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Spices and passions. The Hundred - Foot Journey.

of Spice and passion

of The Hundred - Foot Journey

the Melodrama

Not without reason use of the Indian spices are historical and cultural tradition of the most ancient people. Behind it not only flavoring addictions lie. Behind it - strength of mind, persistence and secret of personal success. Spices are features of traditions and mentality. East kitchen invites not only to try especially the prepared dishes. She invites to dialogue and exchange of experience, emotions and stories from which all are only mutually enriched. The family of the Indian emigrants in the town of Provence opens cafe near the known and pathos French restaurant “Weeping willow“. His hostess Madam Malori - not only the bearer of classical culinary French canons. She is a hostess of the institution awarded stars in the Michelin catalog. She does not wish to share with anybody either glory, or superiority laurels, nor recognition of clients. She, certainly, at the beginning does not adopt any “laws of spices“. Madam does not wish to let wild neighbors on the territory. And, naturally, to give part of clients to emigrants. But gradually the talent of the young cook Hassan extends also to French cuisine. All culinary secrets are subject to it. It gains recognition because the talent and diligence never remain unnoticed. Snobbery concedes to common sense, Madam Malori recognizes the worthy colleague in Hassan. He receives the deserved place in the culinary world. Spices bear in themselves secrets of the most ancient Indian religion and culture on which law the person is free and in the right to choose the place close to his heart. The spices causing inflow of internal energy push the person on passion. And then - they help the person to refuse what he so strongly tried to obtain, but it is not necessary for him at all. The result becomes absolutely unexpected. But in these paradoxes all our life which is keeping within one loaded word “melodrama“.

2014 India

the Director Lasse Hallstryom

Stsenary Juliette Blake, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey,

the Operator Linus Sandgren

Stsenary Stephen Knight, Richard Ch. Morais

Kompozitor A. R. Rahman

Hudozhnik David Gropmen, Ravi Shrivastav, Pierre - Yves Gero

Premiera (world) on August 7, 2014

of the Prime minister (Russian Federation) on September 11 2014

V leading roles:

Helen Mirren, Ohm Puri, Manish Dayal, Charlotte Le Bohn, Amit Shah,

Farzana Duah Elakhe, Dillon Mitra, Aria Pandya, Michel Blan, Clement Siboni