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The dacha or the house in the village - what to choose?

more and more citizens begin to aspire Recently to country life. It is easy to understand a similar tendency: constant stresses of large settlements, the unsuccessful ecological environment of the cities (it is too much people, a stone, cars and the enterprises), high cost of life and other city problems force even typical “children of asphalt“ to glance in less asphalted party.

Of course, it is regularly possible to have a rest in various resorts, enjoying the sun, or to construct (to get) a cottage, but not all have a similar opportunity. And for the majority giving acquisition is represented to the most optimum - own pass - the resort which can be visited not only during holiday.

Giving can be different. It is possible to get a site or the ready house in the housing estate, and it is possible to buy the house (a site under building) in the village. And that, and both the pluses, and minuses have other option.

The house in the housing estate costs cheaper, than the similar house in the village. But the site at the same time usually is less, conveniences most often in the yard, seasonal water and electricity. Houses in housing estates are usually intended for seasonal accommodation - generally from - for seasonal water supply and electricity. Of course, and on the small seasonal dacha it is possible to equip own well, to organize the local sewerage (at least a dry closet), but very few people like to live in the winter to one in the settlement - the bulk of summer residents in a cold season comes back to the city.

The biggest lack of housing estates is almost total absence of infrastructure. At best is available small (seasonal!) the grocery store which is usually located in the car - a change house with very limited range. Products need to be bought or in the next village (if such is available), or to bring from the city. That to the rest (hospitals, a drugstore, mail, policlinic, schools, kindergartens and so on) - all this simply is absent.

But the maintenance of the country house manages cheap, it is simple to process a small site, and at appropriate leaving on it the vegetables and fruit sufficient for providing with various compotes, cookings, a pickles and marinades of all family are grown up.

The starting price of the house in the village having the developed infrastructure (shops, hospital, school, mail, the branch of the bank, kindergarten and so on), above, than in the housing estate. But in this case to services of the countryman all conveniences, plus the house to all-weather accommodation and rather spacious site. Availability of the main gas is possible, and the sizes of a site allow to provide with ease the house autonomous water supply and the sewerage. Actually, getting the house in the village, the city dweller can surround himself with habitual “city“ comfort and at the same time have desired contact with the nature (especially if to pick up the house in the picturesque place where there is both a wood, and a reservoir). And the cost of residence in the village is significantly lower, than in the city.

Existence of infrastructure and a possibility of all-weather accommodation do the house in the village especially attractive. In such house it is possible not only to have a rest, but also to live at all seasons of the year. Especially conveniently it for pensioners and freelancers. Inconvenience of such house is need of heating in a cold season - not heated house begins to collapse and the furniture, and things dampen, quickly spoil. Heat the house it can to be rather difficult in the winter: it is necessary or establish a copper (gas or electric) which can maintain necessary minimum air temperature in the house without continuous supervision, or it is frequent come to heat the house (if heating is provided with a solid propellant copper or the furnace). Besides, even the most modern heating coppers demand supervision, and it is necessary to appear at least once in a week in the house, or to agree with neighbors that they looked after the heating equipment.

Additional plus of the house in the village is the possibility of its expansion - the site sizes usually allow to complete without serious consequences the house, to build extensions of different function, arrangement of an inhabited penthouse is also possible - in the presence of a big family the possibility of such expansions can become vital.

Everyone, wishing to join the nature, chooses an own piece of the nature proceeding from personal preferences and financial opportunities. But at the moment the most perspective is the investment of money to houses in the village, in comparison with seasonal dachas - the best ratio of the price and quality, and also a constant increase in prices for real estate of this sort (certainly if the house is located in the good place with the developed infrastructure).

With an early autumn also the season of acquisition of country real estate which will end in the winter begins and again will renew in the spring. Successful purchases!