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How to choose the tablet computer?

If you have a child, then before him such question in general is not necessary. The answer is obvious - just the same, as at the most advanced peers. But as to pay for the tablet PC - irrespective of, you buy it for yourself or for the beloved child, or even for parents, - anyway it is necessary to you, all is better - to estimate possible options more crucially.

For the smallest

your child wants to have a fashionable gadget though hardly - hardly spells and counts up to ten? You do not hurry to buy to it fashionable “toy“: in - the first, for the kid it is too expensive and fragile thing, and in - the second, interest in the device at such age can easily develop into dependence.

Producers electronic engineers thought up the interesting decision for responsible parents - special children`s tablet computers. They, as a rule, have quite simple interface, the bright plastic case and rather low cost. This device is intended, first of all, for development of young users. Initially in the tablet PC useful appendices are already downloaded: “eReader“ with library of children`s literature, intellectual games, programs for training in the account, reading and the letter and so on.

At desire parents can download new applications. Besides, children`s devices offer mothers and fathers an interesting opportunity - to trace progress of children in the developing games. By the way, for this purpose it is not even necessary to take the tablet PC in hand - to be registered on the special website enough.

For those who are more senior


the tablet PC will be preferred by the teenager? Of course, iPad of a latest model! Well, or at least Samsung Galaxy … To dream not harmfully - we will tell it and we will advise to roll up a lip.

To buy to the school student expensive device - not really good decision. Even if in your family it is not considered you should not count money, to indulge all whims of children precisely. Ask the child to call at least five objective reasons for which it is necessary for him this fashionable tablet PC. If copes with a task and will be able to convince you - why and not to present it in an award a good thing?

If not still but steam … To have expensive computer is in some way risk: such equipment in the child`s hands - too big temptation for people around, and somebody can covet it. It is good if just steal - and if attack in a gate? But even if your school student communicates only with honest and decent age-mates, but their parents are not among provided, expensive things can become the reason of envy and sidelong glances.

Therefore better choose the tablet PC simpler and cheaper, and still it is desirable - more reliably and stronger. Teenagers - they are such … Break what cannot be broken, and lose what cannot be lost. For adult and clever

If you choose by

the tablet PC for yourself, then already, probably, represent for what it is necessary to you - for work, for rest or for this purpose and another. It partly determines also those parameters which future acquisition has to possess. And still not superfluous will be to estimate three characteristics once again.

First of all it is worth deciding what operating system to you to taste. At choice three options: iOS (system for “iPhones“ and “iPads“), Android (“Samsung“ works at it, for example) and Windows. Keep in mind that producers regularly release new versions of operating systems therefore try to choose the device with the freshest software. Than number of system - subjects a high probability is higher that all those appendices which you want to use will approach it.

Choose the size and weight of the tablet computer depending on that, you assume to carry constantly it with yourself or not. The most widespread diagonals of the screen - seven inches and ten inches. If the device the most part of time does not leave your apartment, playing a role of the home computer, then safely choose the maximum size. Also not to do without big screen if the tablet PC is necessary to you for viewing of movies or work with graphic objects. However if to you mobility - better to prefer the small device is important.

One more requirement to the tablet PC on which its mobility depends, - operating time on the accumulator without recharge. Here it is recommended to pay bigger attention to responses of users, than to official data. Accumulators - the weak place of all producers therefore they are inclined to overestimate indicators to attract buyers.

For the senior generation

of Supervision show that elderly people master tablet PCs much quicker, than ordinary computers and laptops. It is caused, first of all, by existence of the touch screen: the control of the device with its help - unlike a mouse and the keyboard - is carried out by the simple and habitual movements (if it is necessary to thumb through pages - we thumb through fingers if it is necessary to increase the picture - we stretch the image etc.) .

If you have an opportunity to present to parents the tablet computer, and they have a desire to learn to cope with it, do not doubt - the convenient device will add new paints to their life. To find schoolmates in social networks, “to make friends“ in the same place with relatives and to be aware of their events, to communicate on “Skype“ with the children and grandsons living in other cities is only a small part of chance which the tablet PC will give to your mothers and fathers.

What model to choose? Perhaps, it is worth making a start from two moments. In - the first, the operating system has to be intuitively clear. Than the interface is simpler and the it is more obvious than function - the better. In - the second, it is possible to be guided by those devices which you use: so you train the parents quicker (at least because you should not understand new equipment). Besides, related devices will give you additional opportunities for data exchange.

Now when tablet computers provided all generations of your family, it is important not to forget about one important rule: when you gather, put them aside. Whatever good were your devices - people all - better.