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Winter entertainments of

Ridiculous, amusing, silly, durashlepsky, incomprehensible, habitually idiotic, absolutely nearby - it is only necessary to open eyes, to stop and take a detached view. Ridiculous are ourselves. Our gravity. Our life. We - are also nonsense. Only what we are more senior, the more seriously, the worse at us with sight. Here what piece-)

On a joint of the first abnormally warm half of February when air temperature nervously shot up to +3 +5, and the second, habitually cold when temperature kollapsnut to -18 - 25, at our enterprise, on the habit knurled from Soviet period, began to hold all sporting events. As every single day the sun ascends in the east and sets in the west, and at us, every year, in the same days, strictly, on some unknown sign from above, various relays, runnings and heats begin.

At first, on Friday, directly during return from business trip when morning thaw reached the damp apogee, and around a zaporkhala packs of snow butterflies, impenetrable for an eye, so it did not become visible in the afternoon how at night, and on a piece in 2 - 3 km, being torn through a preoutput stopper on departure from Minsk, to us twelve accidents, by phone appeared in all “beauty“, suddenly “pleased“ us, having reported that tomorrow, on Saturday, we have to participate in ski relay, somewhere on boondocks of our lovely town.

- They there what, from the highest palm tree were missed a bit? - I did not sustain. - Outside +5, neither the winter, nor summer, brings down snow and right there thaws, and to them took in head to rise on skis?

- Geta at them every year at this time a ski track. Just this year the winter a little did not podraschitat, forgot about a ski track - guffawing, Ivan Stepanych, the driver rose.

- And what, it is necessary to go? - I began to doubt in common sense.

- And that. Time the administration to a trebua, means a treba to go - is still cheeful, Ivan Stepanych sparkled gold tooth in my party.

The ski track did not turn out. The administration, with great difficulty, through itself, but nevertheless recognized “irresponsibility“ of weather, and the Saturday rendezvous on an edge cancelled. But not for a long time. Hardly, when already in two days, temperature as on sanochka from a hill flew down to -25, according to the order of the top management, - God forbid not to impair a little indicators, - on a checkpoint hung out the “cheerful“ announcement of two hectares in size, under the original name “Winter Entertainments“, with photos the skiers and skiers who are vigorously walking on the skis on scintillating snow smiling a faultless Hollywood smile.

And now, every time, hurrying somewhat quicker from the bus-stop on more - less heated-up plant, wrapped up from the top to the chilled heels in shaggy dog fur coats, in fur caps, with the lifted collars, we, knocking teeth from cold, we meet a forehead in a forehead these “Winter entertainments“ and we understand: entertainments are inevitable. For certain this Saturday when February breaks a record of 1958 and when temperature fell to -28 degrees Celsius.

We were abused by the director

Us the director abused. Otmutuzil on production conscience as the barin otkhlestat on cheeks of serfs to the Mityok with Kuzka. Spanked as the owner nadavat kicks to Vaske`s cat that ceased to catch mice. Blurted out as the hostess otkhlestat a linen rope on a nape a domestic dog of the Ball.

Came, it was inflated, reddened as cancer and as will bellow, even will nearly burst: why such syaky nobody to me will find the supplier of seroburomalinovy fraction?

What, what? What such fraction? Seroburomalinova. Seroburomalinova? Sure: seroburomalinovy. We silently exchanged glances: well, all right there, would give it hot to us, as usual, for the fact that less clients became. Or for the fact that we do not run to it everyone half an hour with innovative developments how to earn one million. Or we do not say about how to win the markets of pipeline fittings of the whole world. It would be clear. And that is why we cannot find to it the supplier of seroburomalinovy fraction - absolutely upset us. And it is valid why?

But us our chief, on casual coincidence &ndash rescued; as are casual replacing each other day and night - director`s son.

We, grit, we will surely find to you, dear Ivan Ivanych (and calls the father, Ivan Ivanych - here what filial respect), the supplier is most … e - e - e, - how you told there? - ah and: seroburomalinovy dirt … e - e - e, an ekszta of a mu, seroburomalinovy fraction.

And the director does not calm down. Terribly eyes rotates, by blood it was poured. Well, I think, now its kondrashka will be enough.

And where, grit, you to me will find such supplier, and?

And to it, the head of department, on absolutely strange combination of circumstances, his son, grit: and we, grit, we will call, grit, e - e - e … we will call, e - e - e …

of What you low as the telok before milking, is grit by the director, on absolutely extraordinary combination of circumstances, his father. You coil as an eel to whom pinched eggs. You fuss as an elephant with a lock.

And I, grit, to it our chief, I do not low. I so think.

Well, the director, his father grit. And what you think?

And I, grit, our chief, I think that it is necessary to charge this task, it is necessary to charge this task, grit, e - e - e … To Smelchakov, grit.

The good fellow, grit, the director, his father.

I thought, now ours of the chief the next award will be handed. Directly on the place. But it... it was only modestly praised. And me strictly punished to look for the supplier of this most seroburomalinovy fraction.

What to do. Last time forced to look for the supplier of intra hinged carving heads. Now here, supplier of seroburomalinovy fraction. And I have no father of the director. It is necessary to look for and until I find. So that`s that.

Ivan Stepanych, the driver, while we shivered on the way, coming back home, told a cool joke. Such that, on me, hits precisely into a point, displaying characters of people and people.

The Lord summoned Obama, Medvedev and Lukashenko. Also speaks: in ten days a doomsday. Go, misters presidents, and report to the people.

Now attention: the most important in accuracy displaying quintessence, character, both presidents of the countries, and their people.

Obama made the speech from the White House and told: I have dear Americans for you two news. One news good, and other bad. Good - god is. Bad - in ten days a doomsday.

Medvedev made the speech from the Kremlin and told: dear Russians, at me two bad news: the first - god is. The second - in ten days a doomsday.

Lukashenko appeared with the speech on the BT channel and told: dear Belarusians, I have two excellent news to you. The first - god, at last, recognized me as the president. And the second - I will govern to a doomsday.

And morals is as follows: Americans it is realistic are optimistical. At them is both bad, and good. Russians are pessimistic. At them everything is bad, all of them abuse. And Belarusians are compelled in everything, even in the most bad, to see only good. They just have no other exit.