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How to become the best in any business?

Josh Vaytskin are the person extraordinary. In 9 years he won the first national championship on chess, in 11 - drew with Garry Kasparov, and in 28 became the world champion in martial art taytszitsyuan. How it managed it?

“I understood that I best of all seized not taytszitsyuan and not chess - best of all I seized art to study“, - Josh writes. In the autobiography he tells what principles helped it to become the best in so different types of sport and as each of us can realize them.

the Way to perfection

the Key to success in achievement of perfection - refusal of existence in a shell of safe and static mediocrity. You remember, progress is always made due to refusal of comfort and safety. The behavior of cancer - the hermit represents a striking example of the risks connected with progress (though without the psychological difficulties connected with it). As cancer grows, it needs a sink of the big sizes. Then it is let on searches of the new house. If the suitable shelter does not manage to be found quickly enough, there comes the dramatic situation. The soft creation which got used to be under armor of an armor appears in the rough world full of predators, without protection.

The training phase falling on the period of search of a new sink just also generates the accelerated growth. Judging by my experience, successful people always set before themselves the purposes on a limit of possible, take the risk in each next fight and as a result find out that the lessons learned in the course of a commitment to excellence are much more valuable, than immediate trophies and glory.

That such defeat?

If you lose

, it seems to you that someone pulled out heart from your breast and crushed it. I do not exaggerate at all. Defeat - a cruel thing. Here the serious danger which is found not at once, and gradually is covered. In different spheres of activity many people meet philosophy “the main thing - process, but not result“, using it for a justification of own unwillingness to risk nerves and peace of mind. Usually they pretend that the result is not important for them. They declare that they want to learn only something new, but all this is only cover of unwillingness to enter an antagonism. The disappointment - the inevitable satellite on the road to glory, and ability to stand him - is also a training art essence. Find

a “soft“ zone

Training to realize the purposes, we learn to use any events for own benefit. The first step in this direction - to reach the state called by psychologists a soft zone. Imagine a soft zone as the level of efficiency of your activity. You are concentrated on the solution of the current task. Then there is something unforeseen. Perhaps, the boss with unreasonable claims calls or at the truck going before you the tire bursts.

If you are strained and all body clenched in attempt to keep concentration, so you are in a firm zone, and an indispensable condition of continuation of performance of a task is assistance of the outside world. As a dead wood in the steppe, you are very fragile and ready to break under pressure. To it there is an alternative: you are quiet, extremely concentrated and obviously relaxed; you keep a serene look, but consciousness streams storm inside. The soft zone differs in flexibility as the grass bunch which bends from a small breeze, but is capable to endure hurricane rushes.

“Life is similar to circulation on a log“

Life of the ambitious person is similar to circulation on a sports log. The child has no fear, there is no fear of falling. The log seems wide and reliable, and children`s carelessness pushes to creative researches and helps to study quickly. You can jump, somersault, and the love to opening drives you to new fulfillments. If suddenly you fall - nothing terrible, just you will get up and you will return to the occupation. But the you become more senior, the better understand that it is possible to be traumatized.

While the child tries to make a log the playground, people subject to a stress are inclined to turn it into the tense rope. It is worth slightly - slipping slightly, and it is already accident. Suddenly it turns out that it is possible to lose everything, the rope is tense over a fiery crater of a volcano, from you wait for more and more intricate tricks. The fact that once it seemed simple and easy turns into a nightmare.

Key aspect of highly effective training is ability to cultivate in itself optimistic competence which with success replaces playful carelessness at advanced age. you Study

new through opposite

It reminds a method of Taoist mentors who like to speak “study it through that“ or “study firm from positions soft“. In the majority of routine daily events it is possible to track thin communication between contrasts.

Remember how often you cannot understand that actually this or that person until he leaves means to you. Frequency of blows of heart gives an idea of that how strong was love. Imagine, it is how pleasant to go, at last, on the legs after long time it was chained to crutches. Nothing better than an illness lets to us know the health price. Who appreciates water more, than the person who is parched with thirst in the desert? Human mind is inclined to estimate things from each other. Use it.

On what you level?

accurate distinctions between what is required to act on few - malsk decent level, rather good level, to become one of the best Exist and to become the first. If you want to sit out where - nibud in the middle, then the limit on mistakes at you is rather high. It is possible to be depressed if you were dismissed, and then for days on end to loaf on the apartment, expecting a call with the new offer of work. At such outlook people perceive injuries as retreat on the previous positions, and with it it is possible to cope or overcome.

If I want to be the best, then has to risk when others avoid risk, to learn lessons and to learn to use in any situation an adverse situation to the benefit. To get to the very top, enthusiasm and the looking for mentality is required. Such people perceive obstacles as an additional push to new searches and training in something new. They only strengthen determination. It is easier to endure any trauma or loss if not to be given.

Reality differs from the Hollywood movies

It is impossible to count beforehand important competitions, adventures or love. The only thing what it is strongly possible to count on, - on the next vital surprise. Not important, how many forces we will spend for that being prepared for surprises; when they come, all of us equally will be not ready. Perhaps, it happens in adverse and restless conditions. And will seem to us that the whole world was up in arms against us. In this situation it is necessary to work much more effectively, than we could present.

The most important - to prepare so that there was a place for inspiration that it was possible to lay the foundation for creativity even under the most rigid pressure. We not only have to learn to be ready to everything in a waiting time - it has to be pleasant to us. Because expectation is not just expectation, it also is our life.

Be not afraid to become better. Be not afraid to be the best.

On materials of the book of Josh Vaytskin “Art to study“.