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The death of the relative

In a lunch break to Smelchakov was jumped up by an uncombed profkomsha and the out of breath voice screeched in the ear:

- Daredevils, you know that at Perepelitsyn the relative died?

- No, and that?

- Well, as … it is necessary to support … well, there, how many you can.

- And who died?

- Mother-in-law.

- So it divorced.

- But that lives with someone. There is her mother.

- Aha. I see. I will think.

- And what to think? Hand over money, and all.

- Listen, this business voluntary or obligatory?

- Of course, voluntary.

- And so, as soon as I will collect rather good will then I will hand over.

- Well, you look, - the profkomsha disapprovingly sniffed, and began to knock heels towards the dining room.

Practice of similar “voluntary“ requisitions existed from Soviet period. Times passed, and practice remained. You wanted or did not want, and birthdays, weddings and a funeral of the colleagues and their relatives had to sponsor “voluntarily“. The collective in which worked Daredevils consisted whether of eighteen, whether of nineteen employees, mainly women at whom every month somebody was born, married or died. And if here to add on numerous holidays, all 23 - and February and 8 - e March, then the incessant “conveyor of life“, with its ups and downs turned out at all.

This time Daredevils was out of the habitual balance. “What the hell I have to pay a funeral of some mother-in-law whom I in eyes did not see? They should lay a table, with salads and vodka, and I, so as the altruist - the philanthropist, has to them help with it? Interestingly“.

After a lunch already Perepelitsyn, the engineer whom Daredevils hardly suffered from approached Smelchakov - for congenital some briskness and dexterity to shift the work to shoulders of the more responsible colleagues. And it did it with such innocent look as if it was in the nature of things. Also called the impudence loudly - friendship. Being picked by a match teeth, it mysteriously began:

- Listen, Daredevils, here the mother-in-law died … upoky, My God, her guilty soul.

- I Sympathize - lay Daredevils.

- And we here it … well, generally, who how many can … on commemoration … called about thirty people, so there are not enough means … itself understand.

Looked daredevils in not the so sad rather impudent face of Perepelitsa as he sometimes called him. It seemed, to that, on the contrary, it was joyful that his mother-in-law left to forefathers, and now to it, Perepelitsa from it will live only more free.

- Listen, Perepelitsyn, you do not take offense at me, death, of course, piece unpleasant. But you to me here that tell. You it seems divorced. What you can have a mother-in-law?

- So I live the third year with Marinkaya. You know Marinka? I with it came for New Year.

- Aha. And to Marinka there was, in my opinion, Natashka. And after Marinki there will be some Lenka, huh? of

- Not, well you …

- And still here what tell. You last month it seems to yourself bought the car, isn`t it?

- Sure. And what?

- Mobile phone. Showed. How much is - that?

- What? Phone? Two hundred dollars.

- And where you are going to go to holiday? To Turkey?

- To Egypt …

- Here that, Perepelitsyn, sorry, but I will not give money to you. And I will give a piece of good advice. You it, sell the Mercedes or that there at you, or phone. Also lay a table for all funeral brotherhood. With a balychok, with vodka.

- Well, you and impudent fellow, Daredevils. On commemoration regretted hundred rubles!

- It not I, Perepelitsyn, impudent fellow. Impudent fellow it you. Go you on foot as I, but not by car drive about, or in holiday to the neighboring village, to parents to dig potatoes, but not to Egypt - Turkey, I still would think, to give you or not. And so, do not even ask.

Until the end of the working day Perpelitsyn by an office number resolved issues with commemoration. It was continually heard “Buy smoked cutting“, “There will be not enough box of vodka“, “Do not call the uncle Vanya, I am with it in quarrel“. In breaks between calls he flirted with the economist Verochka and about something was whispered with Mikhaylov, glancing frowningly at Smelchakov. It was from outside possible to think that Perpelitsyn prepares not for a funeral, and for more joyful event. And by the end of day hyped up at all: guffawed in all throat, made jokes and joked as if there was no death of his hotly beloved mother-in-law. Understood daredevils that if before, Perepelitsyn, Mikhaylov and some other felt easy hostility to him, for his frankness and a sharp manner to say that you think, then now will cease to greet at all. “Well also let. But I told that I thought, but did not palter with all these lime condolences which are not worth a farthing. And besides these idlers will leave with the eternal requests for the help, in that and now it“ - he thought, steeping in work.