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Sil Vselennoy - in a sound? About a concert of Sweet PAD group in “Mumi - cafe“

on August 30 in magic “Mumi - cafe“ took place a concert of Sweet PAD group. It was remarkable the fact that the group submitted the new program which the best entered not only their a cover - versions of the famous songs, but also ethno - improvisations, and also absolutely new compositions of own composition.

of “Sweet PAD“ - young musical team from Podolsk. Long time of “Sweet Project of Amazing Dreams“ (the abbreviation of “PAD“ is deciphered as “The project of surprising dreams“) existed as a cover - group, but gradually musicians began to compose and execute own music. Last Saturday the public was lucky to hear them in new sounding and in full strength.

The program of collective was quite enduring therefore we could enjoy their creativity fully. Compositions of “Sweet PAD“ - different in mood and emotional loading, penetrating, weakening, madly powerful and meditative, light, transparent and volume, and at the same time everything incredibly interesting, played with soul and return, and it cannot but hook.

Important point: executed a cover - versions of songs “Cranberries“, “Muse“, O`scar, “Lumen“ and “4 Non Blondes“ sounded in stylistics of music of “Sweet PAD“, that is participants of group in own way sing the famous songs which are fallen in love by it in the recognizable manner, despite the lack of an obvious and accurate framework in a genre and the direction of music of group.

“Our music is close on style to ethno and new age. We do not put to ourselves a certain stylistic framework. On the contrary, we want that music was free and live. Our main idea - music has to be the beautiful, magic, poured in all flowers rainbow!“ - musicians say.

Ethno - improvisations under the names “Sea“, “Thunder“ and “Rainbow“ created feeling of presence of various elements and cast memories of the best events of the leaving summer.

Author`s compositions of “Miracle“, “Only lies“, etc. - it is unconditional, a promising beginning of a career of the collective creating music.

Musicians fill space around with the special atmosphere from which it is difficult to be disconnected, into which you plunge and you depart far from the problems and rainy last days of August. Everyone mentally, even without closing an eye, can get there where will want. “Mumi - cafe“ - the place promoting relaxation and comfortable perception of such music thanks to a cozy house situation, sofas and pillows. But nevertheless some, especially powerful, compositions as if “moved apart“ walls of the small hall, and we appeared somewhere on Universe open spaces. Flew in a dream...

One more important point which really admires and causes respect: most of musicians of “Sweet PAD“ - multi - instrumentalists; during a concert they were periodically interchanged the position also by tools that created a certain atmosphere of a performance when scenery change, and too it was very interesting to watch it. It, probably, how to speak different languages, quickly switching from one to another. Surprisingly and how the whole seven people (namely there is so much in full strength group) were played together on so small stage, constantly moved, and all this occurred very harmoniously, professionally and without vanity.

There is a separate wish to note game on keyboard, a guitar and a flute of the vocalist and leader of group Ukhami Kamicho, improbable beauty modulations of its voice and a voice of a klavishchnitsa of Darina Yamchuk and just that fact that in group at once two beautiful, bright and talented girls. Children, undoubtedly, too very much pleased with tremendous game on a set of the different tools including creating unusual and unique sounding of “Sweet PAD“. It was strong and fascinating!

Well, and most as it seems to me, a remarkable indicator that the music executed from a scene is fine, it when you turn around around and you see how talk in the cheerful company of friends stops as someone stiffens with a mug something tasty in hands as come off studying of the menu come to eat and, for certain, really hungry visitors of cafe struck with the attractive force of space music - music of “Sweet PAD“.

Structure of group: Ukhami Kamicho`s

- a vocal, keys, a guitar, a flute, etc. tools.

Darina Yamchuk - keys, percussion, bek - a vocal.

Alexey Popov - electro - a guitar, a flute.

Anton Holomyyov - a flute, to the ukulela, etc. tools.

Andrey Kofeynikov - a dzhemba, percussion.

Vlad Uchirov - percussions.

Anton Ivanov - a bass - a guitar.