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What exist At - dream Signs?

Reading, studying for more than ten years of books, articles, lectures of authors whom I consider as the Teachers and meetings with people of different social steps whom I also rank as number of the mentors the reflections, conclusions saved for these lived years began to change me, my perception of the world. Sil Zhizni softly and easily lifted me up to the heights of human activity taking the breath away, and equally well safely lowered on the earth. If to look at this process from the point of view of personal history, then the perspective, promising young man with brilliant education and prestigious service inevitably turns into the criminal - the recidivist. Than not a roller coaster? The feelings arising at these height differences, feelings I tried many years rather carried in myself desire, to transfer to thoughts and to dress in words. As it was made here, thanks to assistance and moral support of the beautiful person, the professional of the business - the psychologist of penal system Zinina Natalya Nikolaevna. Having read the above-stated essay, having commented on it, having introduced some amendments, she suggested me to write further.... Having given to my bumagotvorchestvo incentive and interest. And so - we come back to a subject.

At - dream Signs When we tell

about dream, - what images and thoughts arise of us in the head? Truly - material prosperity, wellbeing, in all spheres of human activity including a happy family and healthy children. And we see all this in beautiful and different color scales. Notice, practically all of us in these images have no hard physical work.

Somehow the illustrated brochure of one of Christian religious trends caught sight to me. On it God`s pictures of a kingdom - people with small children, and different races were represented, animals, predators, birds - everything coexist in the world and harmony against the fine, rich and behaving violently nature.

The person initially aspires to light, harmonious with - to existence with the World. The severe conditions of life existing now are generated by people, low level of outlook and respectively a mentality.

So who has material prosperity and wellbeing? Who realizes the dream? Answers can be different, and arguments will be given ambiguous. If all conditions given by you to reduce to simple concepts, then they take shape of the words “success“, “good luck“.

“Only successful and successful people are capable to achieve in life of everything and to materialize the dream“, - I will tell, tell you. And somewhere we will be right because who will perform then the dirtiest and physically hard work if all are successful and successful. We put in these concepts and luck (by the way what such luck?) and influential friends, rich relatives and lot of other attributes of success and luck.

in principle, is difficult not to agree with such statements; try to tell that the miner, with risk for life going down in mine or the worker stacking hot asphalt on the road successful and successful people.... At best will ridicule you, in the worst... with pleasure will walk on your genealogy, with use of terms of physiological requirements. And, by the way, the author does not refer himself to category of the called people so far.

So far....

For now these properties and qualities of the elite somewhere there is far, at others, or show in TV series and write in books. Thus, I separate myself from the world of the elite, from the world of successful and successful people.

But can do everything - there are these at - dream signs in my life? In some trifles, in life situations and circumstances the success and good luck sometimes smile to me. Just I quickly forget about them; oppression of daily cares and household problems effectively beat out these propitious moments from memory. Or at everyone the concepts of good luck and success?

In the following chapter I will try to show and open the vision of these concepts, these at - dream signs (signs which say that our dream is achieved) in the considered concept.

the Success and success

Successful usually call by
the people who achieved in the life of those heights of which the simple average person can only dream. It both bankers, and musicians, artists, sculptors, actors, businessmen.

I Will try to open an essence of the word “success“ in the understanding and a chuvstvovaniye.

Success... at and spekh. “Spekh“ in a root has “ïåõ“, conformable about “pitch“, “ïåø“, “ïàø“...

These root words cause in me associations with the movement, walking, work, the current process. Look - on foot, the infantry, a plowed land, an arable land, the baker, the furnace, a pawn to dismount, hurry.

we will try to take the derivative floor from “success“ Now - “was in time“. Here the letter “l“ as well as in other words, symbolizes completeness of action, process. For example: was in time, kept up, he is ripe, ripened, came etc. We bring the summary, digestible and clear for us, out of all this verbal jumble now.

In - the first, “success“ means continuous work, the advance process connected with creation and self-education (and as differently). I feel “at“ process “with“ creation.

In - the second, as a result of this work I appear “at“ the “ripe“, “ripened“ phenomenon. Fruits “ripened“, “kept up“ for their use....

Perhaps, the word “work“ will cause in you some discomfortable feelings, drawing images of the tired peasant plowing the field, or the worker, with the last bit of strength stacking asphalt. Here will be to give quite appropriate favourite a proverb of one Master: “What mind - such is life“.

Thus, successful person it not only fanfares, glory and honor. It is everyday work on creation of the World, the every second choice between contrasts, responsibility for the made decisions and the acts, actions. This Advance (it is better pesh - a lump, - it is useful for health). Success is a continuous process of creation of the World.

Pronounce the word “success“ aloud, experience it. And you will see its extent in time and space. whether

Can call all creation of God surrounding us successful?

Interesting is represented to me reading the word “pekh“ at the left - to the right - “õåï“. In English there is a good word “happy“ - “happiness“. You notice conformable similarity, and being on the tip of the tongue? A conclusion arises with itself - the successful person who is in process of creation and development - happy!

Happiness - now - with - part.... This person - is hour in time and space here and now, it is uniform with the Universe, together with part makes Uniform. This happiness! In ordinary life where we look for happiness? In the past, in the future, but not in the present. In the past we look for as we were happy, in the future as we` will be happy. In the present all not so. Here thus the person splits himself on part, separating from Coexistence, running on a vicious circle from the past in the future and vice versa, generating fears, regrets, offenses. And the whole world joins in this mad run, looking for desired keys fortunately. An exit one, - to descend from this squirrel wheel, to dismount (with an accent on “å“), to descend for the earth. To leave this senseless bustle and slowly pyokhy to go on Road of Life, realizing every instant, presented to us by Essence. Other understanding of feeling of happiness I see

in the movement of this word - “with“ “part“. The person merges with object of the interest, it becomes uniform from one of part of Existence. And when, - attention, - borders between the person disappear and object of interest - the researcher feels inexpressible feelings and feelings... Probably our ancestors also tried to explain it, giving this feeling the name “happiness“.

Cannot wait to give to me east wisdom sounded by one of Teachers in the book which sense that in the east speshnost - to hurry means to do something slowly, but is continuous. In this vision the well-known proverb “being in a hurry one can make people laugh“ gets absolutely other, value, other semantic loading opposite to the general opinion. To dismount, descend from the general fussing distance; measuredly, on foot, i.e. continuously, slowly to do itself, to build life. And the bulk involved in run will laugh at you. Can therefore, only units from all number of the people inhabiting our remarkable Earth become successful and successful.

Good luck and luck

I will ask
a question At once: Whether “The successful person is successful?“. To a large extent - yes. Good luck accompanies courageous, successful people, presenting them with pleasant, unexpected gifts and surprises. In general, the word “good luck“ causes in me feeling of ease, surprise; is associated with gifts, luck, definition of in the right place and in due time. Whether so it? I will carry out the analysis, having spread out this word on stones (to - stat, to - stat).

“Good luck“ - “at“ “dacha“. The dacha - to allow - to distribute - distribution - to give. The letter “at“ designates finding of object at something. At giving - at distribution. Existence distributes gifts from the bounties and abundance. And in certain time for receiving these gifts I also call stay of the person in a certain place good luck. Someone is lucky constantly, to someone it is rare.

That such luck?

How to build the life that good luck always pursued me? Here, with your permission, I will enter you into digression of the sacred writing. Not I will call specifically some writing, but an essence of this truth is as follows: “what you will seed, you will reap“. It was said about meaning of life above, and about how our thoughts and feelings influence our life. Our today`s feelings are our tomorrow`s thoughts which turn into situations and circumstances of our life the day after tomorrow.

the Universe presents us the gifts disinterestedly, from the surplus. And we?

Time avaricious somehow heard that lives on the earth of people even more avaricious, than he. Avaricious decided to move off in its searches. And here late night it reached the house of this person. He glanced in a window and saw how the host fastened a match of an oil lamp and at poor light checks the day expenses, something writes and crosses out. As it appeared, it did not have one kopek, and he did not know what he spent it for.

Avaricious was knocked at a door. The owner opened it and invited the guest to the house, and itself began to consider again. Avaricious asked the owner:

- Why you so strongly fastened a lamp match?

- to reduce a kerosene consumption.

the Guest marveled avarice of the owner and, having taken off trousers, sat down on a bed.

Dawn already came, and the host everything checked the expenses. And here he raised the head from the records and noticed that the guest sits without trousers.

- Hey, you why took off trousers?

- And how? If I in them stay too long, then they will wear out.

the Owner was struck with these words and told: - Yes you are even more avaricious than me! I save kerosene in a lamp and each kopek, and you are even afraid to sit down once again not to wear out trousers.
you Want to be

successful - disappeared all what you have! Disappeared, give disinterestedly! Here, in my opinion, key to good luck. Dari in all sincerity. Gifts are distributed by creating! The creator gives! And you is constant at “distribution“ of the Creator, the Universe.

we Will return again to a question which I asked myself at the beginning of the head. Yes, the successful person - he is successful! Receiving fruits of the creative activity, the successful person with love and pleasure shares them with the World and receives the additional bonus from Existence confirming the existing principle of abundance and prosperity for it. Look at

around - success and luck literally fill the outside world: one thrown grain to the earth gives shoots with several grains, one seed gives life to a tree, fructifying in tens of fruits. Unless it is not success, unless it is not good luck - to seed one and to receive as a present a little?!

Thought that there is a luck?

From the word “carry“, it “is lucky“. Right? Who whom is lucky

and where?

of the Person is lucky a Great World Current because the person in harmony with It, it does not resist It; the person in pleasure and pleasure, completely relying without fear and doubt on will to these Currents, literally on its wave smoothly carries itself to the Great Ocean!

So, misters, be always on a wave, in harmony with yourself and the Universe. Then the success and good luck will always accompany you!

I at the end of this chapter would be desirable to notice one curious nuance concerning good luck and dream.

Who such loser?

Of course, the one who for some reasons appeared not - at - distributions of gifts of the Universe. Let`s consider analog of this word in English - “loser“. The loser, the social term famous for much to us according to the American movies. “Loser“ is translated into Russian as which “lost“ “loss“ - to lose - to lose.

What was lost by the person?

of Ability, work, money, intelligence? He lost the dream!

its ship in series of storm and storms lost a mast - dream.

I became a weak-willed vessel, aimlessly wandering in Boundlessness now.

do not lose dream!

If at you and the seventh pancake a lump - to hell pancakes, bake lumps!!!