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Let`s remember A. Raikin? Woe from Wit Is not present

, well why clever people always opposite? You met really clever and unobnoxious people? No, not read there. Not erudite. Not talented. Not competent. Not sophisticated. And clever? Though, all from listed, in a varying degree, by some side - a heat of the sun, belong to the category clever, nevertheless in full degree them are not. And though all from listed, in a varying degree, by some side - a heat of the sun, all the same opposite. Such opposite, even most it is opposite.

Costs clever to tell or write validly something clever as surely there is some muck. Sedition. Sneer at respectable people. And if not muck, not sedition, not a sneer, then it seems, as well as it is not really clever, so leaves, I ask you? And very much even in a human way, on - chelovessk. And if at all not muck, and pleasant something, for all, then at all stupidity some sentimental, perhaps?

Here, for example, the person writes about love. Writes loftily about the finest feeling on the earth. And a sadness at it, both triumph of heart, and buttercups - florets. Well, all loftily - loftily so that it is pleasant to esteem. And some clever man comes, and begins to tell about all chemical processes in an organism of the lover moreover and hints that his love is not love at all, and so, a libido some. Or it is even worse: a living space with all conveniences. And the word - that, not our, unclear, will surely twist in conversation. So what will become opposite at once, and it will not want to communicate with it further.

Or here will begin the people to talk about policy, to abuse the authorities. Or, on the contrary, to praise. And clever costs aside, and everything grins about itself. As if knows something most. And then, will take and the muck will tell. It seems, you are sellers - drivers, none of you in policy never were, so, say what to trendet about what you do not know. As if itself knows most. And so will tell how - nibud on - book, haughtily, what will want to it, instead of any there arguments - the facts, at once to stop by in a muzzle. And that did not philosophize, Spinoza.

And about policy it is impossible. And the humour to it “is lower than a belt“, for example. And we did not fly to space, and we give advice. So, already and it is impossible to argue? If you clever, you illuminate the people, explain that to what. And that, see, all nervous went. Not hunting for you time to spend, - say. And so, if you clever, then keep mum better. One never knows, with the mind, on it, mind, also you will receive, the fool. You will be whereas all. As people - the person. So that`s that.