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How to get rid of extensions?

Beauty of the person and a body begin with skin. The correct care of skin - 90% of success for ways to beauty and to an ukhozhennost. It is the most important and most difficult point on personal care. Extensions - unpleasant cosmetic defect of skin which cannot be eliminated completely but to reduce its manifestations to us quite on forces.

Beauty of the woman always different, but all beautiful women unites one quality - an ukhozhennost. Beauty is not so much the lovely features presented by the nature and a slim figure, how many the correct and regular personal care. Cosmetic procedures, a make-up, the gym, a relaxation - all this the integral steps on the way to bewitching beauty which admires men and women.

for anybody not a secret that beauty of the person and body begins with the skin - shining, healthy, pure and with equal tone. The correct care of face skin and bodies - 90% of success for ways to beauty and to an ukhozhennost. It is the most important and most difficult point on personal care. On the way to healthy and beautiful skin modern women have hundreds of obstacles - abundance of stresses, high loadings, a sleep debt, cares of motherhood and a catastrophic lack of time.

Competent approach will allow to get rid even from such, apparently, unsoluble, problems as extensions. Striya, better known as extensions, appear in case of a fast set of weight - skin sharply stretches and overstrains, after healing scars are formed. They are also extensions. The probability of emergence of extensions is especially high during pregnancy. And even if you were lucky not to gain excess weight during pregnancy, the risk of emergence of extensions remains extremely high, especially in a stomach and a breast.

Ugly white or red strips spoiled life to thousands of women - it was almost impossible to fight against extensions earlier: only to prevent their emergence. But now, even if you did not manage to prevent emergence of extensions, you can make them much less noticeable after their emergence.

Unfortunately, extensions appear not only during incubation of the child or as a result of sharp change of body weight (weight loss or obesity). In the last decades cases when even young persons complain of so ugly cosmetic effect are frequent.

of the Reason of emergence of extensions

Is several reasons which lead to formation of extensions, a combination them increases chance of emergence ugly white or red (sometimes even with violet outflow) strips on skin.

Hormonal changes. It is known that practically all processes in a human body hormones operate. When the girl becomes a woman, it is often possible to find extensions on a breast in her, on hips, in a stomach, and sometimes even on skin of hands. Quite often extensions demonstrate failure in functioning of endocrine system.

Therefore as soon as you found in yourself similar without the obvious reasons, it is better to see in the shortest possible time the therapist or the endocrinologist. Perhaps, after testing the physician will notice malfunctions in an organism, then to you will appoint the certain course of treatment directed to normalization of a hormonal background.

Excessive load of an integument. during pregnancy skin on a stomach, and sometimes and in other places of our body - on hips, a breast, strongly stretches, the organism does not manage to cope with it therefore in such places the whole series of extensions which quite often have bordovo - a violet color can be formed. The same occurs at a sharp set or dumping of weight.

How to get rid of extensions

Sad news: if extensions already appeared and are noticeable, it is impossible to get rid of them completely - only to make imperceptible. Or to lay down under a knife of the plastic surgeon that is not always possible.

Completely it is possible to get rid of extensions only in case you begin care of skin at the very first signs of emergence of striya or in advance. For example, you can begin to grease skin of a breast and a stomach with special means, oils and creams even prior to pregnancy or on small terms until skin suffered yet.

Good news: even if extensions are already visible, you should not despair, and it is worth making them hardly noticeable. There are several methods which will help to make less visible ugly “stripes“ on a body.

Laser polishing. One of the most reliable ways, however at the same time and the most expensive. Laser removal of a striya takes place by a technique of fractional rejuvenation. The laser forms accurate microchannels in an extension, without touching at the same time healthy skin. Thanks to such way there is a healing process much quicker. Besides formation of microchannels is the trigger to active production of collagenic fibers which do skin more smooth and equal, and an extension - less noticeable.

Visit of beauty shop. This way will take more time, than laser polishing, but also costs 10 times less though too “will cost a pretty penny“. At the same time consider that if decide to save, having cleaned some procedures from the list, then the obvious positive result is improbable.

we Get rid of extensions in house conditions. Quite often women choose this option as it the most sparing for the family budget. Besides the woman burdened with a family life sometimes happens just once to go to a certain procedure by the fixed time. It should be noted that if you seriously decided to undertake your body, then try to combine various techniques, then the chance of a victory will be much higher.

So what it is possible to make in house conditions to get rid of extensions?

On a condition of our skin the great influence is exerted by those products which we consume. You watch that in your diet there was enough seafood, vegetables, fruit, nuts, vegetable oils (it is desirable without thermal treatment) and greens. Besides you watch the drinking mode.

We use oils. Oils during the millennia were applied to improvement of skin. As a rule, to clean extensions, recommend almond, olive oil or oil from wheat germs. They are rich with vitamin E that promotes the accelerated regeneration of skin. It should be noted that when using aromatic oils as an additive to the main ingredient it is possible to feel as if in Spa - salon.

Massage. One more of the most effective ways to make striya less noticeable. Active massage will strengthen a metabolism and blood circulation in a problem zone. It is the best of all to apply this way at extensions in a stomach zone. Besides it is possible to spot methods of anti-cellulite massage which perfectly will approach also in our case on the Internet.

However be careful in a breast as there intensive manipulations can do much harm. This procedure is perfectly combined with putting specialized cosmetic substances - creams, oils, lotions or gels. After massage for some time muffle in a terry dressing gown or a towel that the warmed areas cooled down more slowly.

House wrapping. As well as in the previous case, the place on which the cosmetic preparation is applied is important to warm here. Therefore from above reel up something warm on a film and lie down some time. Such procedure will accelerate regeneration of the damaged cells of skin.

However not only the advertized preparations will help to get rid of extensions. In your kitchen, for certain, there is a set of useful substances which “are made“ by the nature.

The easiest way - to make “salty ice“ . On a glass of boiled water (that salt was dissolved quicker) add a salt tablespoon. After solution cools down, pour in forms and send to the freezer. Twice a day wipe problem places. Thus you make active a rush of blood that will accelerate updating of skin.

Honey peeling : mix several spoons of honey with the crushed oat flakes. Impose this mix on problem places for about 20 - 25 minutes then slightly massage and wash away warm water. Make such procedure two times a week, it will smooth extensions, having made them less noticeable.

Regularly look after the skin and let it please you with health and beauty!