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Mystical horror film “Tsar of the Evil“ (1986). The most gluttonous monster of Ireland?

In those far times when dinosaurs already turned into fossil remains, but the local plan of Stonehenge was not approved yet, on wild open spaces of the British Isles incomprehensibly terrible and extremely blood-thirsty beings undividedly reigned. Devilishly strong and eternally hungry monsters did not form social cells, did not invent to themselves gods and did not think of meaning of life. They just guzzled and were sated.

A then to Foggy Albion severe Celts came in large numbers and, without wishing to be reconciled with such neighbourhood, gradually povyrezal of all monsters. More precisely, almost all. One nedobitok took refuge in an impassable thicket and managed to live even till the 14th century of our era, however was stsapan medieval citizens of England and is alive dug to the crude earth. There it also lay till a morkovkiny Shrovetide, do not decide - to plow one farmer the rationalizer centuries the untouched field. Having seized the moment, the most ancient adherent of gluttony left a tomb and hurried to meet to the neighboring village lacks on breakfasts - lunches - dinners.

How many inconceivable crimes were made with a name of god on lips how many human souls are ruined at the time of inquisition, crusades and religious wars, and pagan idolatry with its sectarian sacraments covered with blood babies and virgins altars and pompous rituals remains a favourite horror story of cinema still. Do not feed screenwriters with bread, let`s dig on the corn field some homebrew a ktulkha with its backward cult and aggressive flock.

Here and the English horror which achieved in a genre of considerable progress - a rayter Clive Barker adoring savouring various physiological indecencies in the works decided not to stand aside and undertook a tug. Literary excavation crowned the short story about revolt of the primitive ancestor R. B. Barabek which entered the next author`s cycle of stories from the Books of Blood series. Based on this modest, but not deprived charm and sickening details, the opus the beginning director George Pavlov who chose barkerovsky sadyushka for real pence removed not a trivial horror film “The tsar of the evil“.

In the course of the screen version laconicism of the source code did not prevent easy violence over the text. From vicinities of London the plot moved in painfully - cloudy scenery of the Irish remote place where the good mood is considered a symptom of weak-mindedness, the house standing on the earth, but not on wheels - an abundance symbol, and the tombstones of an ancient cemetery tired with time, bad weather and vandals - only zamanukhy for tourists. The main character in inheritance from a book prototype got the wife and two children, it was transformed in an alter - Barker`s ego - the popular writer who arrived to a solitude to investigate local folklore.

Alas, successful amendments were also limited to it though, no doubt, gloomy landscapes resolutely strengthened the oppressive atmosphere, and intelligence and inquisitive mind of the protagonist help to imitate omenovskiya ozhivlyazh with search of ancient volumes, research of infernal stained-glass windows and other mystical tricks. However all provocative stage settings (for example, an episode with eating of the sweet and crackling patella of the child) from the scenario were reasonably withdrawn that caused an irreparable loss to corporate author`s style of the writer. Blood and a dismembered body were given it is dosed in a rural semi-detective manner and - la “Aniskin and Fantomas“, and the final was atrofirovat a fantastic burlesque of clumsy special effects at all. Cards - a blansh awarded only team of make-up artists which it is authentic recreated barkerovsky imaginations: behind a mask of the furious cannibal the anonymous two-meter German is hardly guessed, and mad jaws of the monster would be envied by Richard Kil. And it does not matter that on close ups the physiognomy of a monster reminds a cross-eyed monkey with a Down syndrome.

Formally, in Pavlov`s movie there is everything to be pleasant to the fan of horror films: and zakholazhivayushchiya blood a musical background, both intricate riddles of genesis of pagan mythology, and the terrible carnivorous giant to which the Devil cannot hold a candle. The problem is that mixed by an inept hand of the director - the layman separate details do not want to develop in a full-fledged trash and waste in any way. Ideas in the movie sliped, and quite good - the church constructed on the sacrificial place; pregnant woman as symbol of infinity of human race; fall of the priest who was caught in “golden shower“ of the strapper who rose from hell - but these thoughts did not gain due development in a plot. Let`s add to it standard bottlenecks: a malobyudzhetnost, lack of marketing support from air and slightly less than completely little-known cast.

It is no wonder that having been sated critics in the address, Clive Barker was released from the help from the outside subsequently and worked by the principle “want to make well - make itself“. And the “Tsar of the evil“ who lost all the potential in a film format and remained the big slow monster buried under thickness of genre cliches.