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What can specify in the Network on a scam?

Fraud in the Network - one of signs of our time. Receptions to entice money it is so much already that get on any of them even the experienced user of the Internet can. At the same time the understanding that deceived not always comes, having promised certain “gold mountains“ and without having given anything. Here typical ways of deception.

can Often see such announcement: “Profitable work at home …“. Sounds invitingly and it is perspective. What is offered? For example, assembly of jewelry from beads by private orders. To receive the concrete order, it is necessary to download the updated electronic catalog through the bought password. Downloaded? Chose some order? Performed work and sent ornament to the customer by mail cash on delivery? You do not hurry to rejoice. Why? Because this person ordered nothing, and with you in correspondence anonymously there was goodness knows whom. But - that to the catalog of orders you paid the unlimited sum for the password! And from you more nothing was required to the organizer of a scam.

By such principle many swindlers act. Has to guard the fact that, as a rule, it is impossible to be convinced of legal powers of this or that “firm“. Not to find its name in the register, there are no phone numbers, and the website with the domain of the third level does not give any information too (at registration of such domain any documents are not required). You are just offered to believe in existence of this Ltd company.

Believed? Then be ready that money will demand from you. Let`s tell, for CD sent by cash on delivery or DVD allegedly with the program of training, important materials, the database, necessary for work, and the clown knows it with what (a flight of fancy big here). The cost of an empty disk in shop does not exceed forty rubles. But to you - that cash on delivery certain “benefactors“ sell it for 200 - 300. Were convinced that a disk empty and you write on e - mail of “firm“ a claim? Guess from once that will occur further. Correctly. To you will apologize for a technical slip and will suggest to receive the second (“corrected“) disk. If did not think that got on flimflammers, then and for the second time pay for an empty disk.

There are also more “civilized“ ways “throw“ of the trustful Internet user. The speech about so-called test tasks. In the conditions of reception on distant work this situation specially makes a reservation. If the user agrees with a condition, then it is given a control task. For example, it is offered to write original (not a copywriting) article about something (the essence of a task can be also other). You wrote, sent, and to you the answer in which it is reported that you did not cope with the test as it is necessary comes. But, say, if you wish, you can try for the second time.

Many agree to repeated attempt and do not notice a dirty trick. And it that for the second time offer you a task more difficult. It gives the grounds to refuse to you reception on distant work. Like, and for the second time did not cope. As option: you are told nothing at all. But then you incidentally find out what, appears, your article is published in the Network and someone, seemingly, received for it money.

The solution is simple: you were also not going to be employed. Just somebody to such manners “gets“ articles from professionals and sells them at the exchanges of texts as the. All “focus“ that the first task was rather simple. It is sent everyone. When obtaining the answer that a test is not passed, the self-esteem of the professional is wounded and there is a desire to pass it for the second time. And not everyone will think here that for the second time to it “push“ already concrete task from any customer at the exchange of texts …

I Think, the reader can also continue examples. Alas, now there is a lot of scams on the Internet. So if offer you something super - a puper - tempting in additional earnings in the Network, at first through search engines try to find any coordinates of “firm“. Found? Read comments on her. If from you ask money forward, then it is a strong indication of a scam. Also the situation when in conditions there are no accurate data on ways and terms of payment has to guard. Pay special attention to advertizing of “firm“. Too aggressive advertizing in excellent tones - too a scam sign.