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When blows up to Betelgeyza?

the Main star of constellation of Orion stay at a stage of a red supergiant. It means that sooner or later it will turn into supernew and will blow up in enormous flash. How this fine and rare event from Earth and when it has to be expected will look? But the most important whether this explosion will constitute danger to mankind how assume in the press?

to Betelgeyza is at distance of 650 light years from Earth. Its weight makes about 17 solar masses, and luminosity at the maximum values in 150 thousand times more of the Sun. If to place this huge star in the center of Solar system, it would reach an orbit of Mars or even Jupiter. The name to Betelgeyza comes from the Arab language and al`s poison - Dzhauza“ sounds as “That in translation “the Twin`s Hand“ means. With present constellation Twins are not present anything the general here - so the Arab astronomers sometimes called Orion. But in some other languages there are names - Bashn, Ardra, Klariya etc. of

Being one of the brightest stars of our sky, to Betelgeyza causes keen interest among astronomers. So, in 1921 she became the first star at which measured angular diameter. Soon important feature was found: To Betelgeyza decreases in sizes. During supervision from 1993 to 2009 diameter of a star was reduced by 15%. Why does that happen, still unclear. It can be caused even by an error of measurements or the wrong interpretation of data.

For example, not diameter to Betelgeyza, but a gas layer which surrounds her changes. But maybe, it is the first call of the fact that the star dies, we cannot predict with an accuracy according to what scenario the destiny of a concrete supergiant at its last stage will develop. If this is so, then similar instability in a subsoil of a star can lead to its collapse and emission of substance.

According to the modern theory of star evolution, Betelgeyza at the end of the course of life most likely will blow up in the form of supernew type II. One more option - she can not explode, and only dump a cover, having left a planetary fog in which center there will be a white dwarf. When it occurs, astronomers do not know, but opinions are available different here. As to Betelgeyza rather young star (it only 10 million years), some scientists believe that changeability of its diameter says that already there came the carbon burning out stage and therefore explosion will happen during the closest two thousand years. Other scientists call farther terms.

Red color to Betelgeyza is easily noticeable with the naked eye. But in the Chinese chronicles dated the 1st century B.C. it is described as a white or yellow star. In what time color changed? Allegedly, it happened during an era of Ptolemaeus who notes a reddish shade at supervision to Betelgeyza. It is well known that after exhaustion of reserves of hydrogen of a star change color from white to red. And if really became Betelgeyza the red giant in 150 of our era when there lived Ptolemaeus, then explosion of supernew happens not soon because stars at this stage exist tens of thousands of years.

However both astronomers, and ordinary people agree in opinion that such explosion will be beautiful and zapominayushchimsyasobytiy in the history of Earth. Brightness to Betelgeyza can reach brightness of the full Moon, and in the color it will be similar to the heated metal. But whether this explosion will pose hazard to life on our planet?

In newspapers and magazines, especially for 2012 when there was a sensation around a doomsday, wrote much that to Betelgeyza contracted, became covered by spots, began to pulse and will blow up soon, having arranged cataclysm of universal scales. Such horror stories were quickly spread around on the Internet, and some sensitive people seriously were frightened. But what actually should be expected?

Most likely, explosion to Betelgeyza will please us with a magnificent heavenly show. And it will last only several months. Then the bright point will gradually decrease, and it will cease to be seen with the naked eye, and in several centuries on the place of a star there will be a beautiful planetary fog, like Crab which can be considered only by means of the telescope. And the constellation of Orion, of course, will change, having changed the habitual outlines - in a hand of the mythological hunter there will not be enough asterisk.

However there can be also more large-scale influence. If to Betelgeyza any of poles it is directed to Earth, then streams scale - beams and other space radiation will direct to us. It will cause a grandiose polar light and destruction of an ozone layer that will affect negatively for life the planet.

Anyway even if to Betelgeyza will blow up in a minute, the mankind learns about it in 650 years. So much time will be required to light to reach us …