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How the cat married me?

Life quite often give surprises and makes unpredictable turns. Never you will guess what the next unpredictable situation will lead to. Well, for example, to an altar, as in this real story.

History is based on real events. Names of heroes - original.

Having returned from the grandmother from the village, I home brought a wonderful cat: snow-white, fluffy, umnyuchy, tender and with owners goes for a walk everywhere. Where we - there and Chester (so the cat is called).

I brought this treasure, and there would be no my pleasure of the end and edge if Chester was not such fan on the street to run away - in the village freedom, and in the city everything is dangerous - to a cat on streets to walk about.

Also there was at me a boyfriend Leshka - persistent, but not importunate, delicately looks after, carries bouquets, in marriage calls … And I, all such afraid for the freedom, did not hurry at that time in marriage, to dive into the relations. Just was on friendly terms with Leshka, and nothing in my head declined me neither aside “yes“, nor aside “no“.

And here is how - that I was going to visit one state institution in the fine solar morning, my boyfriend too on some important issues was soaped. Agreed that time we go to one party, it will take me.

I leave the house, all naglamurenny, the boyfriend too at parade, and here … I see: dogs in the yard of a cat under the car tired out and try to pull out, the cat shouts at all street whether for fear, whether from pain. I look - it is my Chester in a siege. I do not remember already as I drove away dogs, remembered only that with a speed of a sound ran home behind some towel, wrapped the blood-stained cat in it and at full speed set with the boyfriend to veterinary clinic.

In veterinary clinic speak to us: “And we do not treat, we only issue references. Treat in the neighboring city“. (And distance to this city of 100 km). Answered my tearful question “the cat will reach-will not reach“ that if from - under a tail blood, means - internals are injured, can not reach. And the cat, as ill luck would have it, also ceased to shout and covered eyes.

I tell all this to the boyfriend, to ask to bring I hesitate - all - at the person the affairs burn. But it, seeing my round eyes, resolutely declares: “Went!“

we Go. The cat is silent. I try not to sob. Leshka presses gas in a floor.

So far reached until found clinic what business meetings … can already be

I Come into clinic, I tell a situation. I speak: “Rescue Chester! Also it is desirable that in the future he could become a father“.

Spread out my cat on a table, touch, look … tell


- What kitty at you beautiful, with rare feature - eyes of different color.

I was struck dumb. What kitty can be?! I have a cat!

- You are sure that it is a kitty?

- Of course. And anything with it terrible - bruise on a hinder leg. And blood - so it at it a techka.

Leshka spread under a chair from laughter, I try to find confirmation that carried a cat, but not a cat in the memory, I remember what color of an eye at it were.

At this moment the veterinarian speaks:

- Let the husband Vash will take a kitty, I will deliver an ukolchik to her.

Here I absolutely became puzzled … The cat is not a cat, the boyfriend - already the husband. But not to explain to the doctor that Leshka the husband is not but only hopes to become him (agree - a silly situation).

I stand, I look narrowly at Chester, and the truth: a muzzle another - very narrow, graceful; Chester has a tail as a palm tree, and at this miracle - just a tail, usual, cat`s; Chester fluffy - prepushisty, and here - a sleek-haired animal. And on a nose Chester a birthmark, and here does not have it. The general only color - snow-white. Here it became clear why Chester which always resorted when I call it where it walked escaped as the stranger when I from - under cars pulled out it. I - that thought, absolutely the cat from pain went mad, and it appears - the cat was stunned by fear not only that dogs, so also some people drag somewhere.

All of us found out, veterinarians poulybatsya over us, I swaddled a cat in a towel, and we went home. Arrived, and Chester quietly sits at doors and waits when it is started home.

Generally, I sat down, exhaled, looked at Alexey about a grief - a cat on hands and understood: another on its place politely would say goodbye and went to resolve the issues. And Leshka remained. To look after and call in marriage everyone can and that for the sake of as some will tell, a trifle everything to stop and being puzzled with my problems: to look for such men - you will not find. Here it is support and a support not in words, and in practice!

And I married the Alexey. And never regretted. And Chester and Chelsie (so we called a cat) remained to live with us.

Here so me a cat, involuntarily and that without knowing, married.