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Mystical thriller “Ceremony“ (2011). How to expel a devil from heart?

the Priest from the coffin maker nearby fall. So young Michael Kovack when he refused to continue family business on an embellishment of dead bodies argued and moved in seminary to study love to God. However the passionate affair with the Lord at a diligent tanatopraktik did not appear, only a little flirtation. In the quashed feelings it scribbles negative, voluntarily losing a dignity, privileges and a vote of parental trust.

But church does not hurry to throw away perspective shots and under the threat of depriving of a grant sends Michael to Rome on the courses “expelling a devil“. Having packed into baggage bias and doubts, with an atheistic pragmatism under the arm, the young man undertakes to prove a personal example that an ekzortsizm - only one of many marketing tricks of Catholic church.

Be afraid of Hopkins expelling a devil. Whether on a habit, whether owing to respectable age, but the venerable actor even more often gets roles of inhumane mentors of the youth doubting the forces, whether it be a “green“ agentessa of Starling, the ardent avenger in a mask by the name of Zorro or the seminarist - the skeptic, not the believer neither in the devil, nor in god. This time the powerful old man appears in image pochinyayushchy a kerosene stove of the hermit surrounded with anonymous cats. That Vatican, owning technology of high-speed reading prayers and extensive knowledge of theology does not prevent it to be the leader demonology. And whether the difference between the cynic practicing an ekzortsizm and his protege who by youth were improving corpses and who lost all piety in relation to the Creator is so big? In fact, it is two coast of one river - the mentor - the know-it-all, sublimating fear of the Devil devout faith in his opponent, and the terry atheist for whom literally there is nothing sacred.

It is obvious that the devil is much more terrible, than he is painted by Mikael Hofstrem therefore it is possible to call “Ceremony“ with a big stretch the thriller and not to be necessary to coordinate to horrors at all. Lips of the priest Loukas authors warn in advance: neither vomit fountains, nor twisted by 360 degrees of the heads it is not necessary to expect, and the bodies of “patients“ crooked in demonic ecstasy are more likely a peculiar report for the means spent for visual special effects. The skillful creator of glitches Hofstr who was once picturizing “1408“ King remembered only in the end that he shoots mystical drama, from here and a horse with terribly inflamed eyes, and the pretty young frogs symbolizing conditional “little squirrel“ at the main character.

In the rest of the time ways of intimidation others, often standard, without hints on the technologies which jumped up up: the musical background which is piling on the pressure, gloomy interiors, pseudo-documentary slides with terrible ugly faces (the movie - how - it is based on real events) and other details, in which in any way, as we know, and is covered a devil. Ascetically arranged peasant house of the professional exorcist, dirty hospital chamber with fat kukaracha and excessively naturalistic details of sessions of “exile“ are urged to cause in the viewer not “horror - horror“, and sympathy for the heroes forced to make religious feats in the conditions of extreme insanitary conditions.

“Ceremony“, most likely, will disappoint admirers of classics of Fridkin. And the final merged in the sewerage which is smelling slightly Vatican agitpropagandy and basic lack of innovative decisions and fresh thoughts. Especially as against promoting of a genre only in the new millennium more than ten pictures on the set subject descended from the conveyor. Necessarily you begin to trust in “the secret doctrine“ of the pontiff on increase in number of exorcists per capita.

From the informative point of view of the viewer could interest theological disputes of characters, but also in them the same worn-out truth is tirelessly exaggerated. The eternal conflict between believers and not really predictably is solved towards the first that, at least, it is unfair as available authors the rule of contraries (existence of the Devil assumes presence of God) is not the ultimate truth at all. Be the game “Who Wants to Become an Exorcist“ rather honest, all four answers to the question “Whether You Believe in the Lord?“ would not begin with the phrase “I trust because …“.