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Fua - a gra the European delicacy or the legalized cruelty of

of Fua - a gr, or literally “a fat liver“ in French (foie gras), the world famous French delicacy prepared from a hypertrophied liver of ducks and geese which turns out by an excessive, violent overfeeding of a bird owing to what that has an abnormal growth of tissues of liver, or simply cirrhosis. For the first time production of a fu - a gr on a production basis was put in France, the country of distinguished gourmets where it was constantly improved - both on tastes, and by methods of ill treatment of a bird, and gradually gained distribution in many countries.

This delicatesse francaise approximately as follows turns out: the young bird who reached the natural sizes, usually a goose or a duck is immobilized - quite recently paws of a bird were simply beaten to a wooden floor by nails with a wide hat, now just put a bird in narrow cages in which she cannot make to a step, and from three to five times a day “lard up to a throat“ corn or other grain through a special probe which is entered into a throat of a bird. Procedure of feeding is called “ăŕâŕć“, or simply “prelethal sagination“. The amount of grain in three - ten times exceeds norm which the bird eats without “help“ of a probe and “careful“ human hands. Without having an opportunity to move and receiving up to ten times more food, than it is necessary, the liver of a bird begins to expand quickly, increasing in a size and getting unique tastes which are so appreciated by fans of a fu - a gra.

Receiving methods “a fat liver“ differ, from a poultry farm to a poultry farm, from the country to the country. For example, in Hungary where production of a fu - a gr and pastes from a goose liver is almost national idea as in other countries tourism or production of cars, methods receiving the most gentle and tasty hepatic delicatesse are brought to art. Arts of bird`s torture. Ducks and geese immobilize by suspension them on special bird`s “crucifixion“ - to a suspension bracket, previously having deprived of it plumage, and also, for some definite purposes, excising a liver I acquire. Most likely, Hungarians, as well as Chinese, believe that the more the animal suffers before death, the it is more tasty after it.

I remember the pictures taken secretly on one of numerous Hungarian poultry farms where make liver pate: the bird who is absolutely deprived of the natural plumage, with the broken wing and mad eyes, the hypertrophied, tsirrozny liver suspended on such “crucifixion“ and falling out of the made an incision side which will be turned later into liver pate, surprising to the taste, whose taste is familiar to us since the childhood. You remember, a small golubenky jar with a goose profile on a cover? Am - nyam - nyam, you will lick fingers.

At the end of the last century in connection with brutal methods production of liver pates across all Europe a number of scandals swept. The matter is that dexterous businessmen from pastes assured that production of a tsirrozny liver absolutely harmless and lovely business. And yes at all it gives pleasure to ducks and geese. And resists, a silly bird, and at all from the bird`s coquetry and the same bird`s nonsense. But after the real facts of production of a delicacy were found, in a number of the countries the moratorium on production or on consumption of these pastes was imposed. Thus, production of liver pate is forbidden in Argentina, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Israel, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. In the USA sale of liver pate was forbidden in Chicago in 2007, and in California the law forbidding sale and production of liver pate step by step by 2012 was adopted. Many restaurants around the world refused liver pate. For example, the network of Hilton hotels imposed a moratorium on a fu - a gr.

The protective organizations, including the largest, such as PETA and HSUS, suggest to refuse production of this production in all the world as being in a conflict with world practice of introduction of laws on inadmissibility of the excessive and not being necessary cruelty in relation to animals.

The famous scientist, the Nobel laureate, one of founders of science about behavior of animals Conrad Lorentz called production of a fu - a gr “a shame for all Europe“. A number of the famous people supports refusal of production of a fu - a gr. For example, the actor Roger Moore acted in the social advertizing urging to refuse consumption of a fu - a gra.

As a rule, fans of a fu - a gr and liver pate also do not suspect of the majority about ways of their receiving. And if know that they eat, then especially do not think of it not to spoil to themselves appetite. Among arguments of defenders the fua is a gr and liver pate, and, therefore, and bird`s tortures such muffled baby talk sounds as “Animals are created in order that we ate them“ or “Animals have no soul, they do not feel pain“. Perhaps, animals also have no soul. I, by the way, doubt that some people have it if to judge by how they treat animals and with each other. But the fact that the majority of them are animals with advanced nervous system and feels pain at all not less us, people, is not subject to discussion.

There is no doubt that the majority of us cannot manage meatless, skins and other products received from animals. However the matter is that if we were also given the power over dumb animals if they are given us in assistants, food and as clothes, then it does not mean at all that the power our absolute and boundless, and it is allowed to us to do everything that to us will only like. Defenders of any ways of the ruthless attitude towards animals for the sake of receiving the culinary and other pleasures readily saying directly “And Itself - That You Use Animals!“ want to tell: in this case, between the bird who grew on the rural yard, seeing a sunlight, free in the movement, the animal life which learned all pleasures and finally given the life to prolong ours, and the huge difference is the bird crucified on the bird`s suspension bracket which is violently overfed with the falling-out tsirrozny liver from the made an incision side never seeing the sun and which is in a permanent stress. As there was it between our ancestors killing on hunting of a deer or a duck and the animals who are grown up now in cruel conditions for the sake of receiving meat and profit. As there is it between the person free, modern, and the prisoner of Buchenwald.

I personally do not urge all to become is universal vegetarians. I only urge to inform myself and to make the conscious choice, worthy homo sapiens, and not just homo consumeris and homo barbaris (the person consuming and the person - the barbarian): what is how to treat animals how to inflict on them less suffering. In any case, I personally, in the past the big fan of liver pate, do not eat it two years. And, I think, I will never be. Because as soon as I am overwhelmed by desire to eat a piece of a gentle goose delicacy, I right there see other picture: an open goose beak, the sticking-out probe from it and the eyes which went mad, falling out of orbits with a mute question - shout “The person what you do?!“