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Otto Veyninger Paul and character, or do not try to learn too much about me …

“People - one in the Universe, in eternal, terrible loneliness. Out of itself it has no purpose, there is nothing else for the sake of what he lives; highly it flew up over desire to be a slave, over ability to be a slave, over a duty to be a slave; far below the human community disappeared, public ethics sank: it is one, one!“

B 1898 Otto Veyninger, arrived on philosophical faculty of the Vienna university which with honors graduated, having defended the Doctoral dissertation on bisexuality.

“The difference between the man and the woman is not limited primary and secondary sexual characteristics, but stretches for all cages and body tissues. It is possible to speak about two biological beginnings, man`s (M) and female. Both beginnings coexist in each individual: there are neither absolute men, nor absolute women. In other words, at each man and each woman this or that degree of insufficiency of the defining beginning takes place; solves business only prevalence of M over or on the contrary. In this sense each person is bisexual“.

Later Veyninger`s thesis is confirmed with data of endocrinology: in an organism of the man hormones female are produced together with male sex hormones, and in a female organism it is possible to find presence of men`s hormones.

In early years Otto showed the extraordinary intellectual maturity unusual even for the Jewish teenager. In university years and after it studied natural sciences, philosophy and psychology, took courses of mathematics, physics, medicine. In twenty years it the erudite who read everything, seriously interested in music, knowing classic and modern languages existed.

“It seems to me my spiritual powers are that that I could solve in a sense all problems“.

In 1902 22 - summer Otto Veninger publishes the unique book which creates a furor in Europe of that time: “Paul and character. Basic research“.

“The key to female soul, as well as to the physical nature of the woman, lies in her sexuality. Also the man is sexual, certainly. But his sexuality - a makeweight to his personality. Sexuality of the woman it is total. Paul penetrates all its being. There is no other than sexuality; “M“ - sexuality, and which - that else“.

From memories of Otto Veyninger: “It always had such look as if it just descended from the train after a thirty-hour trip: dirty, tired, rumpled. Eternally went with an air of detachment, some curve gait, precisely held an invisible wall, and also his lips under liquid short moustaches …“ &ndash were bent; Stefan Zweig wrote.

And here that his closest friend Arthur Gerber wrote: “Never I saw it laughing, he smiled seldom. But evenings, during joint walks, Otto considerably changed: he as though became higher growth, carried away by conversation, fenced an umbrella or a cane as though he battled against ghosts, and this minute was similar on Hoffman`s character“.

“The same mental contents for man`s and female consciousness take absolutely different form. The man will transform them to clear ideas and logical concepts. At the woman everything remains in a diffusion form, “thought“ and “feeling“ are unseparable; the man is never capable to separate psychologically from sexuality, the woman -“.

The circle of acquaintances of young Otto, most likely, was extremely narrow. There are no data on its relationship with women, any traces of the bride, girlfriend. It seems that he never endured passionate love.

“The woman - a riddle? The man is infinitely more mysterious, incomparably more difficult. It is enough to walk down the street: hardly you will see at least one woman`s face on which it would be impossible to read at once that it expresses. The register of feelings and moods of the woman is so poor!“.

“The woman - the slave to. It is deprived of gift of a reflection and therefore hates excessively reflexing men, finding this occupation fruitless and that it is worse, unworthy the real man. It not in forces to rise over itself, over the sexuality, universalism - a genius condition is not familiar to it. To the woman does not get intellectual conscience. It is meek, disgraceful and false. Concept of honor at the woman the - exclusively female. And the concept of lie and falsity is not familiar to it at all as the woman lies constantly, unintentionally, without understanding that, assured that it tells an honest truth“.

“In the most general sense the man personifies the beginning creating a civilization: in the best samples this being creative, moral, high-gifted. The woman, on the contrary, pulls mankind back, to the dokulturny past, to dark and unconscious sources. Morals, honor, honesty are alien to it. It is incapable of creativity. Man`s will the female inclination resists, to man`s love - female lust, to a man`s formotvorchestvo - female chaos, something shapeless, left unfinished, creeping away … The woman is the plenipotentiary of idea of a coition. Koitus, only koitus - more than anything! The woman`s ideal - the man who entirely turned into a phallus. Original release of mankind is release from the power of the woman - abstention“.

On October 4, 1903, in the house No. 5 on the street of Black Spaniards Vienna, in the room where Beethoven died, the police found decently dressed young man with a bullet wound in heart. He died on the way to hospital. The doctor of philosophy of the Vienna university, 23 - summer Otto Veyninger was the suicide. In the suicide note it was written: “I kill myself not to kill another“.

To the only book of Otto Veyninger “Paul and character. Basic research“ is possible belongs differently. It is possible as most of women concerns to her - that is all heart to be indignant at her and her author, confirming with a paradoxical image theses of the author about indivisibility of thought and feeling of the woman, about impossibility of their transformation to logical and analytical chains, thoughtlessly picking out the emasculated “hated fascist nonsense“ from the book.

It is possible, on the contrary, in the interests, shovinistsk to extol frankly outdated views on almost not spiritualized and kuklopodobny woman of an era of the beginning of the twentieth century, transferring its that low-animated image to an image of the woman modern, a little similar on the prototype of the beginning of the twentieth century.

And it is possible to try, having discharged of razumopomrachayushchy offenses and claims and infinite war of floors, to glance for the escaping sense of those of the words which are burning down the indignant consciousness extraordinary on the intelligence and penetration of thought to the boy - the man which at first moved civilized heaven and earth and then, most likely, and pushed their author to the last line.

Anyway, Veyninger anticipated some researches of hormonal medicine and sexology, drew attention to the intermediate forms of sexuality low-investigated then, created bright research of a phenomenon of genius. And besides, Veyninger managed to give skillfully crisis of the personality, despair of the individual and preexpressionistic moods of the beginning 20 - go centuries.

“About one I ask: do not try to learn too much about me … Perhaps, sometime I will tell you about it …“.