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Hats: how to choose, carry and look after? British tell

: “If the woman put on a hat, she ensured a half of success“. And not for nothing. The woman in a hat looks very elegantly. the Hat is capable to make by

graceful even a usual strict sheath dress. If the woman dared to carry a hat, it speaks about its delicate taste and refinement. But the main thing - to choose correctly a hat, taking into account your type of appearance, features and a constitution, otherwise you risk to look silly. And successfully picked up hat will add to a female figure of charm and a charm.

We bring to your attention several simple councils how to pick up a hat with what to carry and how to look after.

Trying on a hat, attentively consider the reflection in a mirror, and not only the person, but also all figure: whether the hat contradicts your age whether it is combined with a figure, a shape of a face whether the hair approaches skin color also; whether corresponds to clothes style with which you will put on it.

to Low women needs to avoid wide-brimmed hats. Such women will suit a hat which is put on slightly on one side and closes part of a forehead.

At a round face do not recommend the small hats and skintight hats closing a forehead. It is better to choose the high hat extending a face.

If you the owner of the narrow person, then pertinently looks the hat closing a forehead, but it is not necessary to shift it on a nape - it will spoil all charm.

the Extended nose will be counterbalanced by the hat hanging it is necessary a forehead, and the hitched-up nose will be emphasized pleasantly by an open hat.

If you are an owner of the person with large lines and outstanding cheekbones, then you will perfectly look in a high wide-brimmed hat or in a cowboy`s hat with the bent fields.

At a pale face should refuse gentle, pastel shades. Blondes extremely seldom suit yellow and beige color, but quite favourably looks gray, blue, black, red, turquoise, brown, at bright complexion also green will approach.

to Red-haired ladies should not wear hats of red tones. It will be much more favorable to look gray, green, lilac, black and cream.

to Brunettes will suit any color taking into account a shade of skin and clothes style.

the Hat demands also a certain hairdress. If on you the hat with an open nape, then harmoniously looks a volume bunch or the roller. The hat on a nape is worn at a short hairstyle.

the Elastic band from a hat under a chin - a bad form, it is necessary to move away her back.

As well as any clothes, a hat needs to be kept clean.

the Headdress from smooth felt is brushed rigid, fat traces wipe with dry semolina. After cleaning a hat it is necessary to brush well. The shining places on a felt hat can be rubbed slightly the nazhdachka, pumice or a gauze napkin moistened in liquid ammonia solution with water (1:1).

Grey and beige hats clean so: 5 tablespoons of vinegar mix from 5 tablespoons of liquid ammonia, add 1 / 2 tablespoons of salt and stir before full dissolution of salt. Moisten with the turned-out solution a white rag and clean the polluted places. Then wipe dry.

Nap velor and suede can be cleaned only in the dry way.

the Hat emphasizes a statusnost, turns the woman into the lady. As the daily option a hat will approach hardly, but on a cocktail exit or for special cases the stylish and elegant accessory in the form of a hat will be as it is impossible by the way. The main thing - be not afraid to experiment and surprise.