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Why the body is more important than thinking?

of People can live in two ways - in a body or in thoughts. I will show in this article to you in what a difference between these ways. And also I will explain why the body is more important than thoughts. I Will begin

with an explanation why it is more important. First and most obvious argument: the thinking is part of a body, and here the body is not part of thinking. The thinking is only small function, a small piece of a body. The thinking is a part, and the body is the whole.

In general, where there is our thinking? It is located somewhere in the head. And even not entirely in the head, but only in small part of the head. Even not in the whole brain - the brain operates all organism, and not just thinks. So, the thinking is only a small piece of the head or brain. And how all the rest?

And, strangely enough, the person got used to ignore all the rest. Because it has a thinking so strong that draws on itself all the attention. As a result of people, actually, begins to live in thoughts, but not in a body.

How it occurs? At all animals, except the person, the attention is distributed on all body evenly. All body of an animal - is counterbalanced. Therefore all animals look for us so natural and organic. All of us, by the way, too had it - when we were small and did not learn to think yet (therefore the childhood of people usually perceives more happily, than adulthood).

But at the person ability to thinking is so strong that the strong distortion towards thoughts begins. That is the human attention ceases to notice something, except thoughts. Thoughts begin to substitute to the person his real body which lives in the real world. Thus, any person begins to lose contact with reality.

As a result of people begins to exist, in literal sense, in the fictional world. Thoughts for it become the only reality. And only truth. Everything that the person will think, he automatically begins to consider as the truth. Because he does not see any other truth or reality any more. Because for this purpose he should again begin to live in a body.

As to begin to live in a body, but not in thoughts? First of all - to begin to pay more often attention to everything that occurs in a body, but not in thoughts. It is more often to pay attention to feelings and the movements of a body. On each of parts of a body, and not just on thought.

In - the second, the thought should begin to replace with actions. That is movements of a body. Any real action is the movement of a body, but do not think. Respectively, when you move instead of thinking - you come back to a body.

What will occur after that? First of all, you will feel live. Because to feel live it is possible only through a body. Through thoughts in general nothing can be felt because the feeling is by definition corporal ability.

Further you will begin to act more effectively. Because you in general will begin to act. When you were only in thoughts, you could not act. Because thoughts cannot work at all - thoughts have neither hands, nor legs. Only the body can work.

Still you will begin to perceive more sharply and adequately reality. Because it is possible to perceive reality only through a body. Through thoughts nothing can be perceived. Thoughts have no eyes, ears and the nervous terminations, they cannot see, hear or feel. While you in thoughts, you actually do not perceive reality - you only think a certain substitute of reality in which actually it is impossible to live.

Here, of course, there can be a question: but whether I will grow dull if I begin to use a body instead of thinking? Strangely enough - no, you will not grow dull. Even on the contrary, you will become much cleverer. Because thinking, I will remind once again - just part of a body. Respectively, when you will begin to live in the whole body, and not just in thinking, the thinking will be used too. But in balance with all other body, and not just in itself. And it - is much more effective.

In general, it is necessary to understand that the thinking cannot fully work without body. Because without body it begins to come off reality and becomes isolated in itself. And as a result comes to mad ideas or to a stupor. It ceases to function adequately.

And when the thinking is used together with all other body as equals - it becomes absolutely adequate. It begins to work in balance with all the rest. It begins to execute only the functions, without breaking at the same time strangers. And then the person becomes harmonious.

Therefore - begin to live in a body, but not in thoughts. Watch a body, feel a body, act with a body. And only then the real happiness, activity and harmony will come to your life. Or, if it is simpler to be expressed - only then you, at last, will begin to live.