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How it is correct to pick up and prepare flowers for a “winter“ bouquet?

What is a “winter“ bouquet? It is a bouquet from plants which keep the decorative effect after drying. Not all plants will be suitable for drawing up such bouquet, but correctly picked up and dried up flowers will be pleasing to the eye in the winter evenings and will become an excellent decor for an interior.

Beautifully look in a winter bouquet of a grass, growing on a bog: rogoz, pushitsa, reed. Brown cones of a rogoz can be used as independently in a bouquet, and in combination with other herbs. It is necessary to cut off rogoz in July immature, otherwise it will be fluffed up when drying and will look not esthetically. Dry rogoz in the suspended look heads down in a shadow until the stalk becomes dry and rigid. All other plants, except cereals dry for winter bouquets also. Cereals just put in a vase without addition of water and without access of direct sunshine. In process of drying they get beautiful outlines.

The dandelion is collected when yellow florets already faded, and white fluffy are still close. Thrust a thin wire that it held a form into its stalk. The dandelion will be dismissed a white fluffy ball. It surely for fixing needs to be sprinkled hairspray. The dandelion prepared thus will “blossom“ all winter.

Roses, dahlias and asters that they did not break and did not get out of a shape, dry in a box in which day make openings - through them pass a stalk that the flower was in a box. Then petals accurately fill up with the purified sifted sand or lay cotton wool. The box with flowers is hung up in the dark room with good ventilation and left before final drying of plants.

Perfectly cape gooseberry &ndash is suitable for a winter bouquet; its orange bright boxes are very effective in a bouquet (by drawing up a bouquet it is necessary to remove the dried-up leaves).

All types of sukhotsvet, boxes with seeds of peonies, poppy, a kolyuchnik, a sinegolovnik, decorative barley are ideally suited for winter bouquets. Barley is recommended to be cut off in August that it kept color.

The sea-buckthorn, a dogrose, a barberry is very beautiful in a bouquet. The branches covered with berries are cut off during the brightest coloring of fruits. Branches of trees for preservation are recommended to be preserved in glycerin. For this purpose the branch is put in glycerin solution (1 part of hot water on 2 parts of glycerin). The branch cut needs to be updated from time to time. In such solution of a branch gain brown color. In five days of a branch and leaves will completely be preserved.

Branches and flowers are recommended to be cut off, in a dry sunny weather, in the late afternoon.

Winter bouquets effectively look in any vases. Fluffy weightless plants look good in massive vases. By drawing up a bouquet it is important to observe a measure that the bouquet was not overloaded. It has to look gracefully and gracefully.

For flowers in low vases sand, the color ground pieces of glass, plasticine, polyfoam or special oases which can be got in flower or art shops can serve as the holder.