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Why he threw you? Seven most widespread mistakes which are made by girls in the relations of

Probably are not present on light of the girl who at least once would not feel pain from the failed relations in life. The majority for certain will agree with me that “time in life“ sounds is very exaggerated. As a rule, in life of the average girl it occurs much more often. the Habit to leave so grows together with

with ourselves that very much often such result of any novel seems the inevitable final. However if it is your scenario, then you should not put an end all man`s half of mankind ahead of time and to write down hasty yourself to the monastery. We talked to young people who left the girls recently, and on the basis of their answers made a top - 7 reasons shedding light on, apparently, eternal women`s issue: “Why he threw me?“

1. Because she did not hear me.

It is banal, but the fact. This reason became one of the most widespread. We often are so dissolved in ourselves and the feelings that simply we forget about feelings and interests of other person. Admit to yourself how many time you took offense at it, without reflecting in what the reasons of its acts are covered?

“My girl was beautiful in every sense this word. I could not rejoice on our relations and thought that I at last met destiny. But, unfortunately, so was only at first - until she did not forget that in couple harmoniously there have to be two persons, but not one. She began to solve everything itself, even without asking my opinion. Plans for the weekend, on holiday, for the evening - in anything she was not interested in my opinion. She considered understood the fact that I have to make any its decisions. When I tried to explain to her that it is not correct, she took offense at me. I long suffered until I once, having woken up in the morning, suddenly realized that I ceased to feel near it the man. As a result, I ceased to want to be with it. Left, and now I am enemy number 1 in her environment. Still all consider there that I just threw it one morning“. (Kirill, 21 years)

2. Because she ceased to appreciate my relation. At first everything is healthy

. Konfetno - the buketny period, gifts and signs of attention cause a storm of emotions, and these emotions feed the arising relations, give them strength to increase roots. But gradually everything calms down. The storm is succeeded by a calm. There comes the moment when everything that between you occurs, begins to be perceived as self-evident. And this moment often becomes critical.

“I very much was in love with it. She subdued me with what pleasure accepted any my gift. I am man of means and did not get used to that even simple silver ear rings caused so much happiness as if this necklace from Cartier in the girl. I saw that it needs me, but not my money. But there was time, and everything began to change. She started anew to demand from me expensive gifts. And then even expensive gifts of steel for it indispensable condition of the relations. She accepted that life in which I shipped it, and ceased to appreciate my acts. Left. Now I am married to the girl with whom we together 7 years. Still it accepts any my sign of attention with children`s delight and the sea of happiness“. (Andrey, 30 years)

3. Because for it there was nothing intimate.

the fine saying Is: “Friendship friendship, and service service“. It is possible to tell and differently: “Friendship friendship, and love love“. All of us, of course, love the girlfriends. But surely the zone inaccessible even has to be it. It is a zone of our personal relations with our men. It`s not just that being too closely involved in your private life other girlfriend can try to introduce the amendments in it, but also that men sometimes to horror are irritated by excessive awareness of girlfriends on our private life.

“My girlfriend had a girlfriend Valya who literally lived with us the third in the apartment. Valya had no private life, and it to arrange all my attempts to it failed. Valya was so silly that any of my friends did not want to continue with her communication after the first appointment. My girl worshipped Valya. When I came from work, she almost always sat at us. Sometimes it could proceed until late at night, and I had to go to sleep to one, without having waited for the darling. Quarreled from - for it constantly, and she always supported the girlfriend. Once learned that her girlfriend tells the general friends of a detail of our sexual life. Set a condition - either I, or she. Chose it. And cuckoo year together. And I became “goat“ and “freak“. (Igor, 25 years)

4. Because there was too much jealousy.

Jealousy - an immemorial stumbling block of all relations. In the dosed quantities it is even useful - brings a perchinka note. But when it becomes too much, it turns into the tsunami capable to demolish everything on the way. Sometimes such tsunami also the relations fall into clutches, in general.

“As soon as we began to live together, she decided that I am its property now. Controlled each my step, once I was late at work for half an hour, at once arranged by hysterics phone. Suspected me of sexual collaboration with fellow workers (not important at the same time how many to them years), with the secretary, girlfriends of the secretary, casual fellow travelers on the plane, and even with own girlfriends. Began to feel in her eyes as some sexual maniac who all the time looks for the next victim. Left because was tired to prove that I am not a camel. Began to meet my colleague who soon left it for the same reason“. (Arseny, 29 years)

5. Any love - one continuous maternal instinct.

Too widespread problem, peculiar, generally to the young ladies already morally ready to posterity, but so far its not having. We forget that the man in a family is a hope and a support, and we begin to treat him as to the unreasonable kid. And the mothers are available for men, such behavior from a fine half of mankind begins them to irritate only. If in time not to stop - the man can be lost.

“My girl Vika pushed away me from herself excessive care. Itself did not think that it is possible. So far did not face it. It seemed to it that I without it can make nothing: neither to rise for work, nor to come from work, nor it is correct to put on on weather, nor to eat properly. She began to forbid me to eat some products, including their as harmful and considering that she has the right to forbid me. Began to forbid me to smoke and go on Fridays to the bar with friends. And all this became in such categorical tone that sometimes it seemed to me that I returned back to school and I communicate with the mother. It the truth very much was pleasant to me, but on such wave did not last out more than two months - left. Sincerely tried to explain to her why, but she, unfortunately, so understood nothing“. (Anton, 23 years)

6. Because I was for it everything.

Yes, and as it appeared, happens rather often too. Caring for the man and for family life, you should not forget also the fact that it should not turn into the only business of your life. The woman who too dissolves herself in the man … does not become interesting to it.

“Olya was a beautiful girl. Everything did for me, every day new dishes for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, never argued with me, in everything it agreed, satisfied any my requests from the first and remembered forever … Generally, fairy tale, but not the girl. But the paradox is that in a month of such “fantastic“ life I was ready to howl with boredom and a lack of emotions. Left“. (Stas, 28 years)

7. Because she behaved as the man in a skirt.

A it is already other extreme of the previous problem. When the girl forgets that she is a girl, and undertakes mission of the man. It contradicts the man`s nature and therefore in this situation the relations become the most short.

“My friends cannot still understand why I threw it. Also will not understand until get into such situation. Anjelica worked in major law firm and earned more me. From the first days of our relations she undertook a role of the man - bought to me things, paid at restaurants … I tried not to allow to it to pay off, but she very much insisted. Then it, without having let me know, bought the vacation package and dragged me to have a rest. To feel like the gigolo against the will - not the best feeling. Left, and she did not understand too why“. (Gleb, 30 years)

Here such deal of the most common causes why they us all - throw us. If to reflect, reefs weight. Now, in any case, at girls occupation will be more interesting, than to be engaged in self-flagellation concerning the next failed novel. Cool down better and quietly analyse the mistakes not to repeat them subsequently.