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How to provide profit markup, almost without doing anything?

Are the known effect which can be useful to the businessman. If we incessantly pay the attention to something, it grows for several percent even if we do not make any efforts - only we keep in the field of attention.

In the first half of the 20th century the so-called Hawthorne effect became known. Scientists investigated influence of various innovations on efficiency of collectors of the relay in the town of Hotorn. Also it turned out that labor productivity grew as in group which entered various benefits (illumination of a workplace, a separate office for group), and in group which parameters watched, but no improvements by it were entered.

Just is not enough for many businessmen for profit markup to keep profit in the field of attention, but spread out to the multipliers making it. Multipliers these simple: Profit = Chisloposetitelya * Conversion (percent of bought) * Sredniychek * Chastotnostpokupok * Marginality (margin) .

Therefore council such is - for increase of profit begin to watch each of parameters as well as profit. Competent business - the consultant, having looked at schedules of these parameters will be able easily to see the reasons hampering the growth of your business. As the profit is made of these multipliers, they also will help with fight for growth.

We will pay attention to the first. For control of number of visitors in the Internet - business the counter is realized by the programmer, and in real retail business - counters of visitors are used. The simply and cheap ($10) - manual, the manager or the seller just presses the button at appearance of the following possible buyer. Counters are more expensive ($100) - independent counters with the screen displaying number gone to both parties. Even more expensively ($300) - the counters considering also the direction of the passing person. Well and the most expensive (from $600) - these are working from several IK - chambers clever counters with a high percent of accuracy of definition.

So, you already installed the counter and watch number of visitors. However not all buy. At the end of the day by the number of the checks which are beaten out in a day it is possible to count conversion = Chislochekov / Chisloposetitelya. Sredniychek = Revenue / Chislochekov.

Rate of purchases. To take this parameter under control it will turn out only with introduction of any identification of the buyer. Or this program definition on the person, or too program, but according to number of its discount card. For footwear rate depends mainly on a season (otsenochno 1 purchase of times a year on the person), just for decoration - from the term of its service (1 in 5 years), and here for cafe there is no seasonal dependence and this parameter depends only on loyalty of the client. That is this parameter not for all types of business matters.

Marginality. As the margin on various types of goods can be different, this multiplier sometimes cannot be allocated in the separate observed characteristic.

At you practically everything is ready for business growth. Now any marketologichesk experiments, advertizing, actions and other actions for increase in profit will be under fixed control of all parameters. And on change of these control values you will be able to judge whether in the correct direction you develop business. Ordered advertizing on TV, but the number of visitors did not change - you draw a conclusion. Entered system doprodazh and bonuses to sellers, and the average check &ndash grew; you draw a conclusion.

Business - these are not casual people who bring in you the casual income. Business - it is system at which surely there has to be both a science, and modern technologies.