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How to find the gone mobile phone?

the Mobile phone - a thing necessary presently. And it, of course, is available for the vast majority. While communication is, we feel comfortably. And once communication breaks - the feeling of isolation from a civilization at once appears. One of the reasons of such “isolation“ - loss of phone. Whether it is possible to find it and how?

Strangely enough, but most often the mobile phone are lost not on the street, and … by houses. Just forget where it was left. Typical places of temporary loss - a sofa and a chair. The modern furniture is made in such a way that between a back and armrests there is a so-called “dead zone“ - a narrow, but deep interval. And as the mobile phone thin and weighs a little, it can easily get to this interval. Besides, in any apartment there are also other places, “artful“ for the mobile phone.

If visual survey of the apartment gave nothing, it is necessary to remember, where exactly you used the mobile phone last time. If are sure that it precisely was with you in the apartment recently, then it is necessary to pass from visual search to “technical“. The simplest reception - to call on the mobile phone from another. And if such opportunity is absent? Then we wait when in phone the alarm clock works. Certainly, this method of search will help out only at the included alarm clock.

One more checked way of search of the gone house of the mobile phone - search with “mine detector“. But if the sapper tries not to allow operations of a mine, then in our case all on the contrary - the mobile phone has to “work“.

Often lose it in hard-to-reach spots. For example, under a low sofa where the hand does not creep. In that case even in daylight there it to see the thin case it will not turn out. Especially, if case dark. Will help out the finder on which end there will be a heavy subject. Rummaging such “mine detector“ under a sofa, try to raise and lower “device“. At some moment the heavy subject will press down the mobile phone and on it the display will be lit. It (the truth, it is less noticeable) will be lit and in case phone lies on a floor buttons down.

The problem of search of the mobile phone in the apartment will not appear at you if attach to it the charm reacting to any loud sound the signal. To you then it will be rather strong to clap or to shout loudly. Unfortunately, such brelka are widespread only among those who know about them. At offices at sale of the mobile phone for some reason they are not offered.

And how to find the gone mobile phone if from you it was stolen? Here too there are ways. They are not always effective. But, as they say, attempt any is useful. It is just necessary not to forget that the mobile phone “is equipped“ with serial number of International Mobile Equipment Identifier - IMEI. He “registers“ during production in the form of a combination from 15 figures. It allows telecom operators to find the stolen phone even in that case when sim - the card is replaced. IMEI - a code you can see in the mobile phone (under the accumulator) and on a packing box in which you bought phone. So it is very desirable to keep this box. Or to write down in the reliable place of IMEI from it - a code.

The advanced phones “are completed“ with system of search. In Windows Phone there is a function allowing to look for phone by means of Windows Life ID. But this “pribambaska“ only will help out when in the stolen mobile phone replaced sim - the card, but did not change Life ID, having the Internet on the mobile phone.

Search in IMEI and satellite communication is usually available technically only with participation of legal bodies. That is when the fact of theft is really proved. So the best - not to lose the mobile phone. Then it will not be required to look for it.