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Role of the woman in the man`s life why to the man the woman of

the Role of the woman in life of any man, to put it mildly, is a little exaggerated. Allegedly extreme importance of this role was able, and at the same time it is banal, it is inflated and propagandized by the state social policy for the sake of one purpose: child-bearing and detovospitaniye. Any country, always needs soldiers, workers and scientists at any time, - if this country wants to be strong and prospering. The human resource, on value costs in the same row, as, for example, resources fossil. The demographic question in the country - one of the most important, is also considered at the highest level, the most serious image. And as - the mother playing a major role in “delivery“ of this human resource for ensuring its viability and education it is necessary for the woman more - less reliable help for this purpose, - it is desirable the man - the husband (not necessarily the child`s father), and any state which is naturally interested in a normal demographic situation pursues policy of deduction of the man near the woman including imposing to it inherence of this role.

While the woman without man stops being the woman, comes to an end, the man without woman, in practice, can stop being the man only in sexual, love aspect. The man is the beginning and the end of the woman first of all her initial and most important role which is foreordained by the nature - is pleasant it to someone or not - to be mother, the continuer of a sort. Take away from it its mission, and you receive anyone - the businesswoman, femme d’art, the amazon - the warrior, - that is it will be continuation of her human, professional or creative essence, but almost always the end of the woman.

The woman realizes it if not mind, then at the subconscious level. Intuitively. From here and so attentive attitude of the woman towards the man, as to the man. From outside it seems that it is anxious with its muskulinnost more than he. Actually, the woman is not concerned about the man at all. She is concerned more by her. From here such strong “lag“ on “the real men“, continuous crying of Yaroslavna “Men became shallow, were gone, sank“, and most as it seems to her, awful charge - ascertaining, for her and for the man - “You - not the man“. (These questions concern men no more, than invasion of a locust in Sudan. And if concern, then, as a rule, through a prism of female opinion). Really, for the vast majority of women, after such “summing up“, the man as the man and as the person, ceases to exist simply. For it not the man - not the person. It, besides, confirms permanent gender orientation of the woman if not in everything, then in many respects precisely. It everything including the man, measures by a certain sexual ruler, a gender template, losing sight of all other parties of a man`s nature. Instinctively being afraid to lose the man in the man, the woman subconsciously is afraid that with loss of the man it will lose in itself the woman. Its “zhenskost“ directly depends on the man. And to lose in itself the woman, means to lose itself all.

The woman - is always more woman than person. Not without reason at all times and at all people, despite of their development or backwardness, the concept “woman“ stood a little independently from the concept “person“. It is possible to speak about a stump of a female body, about the woman - the superperson, bringing to the foreground so significant and important at all times and for all people a form as motherhood. It is possible to belittle, on the contrary, a role of the woman as it, in my opinion, was quite explainable, at many people and at many scientists and philosophers. But the fact remains: the woman, on the natural outline, according to the mental, sincere and physical characteristics a type of the person, initially separate, other than the man.

Unlike such important, but the only vital role of the woman as a child-bearing, the man, on the contrary, combines in himself several roles designated for it and for it by the nature: for example, soldier or creator. And only in some degree, for some time, a role of the lover, husband and father. Any of these forms is not in the man prepotent and permanent, and only additional to the long list of the main roles. At the woman as I already told, all with an accuracy on the contrary. It always and in everything is the woman, and wants to remain it very much. And in it it is right as it will just obey the female nature. As those women are not right that, first of all, rejecting the title mission aside, try to be someone another. For example, businesswoman. Or the careerist in any other area. Professional, creative life of the woman can undoubtedly be not less emotionally painted, rough and successful. The woman can succeed even more man. But, having refused the nature, the leading role, the woman, finally, always loses. Just because throws down a challenge not only the man, but also the female nature.

The woman in the man`s life - only one of sides of his many-sided and multirole destiny. Side, certainly bright, significant and pleasant, but only side. Long moment. Short period. The skilled man understands it. But only skilled. And the man young, being blindly conducted as a telok on a cord, on the social reference points imposed to it contrary to its nature at first it is furious and conscientious tries to play put off to it by society, at the suggestion of the woman, a role. In the beginning he brings the girlfriend - it is so necessary, the young man without girl is allegedly defective. And to be limited to it. But is not present, the social order demands from it, just forces it the fact that it is necessary to marry, make a family, children. And it again, following this social comme il faut, marries, gets children, and tries to be happy, “socially full-fledged citizen“. Over time he understands that attempt to fill the life with a family, to be limited only to this role, fails: with quality of the played role the wife &ndash is dissatisfied; he is dissatisfied. Some and live. Discontentedly. Dissatisfied wives and dissatisfied husbands. Others disperse.

It would be unconditional, incorrect to declare that all families - always unambiguously servitude for the man. At all not. There are quite happy families in which the woman well knows the man, his nature and therefore she does not force him, requiring all attention to it and a family, and, having received from it that, natural, it has enough mind and wisdom “to lag behind“ it, to provide it to itself.

In pre-revolutionary times and which - where and later, in houses of provided families, there were always offices where the husband and the head of family worked. Whether he wrote, invented or practiced, but some part of time of day the man was provided to the other roles. Presently, in most cases, the man of such opportunity to grind other sides of precious diamond of the life has no everyday density and household disorder. And if the woman has enough “and so“, to be constant in a family, with children, and, of course, with the husband, - “in the husband“, I would tell, - it is natural to it, prirodno and seldom restrains its female nature because the woman, in the majority, - also is a family, the husband and children, then such state of affairs far does not suit the man`s nature. Some men who lived and skilled, realize it and try to change something. Others, young, feel it at the level of the physiology, suffer and suffer, though do not understand in all volume what happens to them. The last, being guided by social reference points - installations, try to break, re-educate themselves, and, having failed, sometimes until the end of life, go in losers, executing themselves.

In a family whatever it was, small or big, provided or not really, the woman always as at home. The woman - is also a family. Children, diapers, borsches, cleaning. It is its ancestral lands. Its kingdom. The man in a family - it is frequent as on a visit. And not because it is “bad“. But because the man is a work, business trips, wars, opening, flights in space, travel to the Mariana hollow. And only then family. Or “and family“. It is its nature. And it should be understood. To break it through a knee, demanding continuous “presence“, a constant involvement into affairs family, filling with itself, the woman, all its being - to break his life. To mock at its nature. Also as it is true and sure, on a brick, to build also own misfortune.