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How and when it is correct to leave?

meet A little the people capable in time to tell the partner that “the love passed“ and it is much cleverer to leave, than to continue to torment each other with the unwanted relations. In time and correctly told “farewell“ it is capable to save from further bitter disappointments and painful torments of the hurt pride. the Former lovers often prefer not to answer

calls, to disappear from the partner when to go to a gap there is simply not enough courage. Happens that both partners wait from each other for that final point, without deciding first to start talking about a gap.

Quite often partners, not persons interested to be “thrown“, go for blackmail by imaginary pregnancy, threat of murder and suicide if only not to release the beloved or the beloved. And whether there is a sense in such violence over the partner? It will not add love, and guarantees finally spoiled relations.

Happens that the partners who long ago are not seeing prospects in the relations get married or because in time were ashamed to talk frankly, were afraid of unpleasant reaction to the message, or decided that the REGISTRY OFFICE is capable to refresh the died-away feelings. It is stupid to expect happiness from such family life, to put it mildly.

You should not humiliate yourself with attempts to hold the former partner by all means. Parting is not an insult, this mutual decision of two adults to go further independently.

In cheap romance novels the option “remain friends“ often meets. In life it is unreal. Such alms only prolong a parting agony.

Also it is not necessary to dramatize. Nobody died, all are healthy, life goes on. The one who the first decided on conversation has to place tactfully and softly all points, considering the fact that each person considers himself as the positive personality. Eventually, your partner can understand already by this time everything and in soul to be ready to a gap.

Happens that the decision comes to leave under the influence of bad mood or hobby for the third party. In that case there is a sense to take a break and to understand quietly the feelings. If the relations have a future, then separation will do only good to both partners. It is a lot of examples in life when people after a break in the relations came back and lived happy life together because in time found out whether they are necessary each other. Well, and if the gap is inevitable, then after a break it will be painless absolutely.

No matter, what option for parting you for yourself will choose, the main thing that it was presented without irritation, aggression and insults.

Eslizhe decided to leave you - you should not despair. You do not hold that not yours. The offense will be forgotten, tears will dry, and the world will begin to shine new paints. Perhaps, it is worth reconsidering the views, to carry out revaluation of values, to be engaged in self-improvement. And good luck surely will smile to you. The main thing to remember: everything that becomes - only to the best! Through certain time you will mentally thank the former partner for the timely termination of the unpromising relations.