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Gene dope in sport: athletes or experimental?

Professional sport stopped being just demonstration of dexterity and beauty of a body for a long time. Now it is rather a competition of the medical supplies helping the person to use as much as possible body resources. Here only with what athletes pay for the victory got at the price of wear of own organism?

I never loved professional sport. To go in for physical culture for itself - it is excellent, and to here devote it life - utter nonsense. And let someone stirs about the state importance of victories on world tournaments. Get accustomed as there live the official from sport and actually athletes (in the main weight). And still consider how many on time that live and others. Probably, only high-speed chatter also prolongs life with regular increase it, life, quality. Whereas only sores also come the way of athletes from all these medals.

Quite recently the World doping association (WADA) forbade to breathe xenon and argon before competitions. Both inert gases were called “a dope of Russians“ and anathematized. It is interesting that generally xenon and argon add to oxygen mixes for relaxation, but not increase in speed or endurance of an organism, but here “vadovets“ worked within the general company according to sanctions against Russia: “all ran, and I ran“.

Xenon and argon, even being chemicals, nobody harm to an organism is brought. They are necessary for breath by air with the lowered content of oxygen at space stations, are applied in therapy of heart attacks and strokes. Therefore them is that it is possible and to leave especially as there is no method of identification of gas in blood. The athlete noble gases from Mendeleyev`s table before a victory at the Olympic Games breathed or not - to establish is unreal.

But different types of a gene dope damage health. Elena Lashmanova, the Olympic champion in sports walking, “got“ on reception of a metabolite of GW1516 capable to reconstruct work of genes so. Experimental mice ran 60% quicker after introduction of a preparation by it. But whether there is health and life of the young girl (and Elena is only 22 years old) a victory? As the metabolite influences the person, it is still unknown. So far only one is clear - GW1516 does harm to heart.

For the first time in Russia GW1516 was found in the little-known skater Sergey Lisin. In 33 years it suddenly improved the personal record even for 34 seconds (!) and right there got to Russian national team for participation in the World Cup. But there Lisin did not reach - “Rusada“, the Russian anti-doping agency, found a dope - “mutagen“ in tests.

Irina Starykh, the famous biathlonist, accepted eritropoetin - the renal hormone having the stimulating effect. In general eritropoetin, or EPO, carry to medicines. But drugs are necessary to already sick person and healthy they will only do much harm. Besides, eritropoetin can be a miscellaneous. Why among the best runners there are so many Kenyans? It appears, one of genes at these Africans (more precisely, at representatives of two breeding groups in Kenya) develops EPO, than genes of other nationalities better.

On the basis of this gene scientists created the adenovirus accelerating development of erythrocytes and increasing viscosity of blood (as does eritropoetin). Unfortunately, unlike natural hormone, it is very difficult to bring artificial analog out of an organism. Respectively, the athlete should accept regularly preparations for fluidifying of blood or “to bleed“. Here a combination find fault with it - a tek and medieval medicine. And still at the end of 90 - x the patients accepting eritropoetin, sometimes, died of heart attacks - blood sharply became too viscous.

As development of professional sport and a professional dope will go - nobody knows. Another thing is that all these stimulators and gene dopes do not add to it interest. Really, than to admire: skill of the athlete or skill of his doctors?