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In total exactly

to us were declared Yesterday … is not present, sarafan spies, on big - to a very big secret informed that our chief, Pyotr Sergeyevich, he is Sergeyevich, he is Petya, he Parsley for especially devoted, leaves … or it is dismissed … well, leaves us.

At first went - some awful - preuzhasny rumors wandered: “and you know?“, “sh - sh - sh, and you?“, “and here I heard“, “and here I“, “and here we“, “sh - sh - sh, and here I to you that I will tell“ and to that similar authentic data “first-hand and lips“, wandered on our desks, up and down, from a reception in shots, from shots in sale, from sale in supply, and further, under the ceiling and back, to the cellar.

Me to admit while we worked together, was all the same: there is Petya, Petya is absent. In my questions it was too incompetent, and of it I was too independent. The most valuable in it is mute as the chief for me there was the fact that he did not touch me. The previous chief, Gogi`s stervets, was excessively vjedliv, matematichen and is haughty. And I, because of the youth - a zelenost, was excessively naive, inattentive, bystroutomlyay. And now Petya was out of work, and I was as in the sea a sailing vessel in autonomous swimming. It is free as wind.

On the way to work, we went to that morning together. I and Irka.

- Weather - that what. Not winter, not summer - as there were few general subjects, in English, about weather, I started talking.

- Yes. Everything thawed. Mud around.

- Listen and what Parsley leaves? Nobody plainly knows - suddenly, itself I know for what, I threw a switch.

- And I how much I know. Yes I exactly … to

to me for some reason became feel ill at ease all from it “all exactly“. “All exactly! Izh you!“.

- Wrong it. The person worked with us three years, and now leaves, and to us all the same. There was a person, the person …

&ndash was not; And me that what care? - Irka diligently bypassed pools not to splash with dirt the coquettish boots. - There was it neither fish nor fowl. Too soft. And then, concerns me more who will come to its place. Will send some swine. And suddenly we will not work well together?

All next day I thought of the person who did not occupy my thoughts more than for ten minutes a day before. About Pyotr Sergeyevich. About the chief. About the boy Petya who worked with us three years and now for some reason left.

What it was? Excessively nervous? In a boyish way naive? Sometimes just silly. Often decent. Was afraid of the chief. Never shouted. Did not swear. Humiliated nobody. And when some cheese rose - pine forest, somehow it was a pity similar on wet lop-eared a cocker - a spaniel.

Just imagine, the person worked with us side by side three years, and we did not know why he left, and did not even want to know. If we were also concerned by this question, then only in aspect “and who will come to its place?“.

In the evening when already as in winter early darkened, and the people began to bustle to a checkpoint, I saw Pyotr Sergeyevich last time. It was somehow is lost oars. I tried to guess, read out information from its aura, - if it is possible so to speak, - to understand that he felt then. In his gait to me it was guessed also an elastic presentiment of again found freedom of the person who dumped from himself let for a while, a yoke of duties, a debt and responsibility. At first it seemed to me happier, than usually. And at the same time, in the untimely turns of his clumsy head, in the parties going nearby and to a trace to it the awkward grief and pity wetted through Cocker - a spaniel was felt.

The person passed, having slightly touched my destiny. Touched it, softly and carefully more true. Did not leave marks. Did not leave tracks. Quietly appeared, quietly left. There was a person, and there is no person. It is a pity only that to us from it there was “all exactly“.