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The international Women`s Day on March 8 what the animal of such

is on March 8, the International Women`s Day, - one of the most unclear festivals, a certain calendar misunderstanding, day in which very few people can give the simple answer to a simple question: and, actually, that we, on ours a post the Soviet boundless open spaces, celebrate?

If I am not changed by my changeable memory, then Rosa Luxemburg and Klara Tsetkin who allegedly laid the hands to this holiday conceived it as day of fight for the rights of women - workers. Rosa and Klara`s business still lives in some poorly developed countries. There women leave with posters “Women in parliament!“ or “Let`s protect women - toilers rice poldy!“. That is, we will protect, we will defend the woman - the worker, the woman - the toiler, the woman - the wife (mother, still whom).

Well, it is fine New Year there. One year ended, another begins. One turn of Earth around the Sun. End of one terrestrial cycle and beginning of another. Relentless system of undertakings and terminations by which the person inevitably measures all the existence. Naturally. By itself. It is clear.

Or, for example, on February 23. Though very inacheno - it is modified, but also it is very symbolical: definitely primordial celebration of “birth“ of Red Army, “which is stronger than all“. Then Red Army and Voyenno - navy. Now Defender of the Fatherland Day. Requital of honors to the person with the gun, for our world and sound sleep, with once at the same time implied pride that all are afraid of us. We agree or do not agree, with historical, or, for example, the pacifist of the point of view - already the second question. And here answer to the question first - that, why and why - it seems as it is clear.

Day of workers of trade, the Bastille Day, Day of astronautics - it is clear. There is an action, work and a feat - there are their heroes - there is a certain far-fetched symbolical character - there are honors and honor. And here the International Women`s Day which, except as in the countries of the former USSR and several other developing country do not note anywhere and where this day has the most different shades and intonations, beginning from fight for equal opportunities and finishing with fight for the rights of women - workers of brothels - but which, nevertheless, “international“ - it as? To render hypocritically “Dear women we congratulate you for the fact that you are women“ - all the same that to congratulate chicken on the fact that she is a chicken, but not a camel. Or to congratulate the child on the fact that he is a child so far, and not the adult yet. To be a child, chicken or the woman - there is no merit. It is natural and needless to say. How to be a stone or a tree.

I understand, the Mother`s Day, for example. To make hard maternal work of a piece of the shouting protoplasm what can be called the person. Or Day of the milkmaid. It is that work, that hard work for which the person can be celebrated and congratulated. Or even Day of the keeper of the center. And also Day of fight for the rights of women in industrial sector or Day of protection of women against family violence, but here Day of the woman - I ask kill me not painfully, in any way I cannot decipher.

In good time, already numbers of the fifth, despite of even winter bad weather and for full time which brought routine fatigue, legions of women, having put on the best new things, having thrown highly pride noses and the trailer dragging on a tow of the promiseds, blessed and only which, at this delightful moment, carry out the unique function, most important after the first, reproduction - solvent, like militant maidens - to Valkyries, uncontrollably direct in various shops, boutiques and on markets to collect the, these days, by right trophies.

First of all they try to discover what to congratulate themselves on. And these minutes it is better not to get in their way. So vital it appears very much: everything that can go in in clothes.

Shparitsuya by brightly lit show-windows, you do not cease to marvel to that, all these modern boutiques with a counterfeit zaleyblinny junk from Turkey and China are so full, those who are going to celebrate themselves. What heat in love their predatory eyes as their greedy hands fuss as their lips quicken light up.

Their blessed, with the sentenced view and with the press of universal grief on faces, stop at thresholds of these brothels of trade as if are afraid that they should enter there, on this field of abuse as they will be drawn in the most ruthless way, are raped and killed. The most brave, together with the provoked amazons, risk to take several steps towards to the death, and even venture to give some advice. But, their warriors already felt a smell of blood, do not hear words of reason, and without production will not leave.

Having left boutique, with some box, and that two or three, the happy and intoxicated with this blood material, these hyenas from materialism is proud and important direct in grocery ranks - also buy up, buy up, buy up. Raw smoked sausage - sticks, cutting - kilograms, overseas fruit - string-bags.

Having come in one of such unsuccessful days, for example, behind a loaf of bread and a package of kefir, you are forced to be pushed in this crowd of the mad people ready to crush you. First you try to be tolerant to these your brothers and sisters, but, having loafed about in turns, with the crushed legs, rumpled and angry, you with pleasure and hatred get out of this den of insatiable, rejoicing to the fact that at present near you there is no that “only“ which, as well as others, with pleasure would drag you through all these circles of hell.

Even more “obscene“ thoughts gloomy come to mind. For example, how many poor hens, pigs and calfs were slaughtered for the sake of this madness. But it that bad manners, in decent society of consumers and consumers which is not subject to publicity are called and in general. As they say, the animal can be killed. Even it is possible to kill cruelly. But it is impossible to speak about it.

At work, where also on “ten little girls statistically nine children“, - three men and seven women - holiday day. The same holiday, as well as what follows it. We long puzzle that it is possible to present to our dear women not to be ruined at all, long we go shopping and to the markets to come to an unfavourable conclusion: we can present the same that was already given. Among the boundless ocean of a trite low-quality kitsch - plaster figurines of all colors, shaky - shaky shkatulochek, still fashionable, but absolutely useless aromatnitsa, crooked vases, gloomy lampadochek, ubiquitous portretnitsa and other “petty-bourgeois happiness“, we gloomy and wearily choose that we already, to someone, gave last year. And in before last. And in pozapozaproshly. Namely, a coffee cup or shampoo, with a floret. Moreover and “øàìïóñèê“ ladies wished. And to it and the candy is necessary.

And … at work all gather on work hour two. Ladies at parade, as if marriageable. The pathos trite speech about female beauty. Delivery of gifts. Kisses of hands and cheeks. Everything affectedly ritualna. Are important - as on a funeral. One pretend that they sincerely say, adding for greater persuasiveness “from the heart“, “sincerely“, “I dare to assure“. Others pretend that they trust all this.

Cups. Eternal cups. Shampoos, shower gels. At each of them such cups already pieces on five. And shampoo which, of course, does not suit their type of hair. Or to a color. Or just not so smells. But not the gift is important. The attention, whether so is important? And attention such that all this &ndash protocol; no more. Last year ardent congratulations of the director and chief since March 8, with assurances of their “sincere“ love and fidelity, did not prevent to dismiss two “great ladies“ for a trifle already next day. Protocol, however. Mere formality. Words. A woman falls in love through her ears. The dog barks - wind carries.

More than once asked itself a question: really dear women do not feel that we, the men who are so grandiosely celebrating this event, running with the put-out language on a shoulder behind gifts, pathetically reciting obligatory congratulatory speeches tonenko so sneer at them? Really any mature woman, at all the notorious intuition, does not feel that hypocrisy, that lie in corners of unctuous shaven cheeks, and it is better for it so, than in a different way? We were obliged to participate in this silly gofmanovsky ceremonial, and rypnuvshis time - two, having been hit on a nose for our non-obedience and asking “And whether it is impossible somehow in a different way - well, type, sincerely, with all the heart, when it, this soul of it asks?“, we understood that women are eager for this trite burlesque. And that even the most judicious and sincere of them will never approve your basic nonconformism. And really sincere words, at not absolutely right moment, will take for a shocking nonkomilfo. It is necessary to give a cup, to drink sour grape juice with bubbles and to jam it soy candy - if you please, do not flutter. Do as all.

Of course not to ask any questions more simply and more happily. To do what you are told. As from you wait. To close voluptuously eyes to umopomrachenny feministic collisions of mind and heart when the same activists fight also for the equal rights and afterwards attack on everyone who, in their opinion, does not wish to be the real man. The International Women`s Day is put - means well! Our congratulations and flowers, dithyrambs to a vagina, we will give nobody. But also equal - give the rights to us! Not therefore whether to the principle?