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How to cure an allergy and diathesis? The egg shell quickly will help children and adults of

If you have an allergy and wish to recover by means of natural, safe means or already tried a set of preparations from allergic reactions but is ineffectual, I recommend to use the safe national recipe - to use an egg shell.

to recover from an allergy, it is rather simple istoloch an egg shell and not to forget to use it every day. the Recipe is simple

, but demands attentiveness.

You will need chicken or quail egg. If you like the recipe and you decide to use an egg shell, it is worth getting a habit not to throw out a shell from eggs when cooking, just keep a shell from eggs and at once prepare it for the use.

Some prefer to use a shell from fresh egg, and some consider that it is necessary to boil at first eggs, for a safety guarantee. I advise you to take checked, it is desirable home-made eggs or eggs from well-known companies. To be reinsured, use a shell of quail eggs.

Anyway methods of preparation of a shell for formation of powder do not differ. It is necessary to take crude or boiled egg, it is good to wash it, it is desirable with soap. To break a shell, to peel and remove the internal film covering a shell surface. Now it is necessary to dry up well a shell, just leave it on a saucer at several o`clock. Do not allow stay of a shell under direct sunshine.

To make powder of a shell, use the coffee grinder or pound in a mortar before formation of small powder.

Do not forget to use a proprietary medicine once a day.

Before application of an egg shell, add several drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to powder, do not use the concentrated juice and lemon acid. Lemon juice promotes assimilation of useful properties of an egg shell.

For children and adults there are norms of a dosage of this medicine, according to them the amount of lemon juice which needs to be added is calculated.

To children from 6 months to one year - 1/4 teaspoon;

to Children of a year - 1/3 teaspoon;

to Children in seven years - 1/2 teaspoon;

to Children in 14 years and the adult - a teaspoon, but is no more.

On 1/4 teaspoon are usually added by 3 drops of lemon juice. At its addition track that there was enough juice for all egg shell.

needs to continue the Course of treatment not less than a month, often it makes 3 months, and sometimes half of year.

The result is most often noticeable approximately in two weeks.

As affects the use of an egg shell an organism?

the Egg shell consists for more than 90 percent of calcium which it is very easy, is almost fully acquired by an organism. Except calcium to contain in a shell of eggs small doses of a set of various minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, silicon, iron and others. The egg shell contains also amino acids, important for an organism, - methionine, an isoleucine and others.

At the use of the crushed egg shell allergic reactions, in particular on products of a certain type, gradually will begin to decrease (signs of improvement come after 1 - 2 weeks of regular application) and will soon be gone absolutely.

I hope, the use of an egg shell will help you to recover from allergic reactions. By my experience it is very effective way.