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Travel to Florence. What places should be visited?

Travel over the different countries are always interesting and fascinating. History, architecture, art - all to liking to the inquisitive tourist. Going to Italy, include Florence in the route - there is what to look at.

Where the most beautiful and picturesque places? What city is considered a treasury of arts? Where the famous artists Michelangelo, Botticelli, Giotto, Cellini, Dzhambolonya created the works? Where Renaissance homeland? The answer is simple - it is Florence. have some

from history …

Florence is located

at a foot of the Northern Apennines, on banks of the river of Arno. Florence is translated from Latin as “blossoming“. The city is obliged by this name to the picturesque nature and flowers growing in the territory of the country. But strangely enough, Florence does not correspond to the name.

Florence - the old city. It was based by Julius Caesar in 60 years B.C. In the 12th century Florence began to conduct aggressive policy, and in the 16th century became the capital of the Duchy of Tuscany. But Florence reached the greatest blossoming for all the history at the time of board of a family of Medici. During famous Cosimo Starscego`s government Florence became one of the largest centers of culture of Europe. At this time great masterpieces of an era of the Renaissance were created.

When Medici`s family died away, the Tuscan state passed under management of other influential family - Gabsburgov. In the 19th century the duchy was a part of Italy and Florence, though is temporary, became the capital.

During World War II the city got under bombing. The considerable damage was caused, but Florence was restored. People go again there and enjoy all magnificence of this city.

of Sight

In the city is a lot of sights, but exist such about which it is just necessary to know. And if came to be in this place, it is obligatory to descend there.

The center and heart of Florence Sinyoriya Square is considered . It is decorated by fine creations of the Italian sculptors. In the same place there is both a famous copy of “David“ of Michelangelo, and the Neptune fountain of work of Donatello, and also a statue to the person which began to expand borders of Florence - Cosimo Medici. This big area has - a figurative form, as if flowing round the building of the city administration - Sinyoriya`s Palace, or as it is called by locals, Vekkio`s Palace that in translation means “The old palace“. It was constructed in the 13th century and represents fortress. Outside the palace is revetted with a firm stone.

One more sight - the Palazzo Pitti . It was constructed in the 15th century. The only decoration of the palace which gives it “weight“ in the opinion of people, the heads of lions topped with crowns under windows of the first floor. In spite of the fact that the palace has no large number of works of art, it attracts tourists from - for the modesty. Today Palazzo Pitti is the largest museum complex in Florence. In it there are a Gallery of the modern art, Palatinsky gallery, the Museum of carriages, the Museum of silver and Royal apartments. The only known ornament which frames the palace - Boboli`s gardens.

Palazzo Pitti and Vekkyo`s palace (the government building at which priors sat) unites Pontus Vekkio - the oldest city bridge. This bridge only which kept the initial shape. It was constructed on the same place, as three previous collapsed the bridge. Developed this Nery Di Fyoravante Bridge, it could create a three-arch design, having combined at the same time durability and grace. On the sides of the bridge there are small houses in which exclusively jewelry stores and workshops are located.

One of the most important sights with which it is possible to begin a sightseeing tour is the Santa Maria Cathedral - del - Fiori . This cathedral is third largest in the world. It cannot just be taken a view and to see all beauty: with a baptistery and a belltower the construction occupies really huge space - 258 meters. The cathedral was constructed by the architect Arnolfo di Cambio in the 14th century. It strikes with the forms and facing from green, pink and white marble. The dome was constructed in the 16th century by the architect Brunelleski and is unusual the power. It towers over all Florence, being the main architectural dominant of the city.

Near a cathedral there is an octahedral baptistery San - Giovanni . A marble floor, a majestic dome and an apse decorate magnificent mosaics. But the finest - its east bronze doors which Michelangelo called “Paradise Gate“.

Basilica of Santa Croce is executed in Gothic style and Galilee, Machiavelli, Rossini, Michelangelo and many other famous Italians is a tomb. Santa Croce - one of the most popular churches in Florence.

About San Square - Lorenzo is located of a palace of Medici - Riccardi , it was Medici`s residence. The palace remained many years exemplary among other mansions of the aristocracy of Florence. In a courtyard Medici`s chapel which is a family crypt of a family of note is located. Here too there are tombs of Cosimo Sr., Donatello and other Lotharingian dukes.

Having passed through the Chapel of Princes, it is possible to get to the New Sacristy created by Michelangelo . In it the sarcophagi of dukes Giuliano and Lorenzo decorated with figures - allegories Day, Night, Evening and Morning settle down. It is remarkable that these sculptures naked. They are the last works of Michelangelo created in Florence.

Gallery of Ufizzi - one more object which is desirable for visiting. Originally in it there was an office building constructed in the 16th century. This gallery is one of the largest art galleries in the world. The collection of pictures which are in gallery is arranged chronologically. Here tourists will fully be able to learn and see about works of Tuscan artists: Botticelli, Michelangelo, Giotto and Vinci. However, there are also works of the Italian artists - Raphael, Tintoretto, Titian, Caravaggio, German - Kranakh, Duerer, and several Dutch - Rembrandt and Rubens. Unfortunately, the part of great works suffered from the bomb which blew up in 1993.

It is impossible to leave Florence, without having made a mad act, namely without having risen by observation deck of Pyazzale Michelangelo . From this platform the magnificent panorama of the city opens. It is possible to see how on river banks the plain adjoining on olive groves is located. This landscape served as a background for many pictures which were painted by artists of the 15th century.

Florence is known also for the great constructions, small churches, monasteries and chapels. Sights became classics of culture and architecture. All tourists who ever visited Florence are enraptured with the city.