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Mayakovki`s decalogue with the viewer.

Mayakovki`s Decalogue with the viewer.

The ninety second collecting troupe of theater of Mayakovsky took place on the twenty eighth of August, 2014 in Pushkarevy Lane on Sretenka. About the Sukharevskaya subway - historic center of Moscow where each stone stores history. The most historical theatrical scene opened again. Mayakovki`s branch after reanimation began new life. The architect Sergey Kutsevalov directed restoration of image of theater. Earlier it worked on many platforms, for example, such as Other scene of “Contemporary“. Some similarity of new old theatrical branch with many Moscow corners, for example, with Gogol - the Center seemed to us. Not only careful attitude to a historical stone, but also respect for each bend of space. The restored theatrical room as much as possible keeps last labyrinths. But does not go on a bureaucratic string of the plan “be - te - and“. Though, for certain, too it was necessary to tinker with it. The cellar of the six-storied building became the spacious hall on three hundred places which will not stand as idols. Visual places are mobile now. The hall is equipped with the technical designs dividing it into multilevel spaces. The artist Alexey Tregubov, working on an interior, created the atmosphere of old Sretenka. Having stepped in a basement, it appear throughout city labyrinths. Where stones know more people. Because there is almost no inhabitant left on Sretenka. The historical vault is silent about much. In the cellar in Pushkarevy Lane at the beginning of the twentieth century Zavadsky, Kedrov, Hmelev`s studios, Goncharov`s course were located. Here Goncharov, Lazarev, Akhramkov and Yoffe`s creative director`s commonwealth arose. So the place is director`s worshipped and sacred for all Russian theater. The artistic director of theater Mindaugas Karbauskis told about creative plans of a season. The theater plans to carry on classical tradition, addressing “Ordinary history“ of Goncharov. “Seagull“ of Chekhov is put by Evgeny Marcheli from Yaroslavl. The play will be shown in Mayakovsky`s theater and in theater of Volkov in Yaroslavl troupes of both theaters. The director told about the work on writing of “The Russian novel“ about Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, Natasha Rostova`s life and many others. So far six scenes are written. Will open a new season Sasha Denisova`s play “Decalogue“. Two times a month Mayakovka on a new old scene will enter in theatrically - a documentary decalogue with the viewer. Sasha Denisova wrote the play how the oldest inhabitant of Sretenka keeps the diary. In it destinies of great historical characters and modern few remarkable neighbors intertwined. Chekhov on Pipe rented the room, here to him there came hotly beloved brother who here and died. And in an office on Sretenka at Anton Pavlovich medical practice began. This fact not from a performance, but from life of Sretenka, about which a performance. It is a lot of - many historical shadows of modern people can be found in “Decalogue“. The performance takes place in the site format - specific theater - theater - a promenade, widespread in America and Europe. The viewer moves on a labyrinth of theater and becomes part of uniform theatrical action. The performance “Decalogue“ - about people and their destinies. Arriving anyway, people are subjected to continuous tests. Face precepts. Modern sinners or their ancestors are not attached to geography. Creators of a performance tied them to Sretenka. It as the compact model of the world, perfectly is suitable for tests of morality. Or rather, for check by precepts on durability. Because since the time of Moisey till August twenty eighth, 2014 only precepts of the person to check and it is possible. Temptations did not change since then in fact, their form is not considered. By the way, the twenty eighth of August, 2014 - go years, the opening day of branch of theater, already too deep history. And the fact that Sretenka became the place of tests it is even good. Worshipped by theaters as it is told above, the place. The play is written on the basis of verbatims, accurate actors of OFF Studio (studio of documentary theater). Except live dialogues researchers - studiyets worked with documentary and historical materials. The dopodlinna facts, though are generalized. Through private creators of a performance come to the general. And vice versa. The historical magnifying glass brings closer, distances. From distance the amount of morality on a fiber of soul does not change. Concentration of conscience in society is a constant. She is just supported by decent, noble people. The others dullly wash away this constant. Formally main character of the performance “Decalogue“ is the elderly inhabitant of Sretenka who remembers how under the Sukharevy tower the tram went. Inhabitants from the center were moved. It - the last from “Magikan“. Therefore can judge. To it is what to compare to. On the century saw much. The director Nikita Kobelev united different artistic touches and theatrical genres in a performance. He did not conceive experiment because he saw result of work in advance. The director created high density is moral - the art performance put on unit of theatrical evening. The consumer of such product will be selected not casual. It will be the viewer who is adequately thinking, remembering history, positively reflecting. Such exists and I am glad that the scene, at last, opened. Good season, Mayakovk!

Are engaged in a performance: Niyaz Gadzhiyev, Aleksandra Rovenskikh, Natalya Palagushkina, Yulia Silayeva, Lyudmila Ivanilova, Maria Boltneva, Yury Korenev, Anastasia Tsvetanovich, Konstantin Konstantinov, Vladimir Guskov, Vsevolod Makarov, Nina Shchegoleva, Zoya Kaydanovskaya, Roman Fomin, Yulia Solomatina, Pavel Parkhomenko, Alexey Zolotovitsky. Director: Nikita Kobelev is an Artist: Alexey Tregubov, Anna Rumyantseva is a Choreographer: Alexander Andriyashkin.