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Where to run away from a heat? Days off in mountains of

there was it long ago: in antecedents, in other state. Business was in August - in the city there was a heat about 40 degrees and so there was a wish for a cool. Exit one: to go for the weekend to mountains. We decided to go with the girlfriend to my relatives. I Admit to

, now I would not act this way: without having called, without having warned the uncle - sure that will be accepted. Now, before going, I will specify: whether it is possible to them on a visit and with the girlfriend. And suddenly they are out or they are busy, or still something? Then people were simpler and “still something“ did not come to mind: we went, came on a visit when takes in head, without the permission. I had a justification: there are a lot of relatives and though someone will be able to accept us for couple of days.

The road to mountains, to that town, picturesque and at good weather time flies imperceptibly - became notable more cool. The bus arrived to the destination in time. At about noon we entered a gate of the house of my uncle. And in the house there was some collecting.

- Who arrived to us? - the aunt was surprised. - And we gather here...

She reflected for a minute and waved a hand.

- And went with us.

- Where you gathered? Perhaps we prevented, then we will go to other uncle.

- Did not prevent, your uncle earns additionally at pump station in the summer. We want to live couple of days, as at the dacha there.

- At the dacha? At you the house as giving: air, water, the vegetables and fruit.

The town is located in the lowland, around - mountains. In the summer not really hot - from mountains cool wind always blows.

- Went with us, there on the place we will decide how many days we will remain.

- We only for couple of days.

- Perhaps and we for couple of days.

The house was approached by the vilis car, into it got the aunt with daughters and we with the girlfriend. “Willis“ is a SUV of those years. Several kilometers we went on the asphalted or almost asphalted road, is farther on “the road of the racer“ - so in the childhood the road without asphalt was called by my younger brother. There were also such sites where there was no hint on the road. The driver, the young guy by the name of Gago, had to me the relative.

- An eider, you so surely go, there is no road.

- The car knows the road.

The uncle in the house was with the workmate. The house where my uncle lived and worked, was two-storeyed: the first floor was occupied by all necessary equipment, the top floor was a vein, the pump in the yard. The small territory around the house and the pump was fenced with the metal gauze of two-meter height.

- And a grid what for? - I Asked.

- From wolves, likely, - the girlfriend assumed.

- Here and bears are found, - the aunt inserted.

- At me the gun is, - the uncle added.

Men got into the car and left for fishing. The big room served as kitchen and the dining room above: there was a sofa, a table and chairs. Time flew quickly: talk, lunch. Gago returned, drank with us tea.

- When you will go behind them? - the aunt asked Gago.

- At three o`clock in the morning they will wait for me.

- I will go with you, - tone, peremptory, the aunt told.

- And to us it is possible? - I thrust.

- It is possible, - the aunt surely told, - go to sleep, I will wake you.

In the small room there were two beds: on one the uncle`s daughters, on another - we with the girlfriend settled. In mountains it is well slept, but I tried not to oversleep. We were dressed when we were quietly called by the aunt.

Night in mountains is something surprising: if there is no moon, utter darkness, and in the sky billions - is not less stars! In August stars fall - manage to make wishes.

In such darkness, on off road terrain - as Gago was not lost driving? About three o`clock in the morning we drove up to the small river. Gago left headlights included. Glasses of the car were slightly lowered - a pleasant cool and silence.

- Here bears are found, lift glasses better, - the aunt told us and added. - An eider, drive in water.

- All right, - Gago agreed, but crafty smiled.

“Willis“ drove in water. The silence was broken by noise of the mountain small river fighting about stones. Boom - boom - boom - as if someone big stamps a plod.

- As if the bear walks on water, - the aunt told.

- Bears love fish and catch her, - as if Gago accidentally said.

- Come out to the coast, - the aunt quickly told.

Here all of us did not sustain and burst out laughing.

- The aunt, you are afraid of a bear? You think, he will get into the car?

- They are absent more than an hour, - the aunt broke silence a little bit later.

- They left down the river and how far, we do not know, - Gago quietly told.

- How we will see them? - the aunt was not appeased.

- They have with themselves a lamp.

- Rise above uphill, maybe, from here light of a lamp is not visible.

Gago started the car, we went somewhere above and stopped. After a while far below we saw the light. Gago gave a signal to them headlights, they answered. We returned to water. Fishermen approached in half an hour.

- What you are so long? - the aunt reproached.

- Hours forgot to take, - the uncle laughed the matter off.

We returned to the house and have a little a sleep. Woke up from a smell of fried fish. The river trout which grew in a pure mountain stream is very tasty.

- There is nothing to do, boringly, - after a breakfast the aunt told.

- Now we will go to a dairy farm behind cheese, - the uncle told.

The farm was nearby, we went on foot. On a farm showed us process of preparation of cheese. Seated us with the girlfriend at the table on which there was a newly-baked unleavened wheat cake, and brought a big plate of cream - the tablespoon in it stood. Everything smelled so delicious. I was tormented by a question: whether it is possible for me after fish there is cream? Already there was a feeling of hunger, I looked at the watch - passed more than an hour, in mountains the food is digested quicker. We with the girlfriend ate this plate of cream with an unleavened wheat cake with pleasure.

From there we went for walk and met the shepherd on a horse with a flock of sheep. The uncle asked the shepherd to take for a drive us on a horse. The shepherd put me on a horse, took her for uzdets and went - the horse obediently followed him. I rode not for long - there were many persons interested to take my place. And photos are - the girlfriend had a camera. Pictures it is black - white, but the photographer it inept, unfortunately.

But it is not all impressions of that day: the uncle led us to a hot mineral spring. Local handymen made the pool with a stopper. There the family bathed: mother bathed children. If to you someone bathed, it is possible to pull out a stopper, to lower water and again to fill the pool. Water temperature - pleasant for bathing. We removed footwear and lowered legs in warm water. Mineral water tender, as silk.

We returned to the town late at night. Slept a sound healthy sleep - happy.