fruitless task not so are not enough. They say that the high motivation is the key to success, but among the thrown many high-motivated people. And all - material in the head is not laid, and nothing with it can be made trained, his teacher. new academic year, and at students, school students Began

, purposeful adults the first progress and the first problems appeared. While the getting is good, it is necessary to put himself on rails on which it will be possible to reach result sooner or later. And not to descend from these rails. And not to go off the rails. And a roof not to let go.

What to do when you come to occupation - and nothing is impossible? It is a little hints which approach studying of languages and many - many objects:

1. If it is impossible to understand everything, snatch out familiar. Manage to rejoice to meetings with old subjects and the acquired facts. The attention to them allows to notice new in their environment.

Comment: if the facts acquaintances are passed because in them there is nothing new, and new - because they do not manage to be understood, then from occupation there is only a fatigue. At the same time if familiar to try to reproduce in a new context, then often and the new facts become clear. They stick on old as carnations to a magnet.

2. Not harmfully gradually to extol itself for small progress at all. Not to wait for approval from the outside, and to support itself: “It turned out, and it is ready, and here it is successful“.

Comment: the wrong self-praise will not fix a mistake, will only feed desire to work. It is possible not to use words, and, for example, to tick off. Just like that, without the subsequent statistical processing. And it is possible also with calculation of how forces get stronger as the number of ticks grows day by day.

3. It is necessary to force to study. To make strong-willed effort. And to repeat this action more than once, and hundreds of times.

Comment: any attention is given difficult, but then there will be an attention involuntary, and study will turn into pleasure. Who did not overcome initial difficulty, it is more and more painful to that to remember study. The educational situation becomes injuring. At the same time honestly deserved involuntary attention turns study into self-sustaining process and gives pleasure, freedom, prospect.

4. Well there is that business in which caught suitable speed.

Comment: slightly quicker or slightly more slowly - there are also miracles. For example, if to read quickly and quicker and quicker, then the brain learns to snatch out and to quickly fix the facts and if to read slowly, literally on syllables, then literacy increases. The reading which intentionally is slowed down, pronouncing each letter if to be engaged in it on a quarter of hour every day, relieves of spelling errors even of mentally retarded children.

5. Collect councils and recommendations.

Comment: when the teacher does the remark, the offense is useless, and here a conclusion from told, transformed to the rule of life, either to a working method, or to points of the list of tasks, or to the specifying questions, is something useful. Ideas can be collected from books, from casual remarks and from own imagination. And the written-down ideas should be looked through more often that the best of them began to work.

6. Select the sheet for the fact that it is impossible, and make the way to the purpose by means of the imagination.

Comment: it is possible to draw schemes, and it is possible to mold color blots, to have a good time a scribble. If only the leaf was devoted to something concrete. Happens that after some especially sophisticated flourish the necessary thought suddenly appears, and it is necessary to be enough rather a new blank sheet that to record it. It is useful to write from above a subject of a leaf and to decide on time that hours on empty dreams did not leave imperceptibly.

7. Appoint to yourself a certain number of attempts something to make.

Comment: if the result seems unattainable, make so many tests. Hundred, for example. Each repetition is new details, specifications, assumptions. It is simpler to organism to refuse business, than to break to the purpose, and it is simpler to achieve result, than to crash over and over again into an obstacle. Therefore the one who does not make a set of attempts becomes gradually the helpless idler, and persistently making efforts each time quicker and quicker finds out that he has well working intuition.

To read this text was not really - that simply. If it was succeeded to reach end, then the intelligence is rather strong to learn to study. And skill of self-training - what over the years only improves and that truly serves for the rest of the life.