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Conversations with the uneducated neighbor happy New Year, country!

- I to you, the road a sosedushka, will tell now how I met the most well-loved by the Russian person a holiday New Year. And the thirty first, I, so to sleep went to bed early. Did not begin to wait for midnight, laid down hours in eleven. I do not love it: champagne there, “Russian salad“, half-drunk congratulations. And at daybreak already, hours in five, jumped from the fact that as it seemed to me, on an attic something banged. Fell a cropper. I in the sleep, jumped, so and I think: what at me on an attic with such roar could fall down? Yes could do nothing. There is nothing of that kind there. And in seconds ten I hear shouts on the street. You know how women in villages once in shout lamented when the trouble happened. And so and this time. Shouts, lamentations. And all near so. You, by the way, heard nothing? Is not present? Well, you is far from this place. Means, I think and that it? I run out on the street. And it is dark, even to dawn does not think. The crowd gathered in the yard of the neighbor, and all people from where - that run, run. It at five in the morning, on the first of January - that, you represent? Well, and I was selected closer. I have a presentiment of bad. Absolutely bad. I look, and there the foreign car up wheels. And whether steam, whether a smoke is above it. I jerked there. Well, to help. Though it is honest, there was nothing to help. On snow, so five corpses. Frankly, because any did not move. Two adults, and three it seems so, children still.

I look at the uninvited guest, and involuntarily I think about myself: well, what you were secured, the grandfather? The first when both the head with a hangover, and there is no mood, and at all … His story touches me not at all. You will think, accident. Yes them, in one our city and its vicinities this night about ten was. I if to take in country volumes? Thousands! And what, me now to mourn them on the first of January, together with the neighbor it is necessary? But the neighbor sits, does not hurry to leave. I understand, it needs to be uttered. It at us already like tradition: he is the philosopher who is generously pouring out on me the thoughts, I am his vest. The benefit, I am a patient and hospitable owner. Even to those who come on a visit uninvited, in the morning on the first of January.

- This foreign car, so did not fit into turn. There, we have, just, a route and turn sharp. You know. Well, this kamikaze also did not fit in. Or rather, even did not try to fit in, and flew at a full speed, at first in an iron fence, and then to the yard. And it is far, I will tell you, flew. In the glyb. Meters on thirty. Turned over, I so understand, several times, and up wheels and landed. Before, just where his passenger sat, soft-boiled. I do not know which of them sat there, but who would not be there, for certain remained brainless.

- You know, I am not a boy already, with death it was necessary to be known, but I, have a look, and there … on snow five bodies … five rag dolls even, but not bodies. So I felt ill at ease that knees began to shake at me, as at the young child. Because cannot and the person should not accept such death. Antigumanno it. Not in a human way. And on - devilishly.

- At the woman who sat in forward place I so understood, so present … the head was whether is injured so, whether cut, but only so that the brain was seen. And it was killed on one side, as at that chicken. And that was remembered, it is color of a naked brain: purpurno nacreous. Nearly with beautiful, such opyaneyushche mystical, outflow, at bright light of the moon.

- But that the most terrible, you think, it, my dear, was still living. Eyes are widely open, lips are moved all the time, and legs small so small shiver under the lifted-up dress. Lies there, moves lips as if she says that …

- Well, longer I there … it became good. Not well. “Ambulance“ arrived quickly, victims were shipped and taken away. There arrived the militia. The brake way is absent, the driver was drunk, at the neigbour gate, talk for a week … before the following accident are destroyed. By the way, for the last year, to the neigbour already the second time to the yard fly.

The story of the neighbor, gave menyav feeling meanwhile. The description of the dying woman with the cut-out head and a nacreous brain, got also into my pervoyanvarsky brain meanwhile, and I recovered absolutely. Went made tea, put on a table of candy, and again sat down opposite to the old man. I well knew it, and knew also that on the sentimental description of accident it will not stop. The morals, dry, even cynical, will not keep itself waiting for the summary of a bloody event long.

The old man took a sip from a cup tea, developed caramel, thoughtfully looked at it as if asking the price, put back in a wrapper, ineptly wrapped edges and as if unwillingly returned into place:

- And now think of what was in the heads of these five people which face God with a guilty type of school students at present - overages. Present, a New Year`s holiday, honourable family in full collecting on a visit at some relatives. “Russian salad“, “Herring under a fur coat“, marinated mushrooms, vodka … Eh, darling vodka. To twelve all noisy company was already fine poddaty. And there an hour or so more, still small bottle, one more. And hour in four mornings, noting climbed up in the head to come back home. And can still where. To what relatives and acquaintances to come. New Year! Walk Russia - the mother! Drink, light at full speed! Both all honourable and tipsy family gets hardly, but at the same time in full confidence of the invulnerability, into a car, and starts on a way back, on the slippery road … No, it is interesting to me what was in the heads of all these people? They there, for certain, were the whole company. Whole great lot of adult sane people? And here, one get at night, drunk into the car to go on the slippery road, and others allow them to sit down, and release in a kind way … in a final journey …

- What each of them thought about what he it thought when he got into the car with the drunk driver, at five in the morning on the first of January? Bukhy completely the husband, the tipsy wife, three children, from which two, at least, full age. Why at one of them the mechanism “with the drunk driver-never and anywhere“ did not work?

- And I will tell you, dear neighbor that all of them thought. And they approximately thought same

that almost each of us thinks: will carry by, not about me the narration, all fools, and I am

clever. Thought the same that my son when last week he put

the daughter, my granddaughter, on a front seat and without belt thought. I to it: where you, such -

syaky put it. And it: nothing daddy, start up the child pleasure will derive, I to her still will allow to drive

. Let gets used. And vzhik - stole. It adult now.

Clever. And I am a fool.

It stops. Takes candy, that that already took earlier, develops, but one more thought runs on its furrowed with wrinkles is working - to a country forehead, and he almost hurries to state what I will fish in a second did not dare to tell:

- Also you know, I when was there, with all these dead persons, caught myself on thought, bad for any normal person. On thought disgusting just. On what does not feel sorry for them for me. You understand, sensation of fear, horror from all this krovishcha, and even more from all this terrible nonsense was, and here in myself I did not find pity. I do not know, perhaps, I am not right. But we got used to find words of a justification for frank fools, idlers, drunkards. We justify defects and by that we encourage them. And the person, especially the person of Russian, it is necessary to keep a tight rein and not to lower to it. Only then he can remain a person. And as soon as you will give an easy time, you will regret it, you will forgive as it immediately to turn into a pig to strive. If this Schumacher was deprived for a year of the rights if brought to trial for threat of life of citizens, then, I think, nothing similar occurred. And so. Eh …

the Old man waved a hand, obviously upset and the conclusions, and what he happened to endure last night, wearily rose from a chair, and slowly started wandering to himself. I, thought minute - another of his words, called Kolyan. We with it were going to drive for shish kebabs its car. Kolka, after yesterday`s, hardly knitted a bast, and I thought how we will go. To go it was, however, not far, to the neighboring village where we have to be waited. But the feeling of triumph from the come holiday got the best, and I, having taken since evening pickled meat, two bottles of “Smirnovka“, and also couple of bottles of a domestic wine, jerked to the meeting place. New Year, after all!