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Slightly the truths about lie or how it is good to lie you are able?

Since the earliest childhood, from bibs with yellow ducks and the white enameled pots, hardly we learned to understand the native speech as we were begun to be edified at full speed that it is bad to tell a lie, and it is good to tell the truth. Our conscientious parents, their close friends and familiar, strict, but kind teachers in kindergarten, exacting teachers at school and just passersby well-wishers are men and tetechka which could not wait to put also the rough hand to our education - everything, with apostolic righteousness and faith in pagan God Pravda, inspired in us how this best God is necessary and remarkable. And, all of them did it with such children`s spontaneity and pravednitsky sincerity, with such hot call of duty obviously lied to us about the Idol Pravda that we could not but not believe them in any way. Ah, as it was homonymous loudly: low lie about the high truth which sounded as the most truthful truth.

And we believed. We believed that God Pravda - it is always good and healthy. That that with whom the truth, will always win. That the word of the truth will move the whole world. What truthful itself is given a green light, and the evil avoids. However difficult comprehension of this difficult truth was related to blind faith in the main Surinam god of the truth Gromopukel as it was necessary to believe in her truly - blindly, puzzly wrinkling smooth, still a children`s forehead, from those grandiose discrepancies between real and nauchayemy, how it is necessary also how is.

Houses, day by day, from year to year, we inquiring observed how our parents are zealous defenders of the truth, by phone, from - for the closed door or directly in eyes lied to all, beginning from the best friends and finishing a little nice chiefs - self-fools and petty tyrants.

“Tell that us there is no house“ - they furtively whispered to you in an ear when somebody called and asked them. “You should not smoke“ - they taught you, smoking to you in a face a smelly cigarette. “You should not drink“ - they edified you, and went to a vegetable marrow to toss a glass of beer or on birthday to friends, for New Year, on 8 - e March. Then came back, rocking here and there. “You have to study well if you want to succeed in life“ - they sadly went on, at the same time pondering how to live up to a salary on the salary of the senior research associate.

At school, with the to a floor - nedo-and at all not - the truths, those madcaps who were able to tell lies easily succeeded, without having moved also an eyelash before a strict mine of the weak-sighted teacher. It is dexterous to blow off from “spur“, the neigbour has honors pupils, to pretend to be a baobab and to tell that was late for a floor - a lesson because at you the beloved grandmother got sick. Or as now to slyamlit examination, the composition, the paper from Intyrnet, and even to be too lazy to add the name to the end of snatched. While lectured and punished those clumsies who truthfully and somehow uncertainly followed the doctrine of the ancestors and admitted the sins, wrote compositions and examinations, straining only the head, and as a result received a modest, if at all, praise for the homespun work, you, an impudent false ugly face, sat and grinned, having early understood all benefits “bad“ and not benefits “good“, with the entirely the lime four in a pocket.

Teachers, between truthfully - false we designate, sekl too that to what, learned over time to separate wolves from lambs, but for some reason pretended to be the tugodumika which are not hurrying to expose barefaced liars and to protect shy truth-lovers.

At institute, army, in the subsequent life all and everything with asinine obstinacy was proved to us as the old woman with a crutch Naked However, is unprofitable and ugly and as it is pleasant and favorable, the dressed in color clothes, Bright Maid Lozh. But we, istukansk faithful to those mad truths which liars - kind parents imparted in us, lie - native school, lie - the best Homeland remained are betrayed, and are so often devoted, these truths.

Now, after more - the less truthfully lived time and with painful acquisition of pragmatic and philosophical type of thinking, having filled vital cones on the most truthful places, some of us can admit to themselves: all lie, lie always, lie in eyes. With a dawn of desired capitalism, in permanently rudimentary and it is far even from prenatal stages of market economy, in necessary for more - less normal functioning still of a live organism cynicism doses, for the conceiving individual mature crucially obviously that: all lie all - at work, at home, in the field, outdoors; lie darling, lie to friends, lie Pomala, lie very much; advertizing lies, politicians lie, officials lie, analysts lie; military lie, doctors lie, historians lie, executioners lie; Americans lie, Russians lie, the black, and with eyes narrow lies; left lie, right lie, big lie, small lie; lie from screens, lie in newspapers, lie in shops and rest rooms; all always lie everything and how to me not to lie absolutely?

How many times, having given in to education and from the best motives, we went in defiance to the fears and petty interests, and said the truth - the fact that thought? And how many time, having made it, we had to regret about it? How many troubles we had at work, from - for our irrepressible thirst for it, for Pravda? How many they were at home, in a family?

“Ivanov, what you think of our project“? “What do I think? And I think that it is no good anywhere because it is unfinished, unreasoned, incomplete“ - and the poor creature Ivanov goes to the island of Elba, to exile. Because the project was praised by Ivan Ivanych. And to be constructed to the house about osmnadtsat floors, on a bog or quicksands.

“Darling, you love me?“. “Well, of course, expensive. You, and only you“ - and just from the mistress. And it has here such breast, here such hips …

“Companions, vote who for introduction of troops to the Democratic Republic Afghanistan? Unanimously … What? You against, companion Sakharov? Well, well …“.

Houses on quicksands are built, troops are entered and removed, truth-lovers - husbands are left their supruzhniyets neoappreciating their frankness. And pravdozashchitnik, under a tombstone or in oblivion in not heated apartment those mighty words of the truth which to them took root still their parents and which will sometime move the whole world, of course, heat.

“The best truth is the impudently told lie“ - I would tell truthfully now if I was asked that I think of lie and the truth. Or “However, told uncertainly, it is equated to lie“ - and further I would not lie. It is necessary to be able to lie it is loud, rolling, in a big way, and looking directly in eyes as the devil. Because the people - it, as the woman: believes not THAT, but to that AS. Minor it is always more important than the most important for it. Because it is emotional and pure as the child, believing in the kind beginnings and in the truth registered by someone and once which was never checked by him. And then even the one who was confident in the unshakable correctness to your rychny “On - take a bite! “, begins to doubt, fluctuate and reach for you, pravdoverzhets.

And if you mumble the most real truth, you chew and hardly you squeeze out from yourself as a tenacious eel, a penny to you the price as to Pravdivets. And even the one who was near you at the moment of truth will want to doubt your truth, and you. And therefore “Lie truthfully, and go with the world, my dear!“.